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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Will's favorites

Will is doing so many new things and has started to favor some over others! Here are some of his favorite things to do right now at four months old... He is finally tall enough to start using his exersaucer, with the help of quite a few books underneath! The Parents as Teachers helper said to limit use till they have complete head control and make sure their feet are always touching so we have just stated exploring with this a little. He loves to stand, and he is really good at it! Daddy is convinced with all this standing he will walk at an early age and be good at sports... I think for now he just likes the change of scenery!

My mom got Will this Vtech toy for Christmas and it is his FAVORITE toy, it plays songs, makes noises, and the little orange guy dances around, Will LOVES this toy!!!! Mommy and Daddy on the other hand have every single word memorized and can be found singing the songs even long after Will has went to bed.

I'm a big boy in my bumbo seat! I love that Will can sit up and play with his toys

I'm a grabber!!!!! He can grab, hold, and put his toys in his mouth!
And last but not least, his favorite thing of all right now, being an airplane!!!
Whether in Mommy's arms or on her legs it is the funnest and funniest thing he's ever done!

VROMMMMM Look at me go!

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