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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update on sleep....

We have not conquered the sleep thing yet, got close one night but cant keep that up for some reason. Trying to get everything else under control for a while before we keep try, trying again!

Wish I could snuggle in bed with this guy all day!


  1. Here's more proof that it is a small world. My really good friend Karen Wood adopted Bailey Crystal's dog.
    I found out because Steve Wood (Karen's Hubbie) saw pics of Wil and the name crystal nottke on my facebook somehow. At first he thought it was Nick and then realized it wasn't.
    Crazy right!

  2. Oh and the ferber worked for us. I went to the sleep lady and she gave us an action plan to get Nick sleeping in his bed. It worked and now he sleeps through the night in his crib. THANK GOD! Good luck!


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