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Monday, February 27, 2012

Updates, firsts, and of course pics!

 I feel like there are so many new things going on and so many firsts we've experienced latley its hard to keep up with it all so I'm doing a quick post! Winter is long, and gets boring but we've been having a lot of fun latley actually! I finally broke down and couldnt take it anymore and then it dawned on me, we dont have a baby anymore, we have a totting toddler we can take to go DO things! So weve been frequenting the mall play place and some other fun stops to finish out the rest of winter on a fun note!
Luke and I have both been really busy at work and were exhausted when we get home, I'm loving some of the pintrest recipes I've been trying! Like THIS one and THIS one. I've got this one in the crock pot right now.
Luke and I got out last weekend for a lil belated Valentines day date, we did a little shopping, stopped by massage envy, then drinks and dinner at Ruth Chris {we got seated in a private wine room, and felt like vip} usually we would head home after that maybe watch a movie and go to bed, but with the excitement of a night out we headed up to the Ritz to have some drinks and listen to the band, ohh and sit and chat about all the interesting people there of course! We don't get those nights often which is what makes them so special! 

Will is talking up a storm, from everyday words he knows to being mr. repeat we've got to start watching what we say around him! Yesterday we must of been boring him becuase he went and grabbed some shoes showed them to me and took them to the door, he was ready to go! He loves to be out and about interacting with other people, especailly other kids.
I have started to research and pray about what to do this summer when Michelle has her baby {Tucker!:)} Please pray for a smooth transition for my family and William at this time... I know we will find something perfect, it will just take some work on my part, which is why I am starting now.
Update: Aunt Flo hasn't came to my house for a visit in two years..... sheeeee's baaaaack..... 
I've been craving soem girl time with my friends we all have so much going on right now which makes it near impossible to get together, but I know we all need it more than anything right now!
We havent had a week like this in a while, where we have something every night, and then this Saturday Will starts swim lessons! {another activity to do to finish out winter} I cant wait! Then next week daddy leaves for work for a week and its
Hope everyone out there is doing well! On to the pictures!
Will at gymboree class, this was so fun and cute! Too bad most classes are during the week

Standing on something, such a monkey. Colleen and Jack joined us too what fun!
my two boys in their hats

It finally got nice for a couple days so we could head outside!

at the mall, killing time

my blue jean baby

helping wipe off Moomers feet, after that Will runs to the pantry to get a treat!

Our date night dinner in the wine room
self photos always seem like a good idea after some drinks right?!?
Momma had a rough day after "date night!" zzzzzzzzzz
The other night Will asked for some of my broclili so I gave him a peice and without hesitation he 
held it to his nose and sniff, sniff, sniffed like he does with flowers..... sweetest thing ever!

I've been trying to get this face on camera for months! He squeezes his hands tight and shakes.... its the funniest thing I've ever seen before!
Such a silly little hambone.

Will sat in his first bar stool at his first happy hour last week and was happy as a clam watching the basketball game
first time playing on his new swing set

climbing up the slide....
and sliddddding down!

the library and parents as teachers put on a story time for Wills age, it was on a Saturday (all the library's regular story times are during the week) so will and I got to go, it was SO much fun!
He loved it and LOVED being around all the other children!

My sweet boy Bennett turned three yesterday! I cant believe he is three already he is going to be such a great big brother!

Nana made hommade ice cream cake for the occasion, someone screamed in my backseat the whole way home.... sugar.overload!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


 Hear ye' Hear ye... read all about it... Yup that's right, I'm going to be an aunt again!!! My sister Crystal is due with baby #2 in September. Bennett will be 3 1/2 and after a trying couple years and everything on the up and up their lil family of three couldn't be any happier, and neither could we! It'll be so exciting to have a new baby around the family, and with the addition to all our baby stuff and clothes this one will be set! Well... unless its a girl, then we have a whole new shopping list :) They find out the sex in April.
 Crystal and Bennett with her birthday cake at my house
Of course since Will is almost 18 months old, we get the question all.the.time of when we will expand our family. Up until recently we were very content with our perfect little family of three, and still are, and while any "news" of our own is a long way off, I am happy to report that it is in the cards for us. It excites me to say this yet scares me all at the same time.... I know so, so many people expecting right now and I think every time we see someone they have some "news" for us, and it was a pretty seamless conception and pregnancy with I for some reason now have this little fear that things will be different next time around, especially with a couple complications Ive experienced post Will.
So for right now just trying to keep up with all the new babies, 1st 2nd 3rd birthdays, and new pregers! How exciting!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Love is in the air, last night Will was eating up his momma's sweet snuggles after bath time, and Luke and I started brainstorming our perfect date night for Saturday. I couldn't be more excited for a day/night with my sweetie...only to find out today he has to work Saturday. Its okay, we will make do.... always do.
I love Valentines day, just an excuse to wear pink, eat chocolate for breakfast, give extra kisses and tell your loved ones how much you care! 
I hope everyone has a great day and gets to spend some extra time with the little lovers in their life! 

Last night my wondering got the best of me for what we did last year both me and Luke and for Will's first Valentine's so onto the ol' blog I went.... and wow what did I find out? A reality check, that's what! 
Last year we didn't do anything. nothing. I was going through all of Will's trial and error testing to try and figure out what was wrong with him, I had just lost my grandmother, and it was one bad snow fall after another. I had also JUST started a new sitter with Will, and was contemplating breastfeeding. I cant believe everything I went through last February, looking back at myself a year ago I wish I could go tell myself it will all be okay. Which I totally remember thinking during that time, this too shall pass, and one day I will look back on this and breath a sigh of relief. I am so happy that all of that is behind us AND so happy that this year I will be celebrating with my son with pizza dinner and Mickey snuggles, and my hunni with massages and a steak dinner! I prefer this year!
Wills valentines lunch at mama michelles, {shes good!}
sweet snuggles after bath

our crown candy desert

Will wondering why woman are so damn crazy! LOL

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dog, Dog, Dog, Dog....

I am a bad mom and let Will watch tv every once in a while. 1. he loves it  2. it helps me get dinner together clean up etc whenever I need a little break 3. it helps him unwind after a crazy day.
I know it is bad but with working full time the way I see it, he is going to watch tv every once in a while and that's okay.
I digress....
His favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse usually he'll just try to put it on with the remote or reach his little fingers up to the dvr box and start pressing, until it magically mommy turns on. Will is obsessed with dogs, he loves them and he thinks Boomer is his best friend ever. {little does he know Boomer dreams of the pre-baby days} so lately he has just been walking around saying dog dog dog dog dog, he says it pretty good but really pronounces the "g" which is kinda funny. If you've ever seen Mickey, at the end of each episode they do the "hot dog dance" so I finally figured out the other day that was his new way to say he wanted to watch mickey!
My mom has Will today so he went to spend the night over there last night, I called to check on him this morning and of course he slept in over there, still NO idea why he gets up at 6 am at our house and 8 or 9 there, I need to figure it out though so I can try to get him to sleep later at home! My mom said she heard him through the monitor this morning when he woke up saying, dog, dog dog, because he also has a slight obsession with her dog.... that is a little more his size!

Watching Mickey while being silly, the usual.
Luke, Will and I were all sick, all weekend. I have not been this sick in a long, long time. To the point that you feel like if you talk or move your head might explode! I am finally starting to feel somewhat human again today, but there was some definite dog watching in our house over the weekend, and needless to say no valentines day celebrating. Hoping the mr and I can go do something fun together soon! So many times we get sitters its for a party, a wedding, etc, it'd be nice to get to just relax the two of us!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Hello loves! I was going to see if you could do me a quick favor and go vote for my little stinkers photo over on JACKIES BLOG.
Jackie is an old friend and amazing photographer, she took my maternity photos and I'd love to win this free shoot!
Voting is open till next Saturday so I'm sure I'll be reminding you again!

Will is #3!