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Friday, October 28, 2011

Win or Lose I love St Louis!

Well we did it again, we made it through the play offs and into the WORLD SERIES! Here in St. Louis we call that "Red October!" I love red October, everyone searches around for their long sleeved red Cardinals gear (since 90% of the games it is 95+ degrees!) And I'm sure a lot of people love their baseball team but there is just something special about it here in St. Louis, there is something in the air when you pull in downtown St.Louis, and I love it. I love our baseball town! It totally adds to the excitement that one of Luke's buddies is playing for the Cardinals in the World Series! Luke is already asking me if we can go to Spring Training again this year...Achhemm I didn't just buy him a trip or anything you know ;) 
My dad has had season tickets, but not just any tickets, 12 rows behind home plate for over 30 years! We give them to customers, Luke and I attend some games, but this year my dad took me! We had a super fun night at Game 2 even though we lost. He took my sister to Game 1 and said he didn't know if he would ever get the opportunity to take us to a World Series game in our hometown again, tear.

My sister and Luke were born the year we won in 82, and Luke and I were downtown for almost every game in 06 (ahh to be that age again, going out every night) I wanted Will to remember all this hoopla when we win our 11th World Series in 2011 so I tried to snap some pics to remember... Anyone else have a hard time getting pictures of the little ones once they learned to walk, a new challenge for me!

 Pre game 1 excitment!
 You'll rarley find my big boy crawling these days!
 Ahhh, all in a days hard work
 My boys <3
 Game 2 with my pops
 Loving the new self picture taking capabilites of the new phone, dont have it down quite yet tho.
 Clydsdales, Will looked at this on the tv the other night and said, Dog. ha! :)
Go Freese!
 And just for fun: After we won on 06'
 A playoff game in 06

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

William's baby dedication

Last Friday night William was dedication into Harvester Christian Church, it was such a very special night and a time I will always hold very dear to my heart. We started attending this church, I like the service and the kids program is GREAT! Will just moved rooms in Sunday school, he was a Cozy Cuddler and is now a Little Ladybug! I really liked the way they set up the baby celebration, instead of working it into a regular Sunday service and having your family come to your church they do a special intimate celebration just for the babies and their families. Will was one of fifteen baby's celebrated that evening, prior to this Luke and I had some online homework to do through the church. The lectures were really good and made you think, at the end it gave us a chance to reflect on what we wanted for Will; out of his spirituality and his life.
I hope he continues to grow into the amazing little boy he is becoming and keeps his heart of gold, I hope God gives him the guidance when he needs it and continues to amaze me with his greatness with the gift of children he has given me.

 Dada and Willman
 Everytable was even personalized for each family, I had to document!
 My sweet sweet sugar bear!
 My mom being silly with Will, playing the forehead bump game, I've GOT to get this on video!
 Gigi and her little lovebug Will
Proud papa Jim and Will

Friday, October 21, 2011

Going "through" some stuff...

We've been a little busy, somewhat outta touch, we've been going through some stuff....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

And then there was one....

Well, its official, 3 of the four Wilson brothers are now hitched! We had a fun weekend in Raleigh celebrating Jake's nuptials. Anne's family is from a very small town which is where the rehearsal and ceremony was held, there was a lot of traveling, but I got to try some new southern things including shrimp and grits, yum! It was really hard to be away from Will but he had a fun weekend, went to the park, pumpkin patch and played lots with his cousin Brennan. I always need a day to recover after being gone and boy ohh boy do you ever need that one more day when you have a baby to come home to. Will and I both got sick this week so we have been trying really hard to get better.
Congrats Jake and Anne, what a fun wedding!
Now who has a gal for Ben? :)

 Peyton was the flower girl, precious!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

1 year old stats

I wanted to take a second to record Will's one year stats from the doctor.
23 lbs 10 ounces: 68%
30.75" tall: 82%

Everything is right on track and he exceeding his scorings for all his skills, even showed off to his doctor his new found walking skills. We recently gave up the first morning bottle with no problems at all and soon we will give up his nighttime (only) bottle, I am already dreading this as it is such a sweet time to share with him at the end of the day. Will loves to play and loves to eat, eats just about everything.
His favorite books right now are the busy little spider, loves when I make all the animal noises, and wheres baby's belly button loves to lift all the flaps and almost has down some of the sounds I make out in this one. We have been working hard on signing "more" and "please" when there are things he wants instead of getting upset about it. And I'm trying to get him in the habit of cleaning up his toys before bedtime. Things have been moving right along, and I'm happy to report there are lots of exciting things coming up!

Getting into the party leftovers.... it WAS beer-thirty!

 Obsessed with the balloon held onto it all night!
 His big birthday day and the yummy pumpkin cake mama Michelle made for him.
 His night away at Michelles

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lord help me....

We leave tomorrow morning, Ive known this day was coming for a long time and yet I am having a really hard time with it... Ive never left Will before in a year I have seen him everyday. Of course Ive had nights here and there off, but he was 20 minutes away at my sisters or moms not a plane ride and states away. I know he will be fine, but its me that's not doing so hot.... I think its the anticipation of leaving him and worrying, hopefully once were there I'll be fine. I keep going back and forth on I should of brought him, and its still not even too late since he flys free.
Should I stick him in my arms and never let go? I never know I would be "that" crazy mom I'm being.... Whats wrong with me, Ive been up in the middle of the night the past 3-4 nights thinking of "what ifs"

I'm leaving work soon to go say good bye to my buhhba, he's spending the night at mama Michelle's since we leave so early tomorrow.
I'm slammed with work and my jewelry venture is taking off so I've got tons to do tonight, hoping to keep myself busy and ...... breathe.

Dear ohh my dear William, {a note}

Dear William,
You have brought so much unimaginable joy into my life, every smile, point, and chuckle makes my heart warm. As I sit with you on the chair in your nursery and hold you close I remember the times when my big belly would rest on my thighs and I would sit in the same spot and imagine what life would be like with you, I created a sweet room, bought adorable clothing, and all the necessities yet I never knew how much you would change me. Everyone tells you how much your life will change, no more sleep, no more clean house, and yes it does, but nothing compares to the change that took place in my heart once you entered my life, noting matters anymore, nothing except you. I've watched you grow and learn so much William and I feel so lucky and blessed that God picked me to get to keep watching and teaching you. You are a very adventurous little boy, there is not much you are afraid of, and if you are; a close hug with mommy calms all fears. I wake up excited each morning to see what the new day with you will bring, I love you my sweetheart, I love you so very very much. You are mommys little sunshine, now a one year old, I hope you had a wonderful first birthday, I cant wait to see what life has in store for you next!

Williams actual first birthday fell on a Monday, I normally would of taken the day off work to spend with him but were only working three days this week due to Luke's brothers wedding so in we went. It was really hard dropping him off but I knew mama Michelle had a fun day planned for him, with smiley fruit pancakes, a special crown, and I even stopped by to sing an extra round of happy birthday to him on my lunch break. After work we played for a while at home then met daddy out for a hibachi dinner, Will loved the food and gobbled it all up, even the Japanese soup!

 Doing the happy dance about his smiley pancake, he loved it!
 He held onto this balloon all night, I literally thought we were going to put him to bed with it!
 Loving the balloons
Everybody needs a brewsky on their birthday right? Someone got caught getting into the party leftovers!
Will's first hibachi experience

Happy birthday William!

Monday, October 3, 2011

William's First Birthday Party!

Covered in cake and icing,
Your smile stretched ear to ear.
A single candle celebrates,
The joy of your first year.

We sing Happy Birthday,
You play midst wrap and bows.
We marvel at how you touched our lives,
Just one year ago.

I remember the first time I held you,
Kissed your head, whispered your name.
You've changed our lives forever,
Our hearts will never be the same.

As a child you'll love this day,
For all the sweets and presents too.
As parents we'll love your day,
For the gift we got was you.

Each year we'll add another candle,
So proud to see you grow.
But always with the memory,
Of your first day long ago.

Saturday was my sweet Will's first birthday party, I ended up doing the open house from 12-5 with the cake smash around 2. Lots of our guests arrived around 1 but I think it ended up working out great and hopefully convenient for everyone! My lil mr took an hour nap then fell back asleep for another hour, perfect time for me to get ready and finish the final touches! He got up about 12:30 and was ready to party! At first I wasn't going to do a theme but it actually ended up being animal themed, it was cute. For food we had mac & cheese, mostcoli, subway subs, pb&j's, homemade chex mix, apple sauce, animal crackers, teddy ghrams, animal fruit snacks, gummy bears, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, choc m&m pretzels, and of course a lion smash cake. We borrowed a bounce house because the weather was gorgeous out, and I think a fun time was had by all! With the help of a friend that had some extra time all the decorations were made by me, and all the food except the subs was made fresh as well.
Whew these parties are a lot of work, but well worth it, I captured some precious memories of my little family this day and my favorite one was once everyone was gone... somehow a certain momma ended up in a crib with a almost one year old..... such a bittersweet day.

 Our monthly photos displayed
 favor bags full of animal themed treats of course
 food room
 food table
 birthday sign
 Lion smash cake, glad I got a "before" pic!
 Will's birthday plate we made, now every year this is what he will eat his special dinner and cake on.

 the poem that makes me cry every.single.time.  {see top of post}

 sneeking a looksie at his presents
 mama michelle and Eliza
 my sweet sweet family.
 cake time!

 he.... LOVED IT!
 mr popular kept getting "phone calls" during cake time, it was adorable as usual, but this kid is going to have icing in his ear for a week!
 lovse to feed momma
 my crazy kid
 trying to feed meemaw
 such a happy boy, who's gonna break it to him were not doing this at every meal?

 my favorite pic of all time, this picture just sums up my little Will in a nutshelll, soft and sweet with a side of craziness just like momma.
 bounce house fun!
Will got so many new books I love it!