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Friday, October 26, 2012

Feeling ohh so very blessed

Luke and I have had a lot of hiccups in the little road of our life lately... and lets just say the RED October did not treat us so well this year, okay... I'll leave it at that.
When things happen, sometimes your sad, sometimes depressed, sometimes left questioning things. Many of the feelings I have been having lately however this week a new feeling... Blessed.

I'm blessed for.....
The husband who I've cursed and drives me crazy because he's mine and I love him.
The hyper crazy 2 year old running me ragged because he's doing exactly what he's supposed to, being a hyper crazy 2 year old.
My aching back, because it means my two year old is healthy and heavy and my baby bump is growing bigger by the day.
My sleepless nights, I have a warm bed to be snuggled in and a sweet baby inside of me kicking.
My crowded house, we have too many toys, too much in our pantry, a freezer busting at the seams and closets that are jam packed.
Going to sleep alone at night, it means my husband is busing his butt to make a good living for us.
A crazy exhausting work day, I am busy at work with orders, customers, and new projects all good things!
A mom who is trying, trying so hard. My mom was in the hospital last week and since out she seems to really be trying to get her health, diet, and medication all under control, praying this keeps up.
Friends, whether a text, call, taking Will on a day I needed someone, my friends have been there for me a lot lately and I am forever grateful for them.
Having nothing to wear because it means I'm growing right on track, and right out of my clothes! 
My wedding ring not fitting, means I am very well fed (maybe sometimes too well fed)
My son who makes me cry when he says "momma stay and play" because it means that he loves me and cherishes our time together. 
Weekends. I count down the hours and days till Luke, Will, and I have 2 small days together to be ourselves, act goofy, and be us.

When you really sit and think about all your problems your realize that's not really what they are at all but just little blessings in life leading you down a road of some big amazing blessings.

Momma and Will times snuggles, my favorite time of the day by far.

making pizza with Eliza last week on a day mama Michelle watched Will

Trying to keep my little chef entertained.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October love with picture overload!

staring at the spooky witch

Last Saturday Luke Will and I had a fun little family afternoon at Rombachs pumpkin patch. Fall, Pumpkin patches, sweat shirts, cooler weather, bon fires (not as much anymore) ALL things pumpkin.... I LOVE this time of year! That being said I was chomping at the bit to get my man to the pumpkin patch, it was the first time I was able to take him! Last year we skipped it due to weather and being out of town for Jake's wedding, and boy was the wait worth it! I really liked going to Rombachs because the whole thing didn't center around one big hay ride to pick out your pumpkin, there were so many other things to do and see. The weather was gorgeous and we had a great time, Will was entranced by all things orange and all the spooky decorations, and we might finally be curbing this "I'm scared" stage :)
Sorry for the photo dump, I just couldnt choose, so many great memories!

While I love all things Fall, I also love having a RED October, which we did! Luke and I were lucky enough to attend two of the play off games, but we lost last night to the giants and will not be making it a 12 in 12 this season.... Heres to next year! 

still staring at the spooky witch lol!

My lil family Oct 2012

he was confused why he couldnt pet the animals like at papas farm

Dada sits alone with bert and ernie

looks like a good bite!

Dada is so protective he rode this little ride with Will


this picture cracks me up

what a good daddy :)

Will LOVES tunnels, but this one was a bit too big for his liking

It killed this frugal momma to spend 5 dollars on a pony ride when he owns his very own... but what can I say, he gets what he wants.

Will is totally at that age that is is into absolutely and utterly everything, I've been trying to do some crafts wtih him to have some planned activities but there's only so much he can do too.... We made this pumpkin craft, he did pretty good!
making his jackolantern craft

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first time to carve a pumpkin!

my boys hard at work

HELLO in there

Will with his pumpkin. ;)

Friday, October 19, 2012

26 weeks

Everything is going good over here at 26 weeks, not much has changed since my last update so I'm not going to do a full one. My back pain seems to of gotten a tad better if that is possible, still cant move at the end of the day but who needs to, carrying around an eggplant will do that to you! Baby boy likes to MOVE especially at night, there is some serious karate going on in there!
Every ounce in me loves my baby boy more than words can describe but a part of me does feel somewhat guilty... a friend of mine due just a few days before me just delivered her baby girl this week. Weve joked about being hospital roomies, our kiddos dating, and swapping babies, but in all seriousness I cannot stop thinking about all that they are going though and the long road they have ahead. Please pray for my friend Joy and her family and her sweet new little miracle Adison Jae.

Some photos of what baby boy and I have been up to at 25-26 weeks
work, work work! work is crazy and Will has said the past three mornings, momma stay and play... breaks my heart

Loved my sundresses, but something about being snuggled in a sweatshirt is nice :)
Sprinkled waffle bowel from oberweise, nuff said.

Kisses and loves from big bro William, I'm pretty sure he things my protruding belly button is the actual baby we speak of. He has to kiss it RIGHT on the belly button.
First trip for baby to the pumpkin patch, what fun!

Monday, October 15, 2012

A fun family day

All aboard the Wilson train for a fun filled 2nd birth DAY!
throwing balls at the dino

en route to chuckie cheese for a fun filled birthday dinner

favorite game, he woofed and barked along with the dog.

Williams actual birthday fell on a Wednesday, I was working from home, and now that Luke works from home full time I asked if he'd take a couple hours with us in the morning to do something fun. He was right away on board. We went to Will's 2 year well visit at the doctor together which was nice for Luke to be there. Stats: 31.5 pounds  86%  35" tall 84%  One shot and NO tears later it was off to the transportation museum. I've been wanting to take Will, he loves trains and there is one there you can ride before it gets cold. He loved riding the choo choo and playing in the big imagination room. But boy was getting worn out, we picked up his favorite meal from McDonalds for lunch and went home for a nap.
And nap he did about 3;5-4 hours if I remember correctly, Momma and Dada got a lot done and when dinner time rolled around we loaded back up and were off to chuckie cheeses! I didn't know how much he'd be able to do, but he was thoroughly entertained playing games with dada and seeing all the different sights, we'll definitely be back.
I had a really fun day with William, and I hope he did too!