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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Superbowl and Valentines

Will with two of his best friends Jessie and Jamie, Mommy likes them a lot too!

Daddy and Will on his first Superbowl!
We went to our friends Brian and Natalie's for Superbowl this year, it was a great turnout of a very fun group of people, and though Mr Will decided he did NOT want to nap during he party it was still a great time... with LOTS of yummy food!

With Will and his doctor appointments, finishing the basement, my dear husband deciding to list his car on craigslist (selling it and needing a new one in a days notice) and still learning how to work, be a good mommy, and keep a household running all with a smile on my face, Valentines day took to the back burner this year, and honestly we have been too tired to even think about planning anything.
Thanks to my amazing mother in law, whom without I may have lost my marbles thus far, we got to go out for a couple hours Monday night, we ran up to lowes to look at some things for the basement and got some Mexican food we had been craving. Luke brought me home white roses and I got him a card... Perfect V day. Lukes mom came over Sunday night (since we leave so early for work) so she watched him all day Monday and Monday evening, Thank you Gigi!
Mr. Will got LOTS of extra sugars and smooches Monday, guess the only year I'll get off the hook without getting the LIL Mr. a gift!
Hope everyone had a great LOVE day!

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