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Monday, January 30, 2012


Jamie a new fellow blogger and pinner started a fun Q&A, so I thought I'd join! Feel free to copy and paste and play along!

My 11 Random Things:
1. I have faith they CAN find love on the bachelor
2. I try to be super healthy and work out everyday, 99% of the time I end up mad at myself for not, I'm about to stop trying.
3. I have a slight obsession with craigslist and ebay, I hate having things sit around we dont need.
4. My life has gotten a lot easier since we decided to hire a house cleaner to come once a month.
5. I hate my hands, they are horrible and ugly, especially my nails. I've come to accept this.
6. I love animals especially our dog Boomer but he gets on my nerves more than anything I know.
7. I sometimes wish I had my masters
8. With everyone I know and their brother having babies right now, it kinda makes me want to wait, is that weird?
9. I love the smell of Will, not his diapers sometimes, but just his yummy baby smell.
10. I want to travel, like really travel... I want to go somewhere crazy!
11. My sister told me Will may lose his baby chubs this summer, I DREAD this.

11 Tagged Questions Combined :)1. City girl or country girl? Both! I can honestly say both!
2. What made you fall in love with your husband? We had "the spark" I care about him and he cares about me undeniably more than I have ever seen or felt before. We love each other, we hate each other, but we are a team and we would do anything and everything for one another.
3. Do blondes or brunettes have more fun? depends who has more booze in them.
4. If you had to live in one place for the rest of your life, where would it be? If I could get everyone to move, it would either be the beach, or the mountains, but it will never happen so.... I guess St Louis.
5. What super power would you like to have? to be able to read minds.
6. If you could only wear one thing/outfit everyday what would it be? jeans and a fitted tee
7. What is your favorite pair of shoes you own?  my new nude pumps, my friend Lauren calls them my "sex shoes" because they make me feel sexy.
8. Sweet or Salty? A combo
9. Favorite holiday & why? I love Christmas time, everything is just so magical
10. Where is your dream vacation? Fiji or bora bora
11. What is your favorite pass time? playing with will or watching a show with him.

So fun... remember if you want to answer the questions... GO FOR IT! Consider yourself, tagged!

Friday, January 27, 2012

16 months, randomness, lazy, and babies!

Not much has been going on, and when were not working, or running around chasing Will we've just been one thing... lazy. Were almost through the worst of winter, knock on wood, so I guess its justified. I cant wait to be able to go on a walk outside again, or just go run errands and not freeze! Maybe that is why I have been playing travel agent and lining up some trips for the spring, I cant wait!

I cant believe Will is going to be 16 months old next week, AND that my nephew will be 3 years old next month, where did the time go? My little ham ball can now CHEESE at the camera, has been refusing to eat dinner, loves loves loves putting lids on and off things and filling things up and dumping them out. He is just my sweet as pie little baby still, but this little baby is turning into more of a toddler day by day. {insert tears} Most days tears are shed as we have to put our jacket on and little tasks like this, apparently there are much more important things he needs to be doing. I am trying to remember that I am the boss, but sometimes its hard... because really I'm not.
Independence must be the next thing on the brain at this age, which leads us to Will's first chore; he has learned when we let Boomer inside we go straight to the pantry and give him a treat... now getting Mr. Independent to let go of the treat is a different story.... Poor dog.
16 months and things to remember: ~I washed and dried an entire deck of cards, thanks for the help with the laundry William!   ~He's learned to throw Boomers toys for him, this can be good and bad, he has also learned to say and repeat repeat repeat: MOOOOMER   ~Says, GO GO GO and waves his hands at dogs.
~ Current favorite song: head, shoulders... loves to point to his head, eyes, ears etc.    ~After bath time we turn music on and dance, right when it comes on he gets so excited!  ~Went to see baby Cohan at home, he was peacefully sleeping in his swing and the first thing Will does is picks up two toys and throws gives them to the baby, apparently he thought that baby was bored and needed some toys :)   ~ Current bedtime: 7:30 wake around 6:30  still taking two naps but thinking we need to switch to one, not looking forward to the transition.

I am still obsessed in love with pintrest, and I have tried lots of new recipes on there lately! We have been doing great at cooking at home, taking leftovers for work and pinching some extra pennies.We treated ourselves to a new couch with some Christmas money and next up may be a master bath or laundry room mini remodel. Pintrest.... said money saver, turned upside down!
Does anyone else ever look on there and then feel like they have sooo much they should be doing?
After an hour on pintrest I feel like I need to: 1. get my a*# up and work out 2. dress much better 3. be a better mom and plan better things for kids to do 4. remodel every room in our home 5. make every gift I give from coffee filters, and spray paint 6. cook more, cook more, cook more 7. take better and more photographs.......   ohh well ;)

It seems like lately everyone I know is either pregnant or just had a baby! Its awesome, and a little overwhelming all at the same time, lots of gifts to buy and babies to see! My friend Jessie just welcomed baby Cohan on December 27th, Brian and Natalie welcomed their baby girl Emerson, 5 pounds! And some other friends just welcomed baby Madison. I think the cats out now that my lovely mama Michelle will welcome a baby end of June, and there's lots more! Must of been a busy 2011, {wink wink}

stacking cups in the tubby

watching mickey mouse before bed, our routine.

my crazy little man, love this guy!
He ran around with this bowl on his head for at least 30 minutes....

before deciding to use it as some sort of rocking device, good idea!
Welcome Sweet Baby Cohen, one day old.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Need your opinion!

Were having our pictures taken on Saturday.... Haven t had good ones of us three taken since Will's newborns. Were thinking of going to old town st charles and I am thinking of dressing casual instead of the normal boring black sweater, I was thinking about doing long sleeve tee and my puffy vest and jeans.
Just wanted to do someting a little different, other suggestions?

If I go this route, what would Mr.Will wear?

Thanks so much in advance, the nerves of a 16 month old cooperating for a photo shoot are already getting the best of me! ;)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Great deal on diapers!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our days...

I feel like this is normal, at least I hope it is... does every mom feel like this? The enormous amount of guilt as your baby cries as you walk away, the clinging to your leg, not to mention the drop your heart makes to your legs when you, the mom, the one that gave birth gets the least amount of time with the most important person in your life on a daily basis....
I think Will and I have both been feeling like there's just not enough time for each other lately, not enough time for all the kisses, all the playing, and all the snuggles we want to get in after a long day.
Most days Will is at Mama Michelle's I rush in to pick him up, he runs to me and gives me a big bear hug, usually we exchange a peck or two before he writes me off goes back to playing. I don't know if its the other kids, the fun toys, or what but he is never ready to leave. Which is a good thing, a GREAT thing.
Once we get settled in the car with our clothes and art projects we talk about the day, sing and jibber jabber to the highway to make the haul home. Then is one excitement after the next as we greet Moomer (Boomer), get the mail, and bring in our treasures from the day. By this time lil man is usually hungry, if I'm lucky we can fit in a quick workout or throw in the occasianal load of laundry but then its dinner, bath, play for a bit and bed. All in the 2 hours we have together in the evening.
With Will in an all time Mamamamama phase it has started to weigh on my heart. Does he need me more? I know he certainly wants me more, but does he NEED me more. Along with Wills age telling him he needs to have mamamama all the time, I wonder if I am harming him by coming to his rescue every time he thinks he needs me... maybe if I didn't cater to this and let it go more it wouldn't be an issue. But how do you say no after not seeing them all day? You need me Will? SURE You want 3 mananas (bananas) for dinner Will? SURE You want to just snuggle and watch cartoons with mamama all night? SURE
Hugging Julius good bye

one day last week we actually got to go outside after work, 60 in January, yay, back to the teens now :(

He loves to snuggle, always has

I could snuggle all night, my little booboo.

Will had his 15 month appointment, all is well! Weight 75% height 50% brains...doc was quite impressed. Her quote I will always remember: "Ashley, he's such a good little baby." As will is terrorizing the room I smirk "No, do you remember... he was a very sick little baby, and every time I've seen him he's been in such a great mood, even on his worst of days, and so smart. Keep doing whatever your doing."  Thanks doc. 

Isn't this what everyone's purse looks like in the morning?

Eating his favorite, Mananans
I just signed Will up for swim classes, and I'm trying to plan some more fun little dates for us. I know it doesn't help that it is winter and we are stuck inside and bored....and along with the busy weeks we have had a lot of things on the weekends as well. Mainly I am trying to find some balance but when I look in those sweet sweet eyes and know all they want is me, it sure is hard to have any balance in this crazy life.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 vs. 2012

So happy to be snuggled with my little boy last year NYE

This year however, I've become much more accustomed to grabbing a sitter and being out on the town!

Yup that's the hubs... getting low!
Happy New years everyone!

2011 was a great year, with some minor set backs... I lost my amazing grandmother and I have never known a hurt so deep. But knowing she is watching down on me as a momma and helping me to make some good choices helps to ease the pain. I have loved all of Will's stages but I LOVE LOVE LOVE like the past 3 months, he can really play, interact, talk, and communicate so much! Its like all the sudden one day he woke up and said, "ok I'm a big boy now momma, start treating me like one." Makes me so excited for all the stages to come.
Okay... I know I've said it before but I am pumped for 2012, and I really hope I am not shooting myself in the foot... Just hoping for some big changes for it, to better our life a little and ease some of the everyday life woes.

I hope everyone had a fantastic new year and is starting off the year well. I had a hard time getting back into my groove after the lil break, but were!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to reality and goal setting!

We normally get Christmas eve and day off and then new years day, sometimes new years eve. This year was awesome, if only every year could be like this year! Last weekend I was off for 4 days, and new years weekend I was off 5 days! 5 days! Luke on the other hand, he's lucky if he gets Christmas day off, seriously... and that is the only day we had off with him last weekend. With non teaching jobs it RARELY happens that you get a day off and get to stay at home and do whatever you want. Usually we are out of town, on vacation, tending to a sick baby or our sick selves, if were so lucky to leave work while sick. But these past 5 days were awesome and I could not have asked for anything more. 

We had Luke's moms Christmas celebration, Luke got to golf with his brothers, His brother and new sister in law stayed with us so we got to see them, got to go see Jim and Leslie's new house, shop, clean the house, organize the house complete with two new organizing pieces from target, cleaned all baseboards in the house, ordered us brand new couches with my Christmas bonus {yahooo!} cleaned out fridge, freezer, and pantry, went to a wedding, hung out with my mom/meemaw, and theres tons more I'm sure!

I took an extra day off {Thursday} and I'm thinking I may have to prolong the holidays a little longer every year. Luke's mom had Will yesterday, and she said she could totally tell he was just with me for 5 days straight, she said shes never gotten so many kisses, hugs, snuggles and he even said his first Gigi! 
Monday I made us a YUMMY, crock pot white chicken chili that we've been eating on for a few days, love meals like that. Easy peasey and just created 6 + meals! 
Saturday Boomer started limping really bad, like to the point that we were carrying him down stairs, it has gotten better but not completely gone, we have no idea what he did, and with being 8 years old it is always a little scary :(

I wanted to share some goals I have for myself for 2012....You know get them out there into the universe. 
{in no particular order} 
- Try to spend more QUALITY time with Will, not playing while folding laundry or while cooking, JUST PLAYING. 
- WORK OUT, no excuses just do it. Attend work out classes, work out in the morning, or evening. Just do it. 
- Eat healthy most of the time, and really try to watch the portion control. {I am hoping these specifics will be better than just saying, lose weight, get in shape} 
- Cut back on the caffeine in take, its not bad, but it could be better... and in case I ever need to eliminate this will help. 
- Cut back on the Vino intake.... again its not bad but it could definitely be better!! And it will help the waistline too! 
- Less time "staying in touch" this one may sound weird, but I am TOO good at keeping in touch with people sometimes, and as Will gets older he is going to start noticing it. I need to start putting down the phone, stop answering emails and just be present more often. 

- And Lastly, just be a better, happier, more well rounded person, {that is what all the things above are supposed to help me do} 
Like I said I am very, very excited for 2012 and all that God has in store for my little sweet family and I! 

Lil Will and Henley; Will loves Henley to pieces especially the tags on his bottom!

Our Christmas entertainment

4 more Christmas's...

While we do have a few Christmas's it is nice because they are spread out, gives a chance to clean up and re-boot before the next one! We had so much fun at all of them and of course a certain little guy got way way spoiled at all of them!
 Peyton and William, sweet cousins.
 Will got his Cozy Coupe! This thing is great I remember having one when I was little and I know Will is going to be the hot rod in the neighborhood this summer. Peyton was so nice and pushed Will around all night.
 Happy boy.
 Gift opening: this year: practice, next year: its on!
 And a tunnel, Will loves crawling through stuff so this is perfect!
We had a slumber party at this Christmas which  was a lot of fun, kids could play and momma and dada enjoyed some cocktails! Don't the kids looked pooped the next morning, lol
 My mom opening some gifts with Will, some is an understatement already had the dreaded talk that next year we've GOT to
 Christmas at papa Jims

 Will would lift his hands up and everyone would CHEER he thought he ruled the world!
A new decoration for the basement, score!
 And last but not least my "friend" Christmas party!

Will, Annabelle, and Dom

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A magical Christmas celebration

 I just never knew, I never even fathomed how incredibly magical and special Christmas time would be once I had children to celebrate it with! Last year  Will blessed us with his first laugh on Christmas and I thought we would never be able to beat that amazing gift, boy was I wrong. I had such a great time this year, playing santa, making food, and trying to grab hold tight of all of these memories. 
No matter what I ever say, no matter how much I kick and scream....this I know this: we.are.blessed. 
I loved creating some new family traditions for Luke, Will, and I and I hope things that we can keep adding to each year. We kept up with our tradition of gathering an ornament each year, and thanks to Michelle Will made us an awesome hand print ornament, momma double wrapped this thing with bubble wrap and will treasure it always. With Will still on meds and not 100% we skipped Christmas service this year and relaxed as a family. We built a fire, opened some presents and ate dinner. After Will went to bed Luke and I attempted to watch Its a wonderful life we lasted about 20 minutes. I tried a crock pot breakfast casserole from pintrest so our breakfast was all ready for us in the morning, I'd like to make something ahead every year and spend every minute I can soaking up all the memories instead of being in the kitchen. It was pretty yummy too! 
The awesome thing about loving this year so much was knowing that each year I'm sure to love it more and more... the excitement, the magic, and the memories. I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas with all their family and friends. 

 Building a fire with dada
 momma got some new shoes! And get this Luke looked on pintrest to see exactly what nude pumps I have been wanting! It took the boy just about 10 years to go pick me out something I can wear, but he did it! And I love them! And he was pretty happy with his ipad 2 also! We've had some set backs but hoping 2012 is AMAZING and what better way to kick it off than with a new gadget. Luke was so surprised and excited!
 Santa brought Will two new Christmas books, hoping to stock up his collection to start THIS new tradition
 Checking on their fire...
 I would love to do a cute picture in our Christmas jammies each year, this year Will had other plans.
 Elmo tool set

 New toys for the "beach" this summer

 And rock and roll elmo! Love this thing!
 Ohh and an elmo chair for the basement
 Christmas eve wouldn't be complete without our own lil reindeer
 Chowing on breakfast casserole
Gifts from Santa for being SUCH a good boy....