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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

14 Weeks

Think of it this way: You're a third of the way through and baby's a third of the way cooked. Now that the "big stuff" (like skeletal and organ development) is taken care of, your baby starts a period of rapid brain growth, fat buildup and detail work. Highlights this week include:

* Your baby now has fingerprints! Book 'em, Danno! Believe it or not, he actually created them himself while swimming around in the amniotic fluid. As he moved his hands, the skin on the tips of his fingers formed unique ridges and folds. That's why no one on earth has the same fingerprints, not even identical twins! Cool, right? Baby's arms are now in proportion to his tiny body, but his legs are still on the short size in comparison.

* Your baby continues to gain new and impressive skills such as practicing and controlling voluntary muscle movements (this will help him fling food across the room later in life). Your tiny dancer's movements are no longer the jerky, uncontrollable twitches of yore—he now moves with graceful control.

* Your baby now weighs about an ounce and is the length of a flip phone, or roughly 3 1/2 inches—he's tripled in size from a mere three weeks ago! Luckily, you haven't done the same.

I am feeling great this week, I noticed I get pretty nauseous when I take my prenatal vitamins so I might talk to the doc about that in a couple weeks. Otherwise all is good here!

Let the season BEGIN!

As most of your know baseball is a big part of our life. Luke grew up playing baseball and my dad loves baseball and has always had season tickets as far back as I can remember. Luke also played for Fontbonne where we met, so many of our early dating days are remembered watching their games with my girlfriends from college, ahh the good ol days!
Since then Luke has played on a few different softball teams with his friends, they have a great time and get to catch up while doing something they love. However this year Luke decided (since we have nothing else going on ;)) to also join a little more competitive baseball team. For the past couple months he has been practicing in batting cages, their season starts soon and he is pumped!
Tonight is the first softball game of the season so I left Luke I little stack of some baseball goodies before I left for work this morning.
I am going to a BIG baby sale tonight so I probably wont make it to the first game, but I am also excited to go look at some fun baby things with my mom and sister!

Our friend David Freese was also just named the starting 3rd baseman, this is SO exciting and means that he will be (I think) playing on opening day and lots of the games we will go to this year, GO DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A very sweet sight

Saturday morning I had to get ready so Luke helped with Bennett while I took a shower. I came down right after with a towel on my head imagining they would need me, and found this. Two sweet boys snuggled up on the couch together with books and blankets. Luke is very excited about becoming a daddy and of course would love a little boy so it was fun to see them getting along so well together. Don't worry I ran right back upstairs to finish getting ready while all was calm on the home front.

Of course Boomer wanted to get in on one picture with the boys.

What happens at Aunt Ashley's....

Yes Mr. Boomer I would love a Pepsi, Mommy lets me have them ALL the time.
I watch Daddy drink beer, you just pop the top and go like this.

And then you go... Mmmmmm!
No Ashley I don't need my sippy cup, Boomer gave me a sodie, but thanks.

Ahhh ha ha.....!!!!
It is only right that he has on his "What happens at Aunt Ashley's stays at Aunt Ashley's..."
Dirty bib, no pants on, onesie unbuttoned, and chugging some Pepsi!!!
Crystal, Please let Bennett come back again, no children were harmed in the taking of these pictures.

Monday, March 29, 2010

6 weeks!!

6 Weeks till we find out if we are having a little girl or a little boy!

We decided to find out, at least with our first child. I am already itching to start the nursery and buy things and Luke... well, Luke just wants to KNOW! :)

Bennett's sleepover

My favorite thing to do at Ashley's: FEED BOOMER!
Boomers favorite person to have over: BENNETT!
One for Bennett, one for Boomer, then we CLAP! We even did a round where there was one for Aunt Ashley, how sweet!
Seriously Ash, I cannot comb or wet my hair so please stop laughing at me and taking pictures, you are acting like my mom too much!

Friday night Bennett spent the night with us, it was fun because last time he spent the night I remember building barriers around him with pillows and blankets because he couldn't quite sit up on his own, now he is crawling all over and standing. We had a blast with Bennett and cant wait for him to come back soon!

Crystal wanted me to get some pictures of his "crazy hair!" So cute!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

ONE happy child

No this post is not about the baby in my belly, that chid has not been too happy this week... Giving mom lots of bad headaches and some nausea, wonder if I am paying for an easy first trimester?
But the other little boy (Boomer.. duh) is quite happy these days. He is not like most dogs who eat right when you put the food out in the morning or when you get home, no he likes to take his time. I think this is partly because he is seeing what better will come along, treats, bones, table scraps, or the occasional trash can lid left open at the end of the night...SCORE! No, Boomer eats his food when he gets hungry and that is that, so I have never thought too much about what to buy, I just get whatever is on sale or looks good. So we just opened a new bag and it is Kibbles and Bits and Ohhh man is he in LOVE, I mean this stuff is like crack, we pour it in and he goes to town, I have even been having to double check to make sure Luke remembered to feed him in the mornings since it i s gone so quick!
SO if you have a picky puppy try the Kibbles and Bits, I think it is the Bits (moist pieces) they love, but we found a winner!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

13 weeks... Helllllo 2nd trimester

Now that your fetus has completed the task of forming all the critical body structures, the organs go to work. The liver secretes bile, the pancreas produces insulin, and the kidneys form urine to carry waste away. The urine is excreted into the amniotic fluid. Your little one's intestines, which have partially resided in the umbilical cord, have moved back into the abdomen now that there's enough room to accommodate them. With muscle layers forming in the gut, it'll soon be time to get things moving through the digestive system, too.
It is exciting that my body is done developing things and is now ready to let baby Wilson grow, grow, grow! I am also super pumped about being in the 2nd trimester, this is supposed to be the next 12 weeks where I will feel the BEST! I feel like there are so many things I have put off and waited on since the first trimester so I am ready to, shop, clean, and get caught up!
Luke and I have started to really wonder if this little bump is a boy or a girl, which has also brought upon the daunting task of names! We have some lists started and have favorites, but I think it will be much easier once we find out if we are naming a little she or a little he. We are not sure yet but we are leaning towards keeping our names a secret, for many reasons. The thing that will be hardest for me is that I LOVE personalized and monogrammed things! Hummmm...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pet Peeves

So I don't know if it is because of the irritability of pregnancy, but I seem to have acquired some new pet peeves lately.

- One worded text or email responses, if I ask you 3 different questions a simple reply of yes or no does not help me!

- when people tilt their fun size (or regular) chip bag upside down in their mouth to get that last bit of crumbs out.... really???

- flipping through channels at a quarter or half after, you know they are all on commercial, why are you looking?

- Skinny people who say, their fat, they need to go on a diet, or they need to watch what they eat!

- People who always find something to complain about... is life really THAT bad?

2 pregnancy pet peeves

1. "Congratulations! Were you trying??"
I think this question is incredibly rude and invasive, these are some responses I wish I could say.
- No I have no idea how this happened
- No still trying to figure out who the dad is
- Trying for what?
- Yes, after 2 years of marriage we finally got it down pat
2. "Congrats... Wow September, you are going to be miserable this summer!"
- Yup it gets hot in the summer, that is true, you are a smart one!
- I work in a freezing office, hopefully be and baby will be able to survive.

Some things I have learned

-Approximately 50-90% of pregnant women have morning sickness. I am one of the lucky ones who have managed to avoid it, However it is essential that I eat on time. If I get too hungry, I start feeling nauseous.

- If I love this baby more than Boomer we are all in big BIG trouble!

- Morning sickness, exhaustion, blah blah, I now know the worst is that I look like I am 13, the acne is out of control, still waiting to get my motherly GLOW

- Things that were very important before simply do not seem to matter much anymore, the most imperative thing in the world is that this baby in my belly is healthy.

- Never knew I would love a "bump" so much, and check it's progress out everyday

- Never knew Luke would love a "bump" so much, he says hello to it when he gets home from work, and he says good night to US... so cute!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ultrasound Photos

Baby Wilson at 12 weeks head, body, and a little hand in there!
Excited Mama Wilson!

These were scanned in, the top two are from 12 weeks and the bottom two are from 8 weeks.

Baby Wilsons Heartbeat

Yesterday Crystal got to record the heartbeat on her camera, this was great because Luke was able to see and hear it last night.

Go to her post here:

Sorry but it wouldn't let me copy and paste it or anything into my blog. I will have to teach Crystal how to upload to youtube soon!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

12 Week Updates

12 Weeks pregnant! This is the last week of my first trimester, and though things are tough at times I thought it was going to be much worse, I have even caught myself thinking what are all these women complaining about! But so far I think I have been pretty lucky, I also don't think I give myself much time to feel nauseous, tired, hormonal etc... Just keep going!

Baby's now the size of a plum! As you move into the second trimester, baby shifts into the growth and maturation stage. After weeks in the critical development stage, almost all of her systems are fully formed.

Today I had my 2nd prenatal doctor appt, this one was just supposed to be a short office visit to make sure everything is on track and that we are doing well. Luke did not take off work for this one, but since my sister is on spring break her and Bennett decided to tag along!

We got to hear the heartbeat going, 160bpm...and she had a minute so she did a quick little ultrasound for me! We were so happy to get to see little baby Wilson, especially since my sister had came! Baby was doing great, much bigger than the last appointment and was moving all around! I will post some pictures when I can get them up, and I was so glad Crystal came because I had forgot my camera at work and I wanted to record the heartbeat for Luke! Crystal got it on her camera she will upload tonight! Also Bennett got to meet his cousin for the first time on the screen today :)

Stats: I have gained 1 pound in the past 4 weeks, feels like SO Much more! And blood pressure is going up which we are going to keep an eye on for now. Also, I may have a urinary tract infection but will get the results soon, this is very common in pregnancy so I am not worried. Blood work from last appointment all looks great.

12 Week Pictures: Luke and I had some fun with this last night, we were still trying to find a good wall to take the pictures on.

My view up from the floor: Little round bump

For some reason the bump gets bigger when a hand or something is placed on it, I think it makes my stomach muscles relax instead of engaged.

This is where I think we will take the rest of the pictures, at first I wanted a blank wall but I think I can live with the little picture in here.

This is in our room and for some reason I didn't like the dark brown background.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cravings of the moment

I have not had too many cravings yet, however pickles do taste A LOT better when you are pregnant than normally. But lately breakfast food all sounds just amazing, at all times!!! The funny thing is I have never been a huge breakfast person, still not too big on eggs, but definitely loving all fruit, cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, french toast, anything I can get my hands on like that I'll take!
I broke down and bought my favorite unhealthy childhood cereal: Peanut Butter Captain Crunch and it was SO good, it was between that and Fruity Pebbles maybe I'll switch it up next time!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

How Luke and I found out!

Read first if you want a Recap!

It was a Wednesday night, I was supposed to "start" on Saturday or Sunday so I decided (after my friend Meghan saying I HAD to) take a pregnancy test. Once I took the famous one question test I could not believe my eyes, 5 minutes my butt, this bright pink line on the "yes" side showed up RIGHT away! I was a good girl and waited before freaking out, I even decided to chug some water from the bathroom faucet to calm down, my way of starting to be healthy?!? I texted a picture of the test to my friend Meghan who was home with her husband and friend doing some major home remodeling, and she called me right away and told me in fact what I saw was true! (she is kind of an expert on this) I must of asked her 150 times if it was right, I didn't want to get happy or excited if for some reason it was wrong! She assured me over and over again to go ahead and believe it, I started bawling instantly, something I have wanted for my whole life had come true! I've known I have always wanted to be a mom and watched friends struggle with infertility, and just like that on a Wednesday night God blessed me with a miracle.

Another post on How I told here:

I decided I would have Boomer tell Luke, he is after all our first born and I thought it would be a good memory. I quickly made him a shirt to wear that said "I'm going to be a big Brother" When Luke normally gets home from work, Boomer is very excited to say hi to him and tell him about his day so to get this on film I had to put Boomer in our room (I lie and tell Luke I accidentally left him upstairs when the UPS man came to the door) Then I tell Luke to look at the mail on the table so that I could get a good "shot" of him. His reaction is so speechless so the video didn't turn out as good as I thought. But like I said...a great memory for us, and for baby Wilson someday!

Sidenote: at the end when I tell Luke he is on candid camera, I should of kept the video going because he then thinks this was all a joke, he says "that was a mean joke!"... I assured him it was real and I am not THAT mean!

As we enter this next journey in our life, it makes me wonder how we will fit it all in a day, we barley do it now with no kiddos! That is why I am going to keep the blog going. not sure how many people read it, I know about 5 for sure (ha!), but to me it is a heck of a lot easier than keeping a scrapbook or journal for my child. I might try to be a super star and do both in the beginning but we all know that good intentions sometimes slack off in the end. Luke and I are so in love with baby Wilson already we feel very blessed that God chose us as parents and we are going to be the best darn parents we can be for this little baby.

2 more from Mexico

Well it is 7:45 am in St Louis right now and uploading and sharing these really makes me want a mimosa, a big yummy breakfast, and to be on the beach with that yummy air of course!

Sorry if these are boring but they are more for our memories on this big scrapbook of a blog than anything else. Better 3 1/2 months late than never right! ;)

Can Cun Videos!

Ok I finally sat down and uploaded these! Some are boring, but fun cute memories for us. I hope after the baby I will have a bikini body someday again, actually I don't hope, I will just make it happen! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

MJ or Luke?

So.. Sorry this is sideways but it is a video of Luke on stage dancing from our trip to Can Cun!

I am going to work on uploading some other videos tonight! Well maybe... sometimes I have high hopes of doing these things and then the couch calls my name!

Cardinals Spring Training 2010

Crab Leg Night, Our waitress was so cute, she was foreign and asked us if Lady gaga was a guy or girl! :)
Dave got the all you can eat and ate 5 plates of crab legs! Whoa!

Luke in heaven!

This might be my favorite picture of us 4, all very happy for the first day, and opening day for the Cards at Spring Training!

A new pitcher

Some of the Cardinals pitchers

The strip at Los Olas there were people and spring breakers everywhere, got to enjoy some fun relaxing people watching, ohh and Luke got hit on by a guy in a bikini, classic!

At Hooters people watching, The had 3 mocktail (non alcoholic) drinks for me to choose from, YUM!
We had a great trip, good weather, good friends, good baseball (even though we lost both games we went to) We went to some really fun places in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale! So glad we could go this year with Colleen and Ross, and there were plenty of little ones there having a blast so hopefully we can make it back again sometime! Loved the energy and the intimacy of baseball at Spring Training!
Now lets get this St Louis weather going in the right direction and kick off baseball season right.... Opening day in St Louis is on our 2 year anniversary, Go Cards!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

11 Weeks and hungry!

Today we are 11 weeks pregnant! :)

Your baby has continued to grow over the past week. Now almost 2 inches long, your little one has been engaged in some heavy acrobatics, kicking and stretching inside your womb. Remember, though she is getting bigger, it will be some weeks before you feel her moving around. Her skin, though still paper thin and transparent, is forming a protective barrier around her body. Her tiny fingers and toes have begun to separate into unique digits, and she's also begun to open and close her fists. The first signs of where her teeth will form appear this week, as tiny tooth buds begin to pop up under her gums.

We just got back from Cardinals Spring Training in Florida yesterday, and while we were there I felt the pregnancy symptom I have been missing for a while, no not morning sickness... Hunger!
Up till now my eating habits have been pretty much the same as they were before I was pregnant: A light breakfast around 9 at work, normal lunch, leftovers, a salad, or go get something, and a normal dinner. But I have been so much hungrier than usual! I got some pretty fun ice cream treats while on vacation, not to mention the amazing restaurants we went to, but I will post more about that later. But yesterday when we got home, hunger struck! And with this first spat of hunger so did a terrible mood! Poor Luke, It is miserable because STILL nothing sounds good to eat to me, I mean I eat of course but it is hard when nothing sounds good at all, not even my favorite things. Last night not even an hour after dinner I was chowing on some cereal, and today the "snacks" I brought for "lunch" were NOT going to cut it, so I headed out and got a personal pan pizza, bread sticks, and a soda from pizza hut and you would of thought I won the lottery! I was in heaven.

Not sure how much longer this extreme hunger is going to last, possibly the whole time! But right now I am just trying to listen to my body, and my hungry babe! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Micskia of cakes!

My friend Michelle (AKA Misckia: Pretty Lady) Is awesome at making super fun cakes, one year for my birthday she made a strawberry shortcake cake, and it was made with tiny little dots everywhere, it was awesome! Saturday we had some friends over that were it town and I asked Michelle to bring a cake for our friend Leslie. She went above and beyond again and made a Barbie cake with Barbie standing in the middle and all around was her big ball gown! Grace, Winnie's daughter was especially excited because she got to keep the (legless) Barbie after we sliced it up!
Thanks Michelle!!!!!

Bling Bling

Luke took the whole day off today while I am working most of the day, he is running some errands, one of them being to get my ring and earrings cleaned at Genovese...
Think he will search around for any good "push presents" while he is there?
Lets hope so! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pre Bump/ First bump pic

7 weeks pregnant
Okay, it has begun.... I may not have much of a belly bump in this picture, but I thought it would be fun to remember my POST body belly as well. So here is my first bump pic, or pre bump pic. This picture is 7 weeks along and while baby may not be showing yet, BLOATING has set in for sure!

By the way, I am not a lounge around at home type of gal, however most my pics will probably be in clothes like this because by the time Luke gets home from work to take the picture I am usually in my comfy clothes :)

Bennett is ONE

Friday my nephew Bennett turned ONE year old! I cannot believe he has been around and in our family for a whole year, it seems like yesterday we welcomed him into this world! He had a great party with many presents and lots of fun.
These are a few pictures from my camera, but I was also playing photographer with my sisters camera so click on her blog for the complete slide show!
Happy ONE B Boy!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 Weeks

Today we are 10 weeks pregnant, I am trying to start saying "we" Yes most the time it is me dealing with the symptoms etc. but Luke is so great at helping me out, sometimes it is like he is dealing with being pregnant too! I mostly just crave fruit and sometimes a big salad, not sure if these are cravings or I just love eating super healthy now, however last night I just had to have Oberweis this might be my vice, they have the best ice cream, homemade waffle cones, and malts ever, so of course we splurged on 15 dollars worth, and it was worth every penny. Lets just hope for my waistline's sake I don't make this a weekly occurrence.
I am trying to work out, but it is hard because I am still so tired after work all day, and sometimes I justify it by thinking, "I worked all day, vacuumed the house, and now I am making dinner, I'm done!" I am so ready for it to get nice out soon so it is easier to take a nice walk after dinner and not freeze my bootie off!
This week three different websites are calling my little bean three different things, (last week it was a grape) now it is either a kiwi, a kumquat (?), or a prune, all pretty different sizes if you ask me!
A peek at our bean:
Your baby has now completed the most critical portion of his development. This is the beginning of the so-called fetal period, a time when the tissues and organs in his body rapidly grow and mature.He's swallowing fluid and kicking up a storm. Vital organs — including his kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver (now making red blood cells in place of the disappearing yolk sac) — are in place and starting to function, though they'll continue to develop throughout your pregnancy.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Training

We leave Thursday for Spring Training in Florida!!!!

Cant wait to get into some nice weather and relax with no worries for a few days. Some of our friends try and go every year so this year we finally get to go too! :) Works out well that Luke's friend is on the roster for the Cards this year so we can hopefully get to hang out with him a bit as well. Ya Hooooo!!!