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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years!

What a year, what a month, what a day! Sheesh!

It has been quite a year! Last January I found out we did it, we made a baby and our lives would never be the same... and they haven't! For that reason... William Lucas... It has been the best year! However in some other ways I am ready to kiss this year a big goodbye and get on with it!

Some other events that happened was the passing of my uncle leaving behind his two young children, Luke's grandma had a heartattachk, my sister going through some very tough personal times, and now dealing with learning to be a single mother with a toddler, my mommy breaking her arm and needing surgery, she is still recovering, and I'm sure there have been more!

I go back to work on Monday, and of course as I am "not ready" and I will totally miss him, I have been very blessed with a 3 month maternity leave and will be able to jump right back into work where I left off. This I think will be good for me, good for Luke and Will too! I just don't think I am cut out to be a stay at home mommy forever...

So on this day, this last weekday I will have off we relaxed, my body has been trying to get sick so I have been drowning myself in tea and trying to fight it. Then all of the sudden tv reporters break in, sirens all start going off and the storm/tornado's start! The worst of it all was sunset hills where my parents live, luckily their house is fine but I cant say that for the rest of the community! Buildings, cars, houses, all destroyed it is crazy seeing the places we go all the time up on the news in shambles!

So tonight I will stay in with my boys, safe and sound, home sweet home; and count our blessings. Though it has been a tough trying year I try to remember that things can always be worse and every cloud has a silver lining. I would lie if I said I wasn't nervous about returning to work, but I was also very nervous about labor, "pushing", pooping for the first time, breastfeeding, circumcision care, and many more, however, I have made it through like a walk in the park. I look forward to sharing the trials and triumphs that the new year brings to my sweet loving family with my other mommy friends!

Happy NEW Year... and Welcome 2011, lets kick 2010's ass!

Part two!

Monday night we had Christmas with Luke's mom and brothers, this is always one of my favorite Christmas's I love his mom and brothers (and sister in laws) so much! It is amazing how I have only known them for about 8 years... to me it feels like I have been in their family forever.
We ate yummy food, opened presents and chatted and caught up! Will is so lucky to have his Gigi, she loves him to pieces!
He was all smiles AGAIN at this celebration, what fun!
Will and his cousin Peyton
She is such a sweet girl!
Love her!
Also! Luke's brother Jake who lives in North Carolina just got engaged to his girlfriend Ann! We are so happy for them and that Jake found his match! Their wedding will be in October in NC, gonna be a busy year! :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas part one

On Thursday the 23rd we had our annual Christmas party with my group of good friends. We try to have a game night regularly but have been slackers on that lately! Ashley was even able to come in town for the event! We all had a great time and ended up with some pretty bad stuff from rob your neighbor but it was all in good fun! Meghan's son Dominick, such a cutie!
Meghan laughing at her diaper of change, an impromptu rob your neighbor gift!
The girls!
Meghan, Winnie, Julia, me, Ashley, Leslie and Lauren (Michelle came later)
Meghan Julia and Lauren are all pregnant with their second babies!
The boys
Danny, Jim, Luke, and Mike

Me and Ash with our filled wine glasses ready to cheers!
We had a great first Christmas with Will! Luke had to work on Christmas eve as usual, so Will and I hung out around the house and watched the snow fall around us! It snowed snowed and snowed some more! We had a great evening all snuggled in at home with a fire, some great classic Christmas movies, and our little guy all warm in his Christmas jammies!
On Christmas morning much to our amazement our little boy slept until 6:30! He has had some drawbacks on sleeping through the night so we were pleasantly surprised and got greeted in the morning with tons of smiles! Luke made us a great breakfast and we got ready for the day!
We went to my moms for Christmas, she still cannot do much so I got there early to help get her looking presentable and do some other odds and ins. I wasn't sure if we would get to see Bennett or not this year but it all worked out, he was a little overwhelmed with all the of the presents but I have a feeling next year it will be ON! Will decided to give us the gift of laughter for Christmas and it was awesome! (see previous post and video)
After my moms we stopped by Luke's moms Gigi's so she could see Will on his first Christmas, He was all giggles over there and we played a long game of sticking out the tongue, I have to say I think Mr. Will LOVES Christmas!

Grandpa teaching Will how to rock out with his new guitar!

B boy and Mommy playing with Mr. Potato Head

Helping my mom upwap some of her gifts.

Luke with one of his favorite gifts!
I think the practical gifts are the best, sometimes they are the ones we get the most use out of ;)

Our family Christmas photo, thanks to self timer on the camera, first time I used it and it worked great!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First Laughs!

This video makes my heart melt!

Will decided to give us the best Christmas gift ever.... His first laugh! He of course smiles and coo's all the time but this laughter was the first of a lifetime of giggles, I am so glad we got to capture it on video! Enjoy!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We are getting some snow here in Saint Louis but enjoying our first Christmas eve at home with just a family of three!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Are we starting to make some friendships in our house? Home from the hospital, not interested at all.
Aww look how little baby Will was!
Becoming napping buddies.
Boomer: "This kid cant be too bad all he does is eat and sleep, just like me!"
Boomer: "Mom, get oudda here, the baby is napping!
I will watch him, you go back downstairs K?"

My two boys.
Please don't be scared, Boomer is very good at "stay" and when he did get up it was VERY slowly because he thought the baby was still there :)

Must be Christmas time!

It's almost that time, that very magical special time, and for the only time ever it is our first child's first Christmas. We are so blessed to have this little miracle to share all the fun with and look forward to starting many new traditions and memories to carry on throughout the years!

A family ornament from my mom

Will in his swing watching mommy decorate

Ahhh that fire feels good!
His very special first stocking from his Gigi, (Luke's mom)

Stockings hung! We need a new one for Boomer, it just doesn't match at all so I didn't hang it this year.
Since we didn't get to go out of town to see my family we made it to Luke's dad's Christmas on Saturday. It was a little overwhelming having a new baby at a Christmas event with all the noise and such so unfortunately this is one of the only pictures I got! But its a good one, William with Uncle Luke and Aunt Jen.
His first special ornament from my good friend Jessie.
I thought this was such a cute gift idea, she brought when she met Will for the first time: His first ornament, a piggy bank, and a start to his college savings fund! Thank you so much Aunt Jessie!

Had to have the Baby's First Christmas ornament!

Watching the tree after Mommy finally finished wrapping everything.... till she went shopping again ;)

Dreaming of Santa!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Poor Mom...

So we didn't quite make it out of town, Thursday night my mom fell on her wooden floor (that was recently polished because she was making her house perfect to host Christmas) She fell right on her side and broke her humorous bone (upper arm bone) broke by her elbow. This is the same bone I broke about five years ago only my break was up by my shoulder. I have a long rod that goes from my shoulder down to my elbow and hated life for about the next three months.

When I broke my arm the break and recovery was the worst pain I have ever experienced by far, I would gladly pop out a bunch more kids than ever go through that pain again!

We all decided not to go out of town and to wait till another time when we can all go together and I knew if we went we would just be worried about mom the whole time.

She had surgery today to put pins and such in, but the doctor did advise it will be a long recovery. Things take much longer to heal the older you are and I was 21 or 22 when I broke mine and it took about 5-6 weeks for me just to be doing some things normally again, not completely healed.

My mom is one of the most important people to me in the whole world. She is my best friend and has always been there for me, we have so much in common it is scary and I can truthfully say there are quite a few things I just wouldn't of made it through if she was not there for me. She is also one of the strongest people I know so I know she can make it through this, but I think it is also hard for me because I do know it will be a battle.

It is hard to explain the utter terror and pain you feel when someone you love this much is in pain. I feel completely helpless and horrified that this had to happen to her. Also about five years ago my mom lost a lot of her eye sight, she can still see some but cannot drive anymore which is the biggest battle for her. Recently she has gotten very healthy she saw some doctors and got on every vitamin in the book, saw a nutritionist, and has really made some incredible changes, Which I think is one reason I am so bummed out about this seems like mom takes 2 steps forward and gets thrown 10 steps back.

It has been a rough week, I didn't sleep much last night, I had my pity party, I keep asking why her, why now. But the truth of the matter is it happened and all we can do is move forward. Please pray for a speedy recovery for mom and to help the pain subside soon.

You never know how much something will tug at your heart strings till it happens but I know now more than ever, My family is my life, and if anything happens to any one of them I don't know what I would do.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tis the season!

Were known to always have lots of Christmas events to attend, this year is no different as we head out to begin the celebrations this weekend! This year is so special to us since it is Will's first Christmas, we are so looking forward to spending lots of time with all the people we love and are truly blessed to have such amazing family and friends in our lives!

Saint Louis got lots of ice last night and I hope everyone is careful as they are bustling about for the next week finishing up their shopping and seeing their loved ones.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11 Weeks and whats going on

Will man is 11 weeks old, there are some things I wanted to jot down and keep track of for now so sorry if this bores you ;)

Will is now very good at sleeping through the night if he has his normal nighttime routine: last feeding upstairs with calm surroundings. Going down about 10 waking between 5:30 -6:30

Wake up, eat, stay up for about an hour- two and back down for a long morning nap, depending on what is going on for the day naps throughout or one longer evening nap, then bed around 10 pm.

I am having so much fun with him (of course) but was probably "ready" as a momma to go back to work at about 9 weeks.

When Will is on his belly for tummy time he can roll over to his back.

Loves to have conversations and coo' back and forth with me while smiling throughout.

Right now we are working on grabbing toys with our hands, however kicking the bears is always MUCH more interesting and exciting! He loves to have one hand near is mouth, doesn't find the thumb (thank goodness) or suck on much but likes it up there, (see pic above)

Still in 0-3 month clothing but wore his first 3-6 month (Christmas jammies) last night and they fit perfect, so bittersweet to me when we go up a size. Size one diapers but not sure how much longer that will last either :(

Going on our first road trip this Friday and Momma is already anxious and nervous about packing for another person and thinking about things I might forget, wouldn't it be easier to just pack the whole house? We need a bigger car.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ho Ho Holidays!

Can you guess which one is our favorite?!
Yup, this one! The best package that will ever be under the tree!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Wilson's! I am so thrilled we will get to spend our Christmas with the best little bundle of joy! When I was little all I loved to play with was baby dolls and barbies and that is mostly what I was ask for, NOW I have have my very own baby doll, and it is so much better than I could of ever imagined! It is so exciting all of the new traditions we will be able to start with Will and carry on with our family throughout the years. Luke's mom (Gigi) got Will his very first stocking, I need to post a picture because it is adorable and makes me so happy to see his little stocking hung that he will empty with excitement in years to come! I loved Christmas when I was little and I feel like my parents went above and beyond to make every year special and memorable for us, I hope to work hard to make it a special time for our family as well.
Next weekend we will travel to Illinois with my family to visit my grandparents and my dad's side of the family. We hardly ever get to go there especially during the holidays so I am really looking forward to it! Also my parents, sister and Bennett are all coming, I cant remember the last time we all got to go at the same time!
So this weekend was our only weekend left to GO SEE SANTA! We decided to go Friday night, I thought it would be less crowded than Sunday. Our friend Tara told me about Bass Pro Shop's Santa I was very pleased with it, and I think we will definitely be going back! This Santa took LOTS of time with the kids, which made the line go slow but it was worth it! They also had lots of different crafts, games, and things the kids could do. Of course we just saw Santa but mommy got to leave with some chunks of homemade fudge, score!
Being the BEST boy waiting in line to see Santa!
Getting excited!!!
Ohh- So while we were waiting I casually told Luke next year when we come I will be pregnant! Yay! (totally kidding of course) I think he was speechless for a second before looking at me to see if I was serious. Ha! Were happy with our family of three for now!
First visit with Santa!
I also love that he didn't look creepy, sorry but some Santa's are just scary looking! This one even spent time talking to WILL! He told him he will get lots of vanilla wafers this year for Christmas before starting with all the toys next year.
It was so nice of him but I left a little confused about this, maybe he saw the massive mommy boobies and figured Will needed some cookies to go with all his milk?!?
Hope everyone is enjoying getting into the holiday spirit!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Will kicks

Here is a little video showing off William's mad kicking skills! What a cutie, daddy says no soccer so maybe a football player?!


Saturday morning I went to a Strollerfit class It is a work out class designed to help you work out and bring your baby with you. It was great, Will even slept the whole time and let mommy work out! The other older kids had a really good time with it as well! I was one sore mommy for the rest of the weekend but it was worth it and hopefully something I can keep up with on Saturdays once I go back to work.

Side note, the class is out at the mills mall a mall that is on my way to work, when driving there I completely missed the exit and was two exits away from work! Good ol mommy brain, ha!

I'm two months old!

Showing off my punching skills
I smile now! but it has yet to be captured on camera, Daddy tried to help with this...

All 11 pounds 14 ounces and 23 1/2" long of me!

Yup, I'm pretty darn cute!

Will is now two months old! He is so great and just the best baby I could not ask for anything more... Okay, MAYBE to be sleeping through the night, but we've got a month to master that before I go back to work. We can do it Will we can do it!!!

I am still exclusively breastfeeding, it was never a hard decision for me it is the best for baby so of course I would do it and thank goodness Will was such a great learner with this. The pumping and all the "rules" was confusing at first but we've got the hang of it and I have a supply started for when I go back to work.

William is 11 pounds and 14 ounces 58th % and 23 1/2" long, 85%! Tall boy! He is in 0-3 month clothing but I am not sure how long they are going to last because his little toes get kinda crunched up in the bottom of his jammies.

He loves to smile and coo, mostly after meal time. Silly noises and our big smiles to look at really get him going! Sometimes when I lay him down in his crib to sleep I am Shhhhing and smiling at him and instead of sleeping all he can do is lay and smile back at me, I love that we have that communication it is our little way of saying "I love you" before bedtime.

He loves to kick and punch at the little bears that hang from his bouncy seat, and he will watch tv, Luke likes to think he is watching football but mostly I think he enjoys the lights. He also loves to sit and stare at the Christmas tree lights, it is adorable!