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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Moving Days!!!

Well we closed on our first house last Friday! It was actually a huge weight lifted to finally have all of it coming to a close, but now the work begins. Thanks to our wonderful parents we had a lot of help the first weekend, we got a lot of little things moved, my mom and I cleaned and disinfected, and Luke and his dad put together a piece of furniture... very productive! This weekend we are going to get all 3 bedrooms painted, and Saturday our subdivision is having its annual block party, we are going to go meet all our neighbors, we have already met the 5 by us, and they all seem really nice!
We've had a few visitors so far but are looking forward to seeing everyone... stop by soon!!
So to answer your question about the poll.... The 29th we have movers coming and we will be all in, thank goodness for that!
Here are some pictures from our first weekend we look forward to many great memories here!

Luke hugging his new home

Carrying me over the threshold

Cheers by the fireplace

Champagne toast outside

Momma approves... whew!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Okay... So I HAD to blog about my fried Jim.
He thinks I am a nerd for having a blog, but if you are reading this, then you must like my blog! He just jokes around and we tell each other funny stories about things, and then he asks if his life is "blog-worthy" and asks if I am going to blog about our phone calls.
He lives in Arkansas, but his wonderful girlfriend Leslie lives here, who by the way is a big fan on the blog!
So here ya go Jim... you are officially "blog-worthy!" Love you!

Luke's Wisdom teeth, or lack there of...

Poor Luker had to get his wisdom teeth taken out, though we thought he needed all four out, turns out they could leave the top two in, and just took the bottom two, The whole surgery went fine, and he was very happy afterwards, still on the drugs.... But that lead to a painful recovery. He is tired of eating soft foods, but he is doing good, Here is a pic of him with his "face" ice pack on... So cute, Get well soon sweetie!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I am going to be an Aunt!

Yup! My sister Crystal is going to have a baby! I am so excited!!!! I found out a while ago, but had to keep it secret, now she is officially in her 2nd trimester, we are allowed to tell people! She just wrote all about it on her blog! I kind of became an Aunt when we got married, Luke's sister has four children and his brother has a daughter Peyton, They are all really fun, but now I will be an Aunt for real, this kid is going to be so spoiled, I cant wait!!!!

Here are my married into nieces and nephews, They are great!

Here is a picture of my mom finding out she is going to be a grandma, and Crystals new baby bump! Stay tuned for more up to date pics of the bump in progress! :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Getaway

A few weeks ago, Luke and I both took off on a Friday and set out to get away, we stopped in Effingham to see his sister and her four fabulous children, They have a great house with a ton of land for the kids, Angie made us these great sandwiches for lunch and we all hung out, then we set out to my grandparents, I haven't been there in SO long, I will a little rough on those country road directions but I got us there, It was fun seeing the farm and seeing them, we got to go to dinner with some other aunts, uncles, and cousins that it was really good to see too, and then we stayed up late playing domino's with my grandparents, I think grandma Ad was the Champion. In the morning we set out to go to Chicago, Luke had never been there and I love Chicago, we also got to visit some friends from college. We ate, shopped, and enjoyed the city, all in all it was a great weekend and we look forward to doing it again soon!

Friday, August 1, 2008

We found our HOME!!!!

Well this is it! Welcome to 12 Fawn Lake Drive, Our new home! It is located in St. Peters, near 70, 270, 370, and 40! It is right in the middle of Luke and my works, and it is a really cute community with lots of parks, churches, and things to do. As many of you know this process have been very long, stressful, and overwhelming, but it has all been a huge learning experience, and we are finally in the home stretch. We found this lovely 2 story home on a cute little subdivision with a lake. We negotiated the price and came to an agreement, had the inspection, and made our requests and they agreed to take care of everything! We close in 2 weeks on August 15th So we will have a long way to go, packing, moving, etc, but soon it will be our home sweet home, and that is exactly what it will be is OURS!
Some people have already been asking, and yes of course we will have some sort of house warming party, Just want to get in and get settled first, But after the 15th let us know if you are in the area to stop by and see it!