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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here come the BABIES!!!

Introducing William's new best friend.... Mr. Jack David!!! Our good friends Colleen and Ross gave birth to this precious bundle on February first. Luke and Ross have been great friends ever since they were younger and we are all thrilled that our little boys will too have such a companion. At almost exactly four months we were all shocked by the difference in our boys, us by the teeny tiny baby and them by the gigantic butterball. Hard for us to believe soon we will not see a difference at all in these two!

I cant wait to see the trouble these two are going to get in together!

Speaking of babies..... I think there is some sort of BOOM going on in the Lou! So many of our friends are expecting!

Meghan and Nick
expecting #2 Annabelle Jean end of March

Michelle and Adam
expecting their first baby Miss Eliza end of March
side note: Michelle married Adam, our friend Meghan's first cousin, so double cool for them having the babies in the family so close together!

Lauren and Brian
expecting their second daughter Audrey end of April

Jenn and Kyle
expecting their first baby, a boy Mason this May

Julia and Danny
expecting their second (a boy) this July

Two of Luke's other friends, one of which had their baby the same day as Jack.

and two of my sisters good friends just gave birth!

Will is going to have so many great friends, and we can all save on babysitters by hanging out at each others houses with the little ones, bring on the barbeque's!

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