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Monday, December 29, 2008

Next three...

Lauren with her daughter Josie at Christmas Brunch.

Me at Luke's dads and Mary's opening a present from one of my nieces, a handmade by Raegan bracelet, I love!

Luke with his niece Peyton reading with her till it was her turn to open again!

The girls at brunch in front of the tree, Leslie, me, Lauren, Meghan, and Shannon

Kris with her four Boys at Christmas Friday.

Friday we had Christmas with Luke's mom and brothers, his brother Ben is in town from Vegas and staying with us so it was great to have him there. With Luke's mom on Thanksgiving we go around and say what we need/want for Christmas, I love this, it makes it so much easier! Well I got just about everything I asked for and then some, they must of been really great listeners this year! :)

Saturday morning I planned a brunch for some of my girlfriends since my friend Shannon is in town for Christmas, and I couldn't see her any of the nights she was here. Brunch was such a nice change of pace from going out to a bar, I made a few of the things and the girls helped out with bringing stuff too! I hope we keep this tradition up I had a lot of fun having breakfast and mimosas with the girls and visiting....
Then it was off to Luke's dads for the annual Christmas get together, all the brothers and his sister from Illinois and her four kids, we stayed over there till about 1am! It was a lot of fun over there playing games and visiting with everyone and this year I got my own stocking with my name on it!!! Everyone has one, which means there are like over 20!

Between planning times, foods, and gifts for each of the events it was exhausting and it was a lot of Christmas but it was worth it... So good to see everyone and get to have a little holiday cheer time with everyone. Sunday I used a gift card I got and treated myself to a massage, It was needed!

Hope everyone had a very happy holiday!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve and Day

Boomer and Baby Girl relaxing after all the commotion of the day

Boomer opening his Christmas stocking with ma ma

Crystal and Greg with my nephews first Christmas gift from me, even though he is not here he needed a present to open!
Our beautiful Christmas eve dinner!
Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is about all I really have to say right now. What a crazy, fun, family filled, weekend! This was our first Christmas as a married couple and in our new home, so it was an exciting one. We didn't have plans for Christmas eve so Luke and I made a wonderful dinner of crab legs (one of our favorites).... Then we got ready for the next day, My family was coming over and we hosting Christmas at our house, my mom, dad, sister, brother in law, grandma, grandpa, uncle, and 2 cousins. It is definitely a lot of work hosting a holiday like that, but it all went great, we had a lot of fun opening presents, visiting, and eating of course! Christmas night my mom and her puppy ending up staying the night and hanging out with me and Luke. They went home the next morning and I cleaned up from the day before. We had Christmas with Luke's moms over at his brothers, and about an hour before we left for that we got a horrible phone call. Some of you know that Luke and I have a rental property in the city and that we have been having major problems with it, no renters or buyers etc, Well all the pipes busted and it is now full of water. Luke and I were so upset all we could do is cry. Now not only do we not know what to do about making the payments (we are officially out of money for this) now we have this HUGE mess that we have to clean up and fix before we can do anything. Anyway, please keep us in your prayers about this it has been so overwhelmingly hard on us, Luke has a couple meetings with people today and I am really hoping for the slightest bit of good news.
I will post about the next 3 Christmas events tonight :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 thoughts

About my antsy nephew... and "nephew" my friend Meghan's son Dominick looks like could be here any day now too!

1. I must keep my camera with me at all times... in case I have to go to the hospital at ANY moment!

2. They CAN'T come early... I did not get to buy all the cute 1st Christmas stuff yet!!!

Annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!

Saturday was the annual Ugly Sweater Christmas party that some of our friends have, it was a really good time and there were some GREAT costumes!

Monday, December 22, 2008

My nephew really wants to meet us!

Crystal spent another day in the hospital. She is now home and doing okay, if you want to read about her excitement yesterday click on her blog page to the right.

We love you Crystal hope you are feeling better today!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Luke and I have been VERY stressed out lately. We have a lot of things going on in our lives and it seems like things are spinning and spinning out of control and we just don't have enough power to stop them!
Last night we talked about a lot of things, I was crying about some things for a few hours so bad that my nose started bleeding.
We will be okay. I just wanted to post about this, so that if we haven't called or made plans in a while this is probably why.
I know things could always be worse, they always can, and I am not trying to complain at all, But right now we just are hitting a rough patch and it is taking a while to get some things under control...
If you are wondering what things are wrong.... don't. There is really nothing anyone can do to help, unless they want to win the lottery for us, or buy one of the 2 properties we have up for sale! We will be okay, somethings we just don't like to talk about because they make us sad and mad, and they make us fight! We are newlyweds, we shouldn't be fighting we should be laughing.
Anyway, bad days turned to bad weeks, and we are trying to dig our way out, Hopefully soon!

Thank you for understanding!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Home for sale!

Just trying to keep the word out there that my house is still on the market.
Here is the blurb from a website:
Welcome to this wonderful family home near George Winter Park. The entry foyer features hardwood floors. there are vaulted ceilings in the great room and master bedroom. Enjoy this open floor plan featuring a fireplace* 6 panel doors* finished lower level with a full bath and three bedrooms on the main floor. Just off the breakfast room are french doors leading to a patio and fenced yard. There is an over-sized two-car garage. Move right in and make this home.
3 bedrooms3 full baths, 0.0 half baths
Hwy 30 to 141 south, left on Old Gravois (just past Hwy 30) right on Old Hwy 141, left on Samara Estates Drive, right on Green Jade Dr. to left on Green Jade Estates Dr. House is on the right.

Paying it forward...

Saturday we helped our Becki and her family, Becki and her 3 kids came over to our house Saturday afternoon. It was great to finally meet them after chatting with Becki for the past week. Her kids are soooo adorable, I mean I know I probably say that about kids all the time but they were so cute, so sweet, and so well behaved. The two girls gave me big thank you cards right when they came in, which was very sweet, then they all sat down to open their presents! Becki said she has saved up for a while to make sure the kids still have a nice Christmas, but what kid cant use some extra spoiling right! We also ended up with a few gifts for Becki, and 2 big boxes of food for them. Its not much, but hopefully it lightens her load a little and just to know there are people out there that care.

I wanted to post about this and say thank you to everyone that helped out, It was greatly appreciated, And hopefully it inspired some others to put themselves aside this season and help someone else!

Don't waste your precious energy on gossip, energy vampires, issues of the past, negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My sister and nephew

Friday night my sister called on the way to the hospital, she had been having pains and it has went on way too long. Shortly after she was there she had some big contractions, she still has 10 weeks left on her pregnancy. To make a very long story short she stayed over night and didn't leave there till the afternoon today. They are hoping to stop the contractions by putting her on some medication and bed rest, by this I mean yes she is to stay in the seated and laying position the majority of the time. For a great pregnancy thus far it has been hard waiting by the phone, hearing the worry in my moms voice, and thinking of my little nephew who is far to little and while I am sure he is super excited to meet me he needs to wait a little longer! Crystal is going to take it easy and my mom and I are going to go help her tomorrow and see her, and she will go back to her regular doctor this week to get an update and hopefully some good news for the remainder of her pregnancy.
I have been very worried about her and I cant even imagine how worried she must be for her little boy.
I will keep you updated but please pray for them and keep them in your thoughts!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Boomer has been discriminated against!

I have been really wanting Boomer to have a sweater to wear on these chilly nights... So last night when Luke got home from work I asked him if he would go to petsmart with me, (since when I was at target their selection sucked) So we went thinking we would have a few to choose from definitely in his size... come on people he is not THAT big! Even though at his recent doctor appointment they said he could stand to lose a few pounds... I laughed with the doctor and said couldn't we all!

But at Petsmart much to my surprise all the clothes are for tiny dogs! They did have a couple huge t shirts that said stuff, a a huge Santa suit for him... but NO sweaters in his size!
We settled for a T Shirt, that says... "Life of the Party" So it totally works, and now he has his outfit all planned out for all his holiday parties! But I have to say that Boomer, Luke, and I were very disappointed while shopping for apparently our rather large doggie!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Help me help someone else!

Every year I try to think of something I can do to try to give back, I feel like I have been very blessed in my life, last year it was as little as tipping our waiter 100% one night close to Christmas, not much, but I am sure he appreciated it...
Today I stumbled across a post on Craig's list from Becki, she was actually posting looking for a job, or if anyone needed a nanny, not for charity of any sort. She is a single mom, and basically unemployed trying to make it and make her 900 dollar rent on the home they live in. I e mailed Becki and offered to try and help her any way I could. Yes most of you know Luke and I have our own money problems, and hopefully someday if we are in this situation with children someone will help us out as well.

Luke and I are going to meet Becki and her children on Saturday and bring them a few things that might just lighten Becki's load a little this season.If you have anything to give and you would like to help me out with this just let me know, I can pick stuff up from you too if that is easier.

I am sure Becki could use the normal things food etc... , but here is the kids info as well:
My oldest daughter is 7 (she wear a size 7-8 clothes, and a 3 in shoes) she plays tons of sports. My youngest daughter is 5( she wear a size 6 in clothes and a 12 in shoes) she's a fearless daredevil...both my girls LOVE Hannah Montana & High School Musical like most little girls their age. My baby boy is 2 and he loves cars, trucks, ball & bats--he's the typical boy.

Here is another e mail I got today from Becki:
I've never excepted help like this before much less from a total stranger, like I said I just set up a blog up this morning, so I wrote about the angel I met today. I really want you to know something though...I never would've posted that this morning, if my kids didn't mean everything and more to me. Really, since Adam (my husband) moved out it's been hard to get out of bed some mornings and not because I miss him, but because it's so hard to do this alone. My babies are the most important things in the world to me, and if I was so scared of how were going to live here without a job or kids to watch I wouldn't have posted that. I just thought that I'd let you know that, I wouldn't be worried at all if it weren't for them.

Just doing my part to pay it forward, let me know if you want to help :)

Luke is 27!

Luke had his 27th Birthday yesterday. We celebrated with a nice dinner in Kansas City last weekend and some shopping for Luke, then we went out Saturday with friends and Luke's sister to Ameristar we mainly hung out in the sports bar, but did venture to the casino for a bit where one of our friends won 95 dollars on a slot machine after putting in only 5! It was a fun night and good to see so many of our friends, we are all so broke lately that we don't get out much! I think one of Luke's favorite parts of the night was me taking him to Jack in the Box on the way home :)
Yesterday Luke slept in on his birthday, and when I asked him what he wanted to do he said nothing, which is exactly what we did. We went a rented a movie and laid on the couch all day. Then we made a special birthday dinner... fillet Mignon's.
Happy birthday Luke, I love you!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

So happy... I'm not the BRIDE!

I loved every minute of our wedding day, however I did not love every minute of planning it, organizing it, and agonizing the entire month before it. So I am so excited for this summer so far we have 6 weddings, 4 of which we are in! Luke is in two of his best friends Kris and Ross's and I am in 2 of my best friends Michelle and Lauren's!

I just ordered my dress for Michelle's wedding last night, she let us pick any tea length J Crew dress in black, I thought this was a really good idea for the different personalities and body types! I put pictures of the dress I chose, I wanted a strapless, and the other great thing is I think I will really be able to wear this one again!
Hearing the girls planning and complaining makes me remember all the little details and things to think about along with your already stressful everyday life...
Good Luck Girls, I am looking forward to a summer of not being the Bride!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Warm up with a good deed!

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A full Thanksgiving weekend!

Well we made it, one of our busiest Thanksgiving weekends yet, I have no idea what we are going to do when we have kids! But it was a good, fun weekend filled with people we love and good memories!
Luke and I both worked full days on Wednesday then it was pre-turkey day with his dad and step mom. We got up early on Thursday morning, for my favorite tradition watching the parade, looking thru the shopping ads, and a little baileys and coffee of course! I also made my appetizer for my moms, a new recipe for me, bacon wrapped and blue cheese stuffed dates, they were pretty yummy! Then it was off to brunch at Luke's brothers with his mom and his brother Jake who was in town from Kalamazoo, brunch was so yummy and it was so good to see our niece Peyton, she is getting really big! I also had to get my flu shot since Luke's mom is a nurse, I was really scared, but I am glad I got it!
Next stop, my moms house she is under construction so we decided to do Thanksgiving in the basement, it worked out pretty well, the food was great and it was good to catch up with everyone. I didn't take any pictures this weekend, but Crystal has some funny ones of us up on her blog!
Friday morning it was up and atom at 7 am, we were on the road around 8 and headed to Kansas City, Luke's birthday is next weekend and we are going to be with friends so we just went to get away and spend some time together, We shopped at the plaza all day, then went out at night to look at the pretty plaza lights we had a great dinner... spent way too much money but had a really good time, we headed back Saturday after catching a little bit of the MU KU game and having lunch.
We made it home then got ready and went out to meet one of Luke's friends Kristin that is in town from Louisiana we had dinner with her and and her family and it was good to catch up with all of them!
The only thing I didnt get to do is see my friend Shannon who was in town from Vegas, it is hard with all the family events and friends in town, but she should be in town for Christmas and I am going to plan something special for us to do!
Thankful to say yesterday we took it easy, cleaned the house, went grocery shopping and relaxed with a fire and Boomer on the first snowy day of the year.
I am so thankful for all my family who is happy and healthy and all of my wonderful friends who have always been there for us. I was also thankful to kick start the holiday season with a great weekend, shopping, even wrapping, and our first snow.

Hope everyone had as great as a Thanksgiving weekend as us!