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Friday, April 20, 2012

single momma

I am a momma
I am tired, I am crabby, I am silly, I am messy. I am hungry. I like things clean but don't have the time, I like to look nice but would rather dress my son, I would like to eat but would rather feed my son. I am slap happy, I make up songs, I make up games. My neighbors think I'm crazy... I am a momma. I am a hormonal hot mess, I'd rather be napping than typing this. The minutes seem like hours till I get to see and hold my son again, he is my life. I take things out on my husband the one I love the most because... I am a wife. I am a momma the one who holds it all together for the ones she loves, schedules, shopping, bills, cooking, cleaning....

Daddy is out of town Wednesday through Sunday.... I wonder when momma will get a break.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Fruity Four Years!

Will and Bennett playing in the tub! Thanks Crystal!!!
I saw this post on pintrest and it completely reminds me of us, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
Luke and I celebrated our fourth anniversary last Thursday the 12th! With being out of town the next two weekends we didnt want to do much but got to go out to a nice dinner at melting pot and found a new fun spot for drinks. My sister babysat Will and he had so much fun playing with Bennett that he did not want to leave! Saturday my mom took him for a while while we headed downtown to watch the Card take on the cubs, with a rain delay it wasnt the most fun game but many more to come this summer I'm sure. After that we grabbed Will and headed to a friends house who was hosting a big barbque, then Wilson Easter Sunday. It was a super fun weekend spent with my boys and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Luke has been complaining about not having enough snacks at work so I took care of that with a fun little note :)

I dont follow it much but the fourth year anniversary is fruit, and Luke came home Thursday with an apple tree! Something we can all do together and will last a long time. The man has never gotten me a good gift... well I shoudlnt say never but we've had some bad ones!!! He hit this one out of the park! I love the apple trees at my grandparents in Illinois, and when we were little my grandparents here planted cherry trees that we would pick from. While I was silent in the garage he looked at me with hopeful eyes and asked how he did, with tears welling up in my eyes I shouted home run baby, home run!!!! Thank you Luke I LOVE my gift!
Our anniversary always falls right around opening day, go cards!

And... Cards Win!

One more...

Easter wouldnt be complete without a quick post about our final Easter celebration, Wilson easter with Gigi! Since Peyton was sick last weekend we celebrated this weekend, I kinda like it when we drag holidays out like this, more relaxing and the fun just keeps coming!
We had an awesome meal, {they did pork steaks in the crock pot and they were super yummy}, Will got a basket full of goodies, and went on another fun egg hunt with cousin Peyton.
I always love getting together with Luke's brothers and mom, I got so lucky to of married into such an amazing family.
flash forward 10 years.... rutt row

And in true Wilson fashion... work hard, play harder. Fast asleep before hitting the highway home.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

There are so many events in April for our family its hard to keep up in the blogging world! Here's to trying! 
We had a wonderful Easter weekend, Will is at such a fun age and really enjoyed all the new festivities. Since Easter is right around his 1/2 birthday I can already tell its going to be easy to remember what he was like every year on this holiday, last year he had just started to crawl. 
I'm always off work on Good Friday, Luke worked Friday and Saturday so it was just Will and I. He's just moved to one nap a day and Friday it was a long one, it was so nice because I got to lay down and shut my eyes for a minute after having a longer than planned nice happy hour with my buddy Jimbo. Saturday we met my sister and mom and took the boys to an Easter egg hunt (Will's first) there were tons of people and it was pretty overwhelming. That afternoon Dada met us at church and we enjoyed a lovely Easter service, Will even sat with me for the songs before he headed up to his class room. By Sunday Will knew just what to do when he saw all of his treasures the Bunny hid for him, and I had a great time being the Bunny this year,! The festivities at the Wilson's were wrapping up and we still needed to kill sometime before nap (this one nap is a little bit of a struggle!) So off to the park we went, Will kept looking up at dada from his stroller he was happy to have all three of us there!
Sunday afternoon we met my family at my sisters for brunch and another egg hunt. I knew Will liked candy, not chocolate so much but all the rest! He had so many jellybeans and was running around with cousin Bennett that some of them came back up, lesson to the Easter bunny for next year! The weather was gorgeous, the food was yummy and the company was pleasant as always, I love Easter, the start of spring and looking forward to summer, such a fun time!
We missed Luke's family due to his niece coming down with strep (thank goodness they canceled at the last minute) but we'll make up for it and then some this weekend on Sunday funday!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!
momma and Will at his first egg hunt

my sweet boy

the easter bunny came and left surprises all over!

and a basket full of goodies!

shakin his egg

on the hunt....

on our way to easter!

meemaw showing the boys their loot

papa and william, they look so much alike its scarey

my mom and dad with their two grandsons.... come sept three, my sister found out she's having another boy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My "all boy" welcomes Spring!

The weather here in the Lou' has been unseasonably warm, it's what you'd except the turn of Spring to feel like if you lived in a bit warmer climate and were loving it! We went to an outdoor Easter egg hunt, got to spend the holiday with family outside playing with the kiddos, we've already started grilling, and the list goes on! On our record day {i think we hit 90!} my little mr discovered his favorite new best friend activity, the sprinkler! We spent about two hours running, jumping, and laughing, I cannot wait for all the fun new experiences the summer months will bring! And right now our little family has 6 trips planned for the summer, and I couldn't be more excited! My boy flies free till October (when he'll be two, GASP!) and were going to take full advantage!

why are they not letting us in the house wet and muddy???

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

18 months of heart bursting love

William I cannot believe you, my little baby boy are 18 months old today! I want to hold on to the sweet moments with you forever, the hugs and kisses, the chatting, and the playing. You are growing and changing so much everyday, I wanted to take a minute and do a quick post all about you, William at 18 months.
Your Favorite Foods: cheese, raisin bread, bananas, grapes, (you call them balls) all fruit, milk, squeeze em pouches, yogurt drops, and jellybeans!
Your Favorite things to do: play on swing set outside, push mower around in the front yard, play with water, play dough, go to the park, and watch cartoons, especially mickey mouse! You love when I "get you" and tickle you on the couch or when we run around and I act like "I'm gonna get you!"
When we were at the doctor last week you were 27 pounds and mostly in all 24 mo/ 2T clothing
William you are talking up at storm, whether it be just babbly conversations or words; I don't even think I could count or list all the words you says. Favorite words: Mommer (boomer) and Mimi (mommy) you also just learned to say meese (please) which is so sweet! When you get really excited you yell "dadadada!"
Current bedtime is around 7:30 and wakes up around 6:30-7 most days two naps, some days just one.We sing a nigh, night, song and lately you've started to sing it with me.

Funny moments lately: Obsessions: you become quite obsessed with little things. The other day we got to Mama Michelle's and started to play and I noticed you were holding something, squeezing tight a baby carrot you had held in your lil hand for over the past hour that I had given you while I was packing my lunch.
When you find a little rock you like outside you hold it tight and even tried to smuggle it in the house in your mouth. the other day you spend about an hour washing and holding the same rock. I gave you a tiny little toy dinosaur and you carried it everywhere for two days whatever you did, it did.
Last night you were pointing to the flowers on the dinner table so I smelled them and brought them over for you to sniff (which you do in all your books with flowers) you get scared and backed away and when I put them back on the table you kept sniffing in the air like a little dog, you had dada and I laughing so hard! 
 Lovey: Your lovey is still Henley the bunny, you suck the tags on his butt for comfort and to fall asleep, you also have a big pillow pet in bed that you suck the tags on. You love your stuffed animals and love to play in bed!
Happy 18 months baby Will, and thank you for making me laugh everyday and making my life complete!
playing with a big box of rice

washing your rock

so excited to go swimming

feeding your dinosaur some milk

playing with play dough

trying to give momma a hug with a big messy face and hands :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to me, times THREE!

Though my birthday is not till the end of April it didn't stop us from getting the celebrating done a little early! A few weekends ago we decided it was time for a new washer and dryer which in turn lead to complete "laundry room revamp!" While we were at it and scheduling delivery I decided to throw in a new fridge too... why not.
While it worked fine, our old fridge is white and all of our other appliances are stainless, to tell you the truth I actually surprised my ocd didn't have this taken care of sooner.
The night we bought it all I sold our washer and dryer on craigslist, chaaa ching! Two weeks without one sucked but it was also nice to have them gone to paint, re tile etc. Now trying to unload our fridge on their without getting completely taken will be a different story. It's in perfect condition, but man ppl love to haggle!
All was delivered Saturday; after this weekend and much work we are 95% done with "laundry room revamp!" And I have a new shiny fridge. I LOVE the drawer freezer, but I'm still getting used to the french door fridge. And I am loving doing laundry (2 weeks worth!) in our new front loaders, I found a great dent and ding store that we got them all from!

To wrap up my little spending spree I booked us flights to go visit "the other Wilson's" in Louisiana. My birthday weekend will be spent with great friends at a music festival, drinking wine, and lounging at the pool... I'm so excited!
Now, please comment with your suggestions as to how to keep a wiggly toddler entertained on the flights, we've flown for two trips with Will but not since he's been 6/7 months old!