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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Party Plans...

Okay.Okay. I know he's not even nine months yet (omg this weekend I am going to have a nine month old!) But with Luke's brother getting married out of state just five days after Will's first birthday and mommy and daddy leaving Will for the first time just two days after his first birthday mommy did what she does best when she gets a little stressed... planning! I have been a bit under the weather so what do I do when I'm up in the middle of the night for hours? Start punching away at my phone and creating lists of things for Will's first birthday!
At first I thought I wanted to do a theme, prince or maybe elmo or something but the more I thought about it I think that is more work and will be better for when he is older and has his favorites! So I think I'm going to keep it simple with a color theme, green, blue and brown, and a few favorite jungle friends. We decided an open house type party will be best for the occasion, with some favorite foods, drinks and treats. Whew, don't we all feel better when there is a plan? No. Just me? Ohh okay :)
I know we'll need some of these yummies and of course Will will need a handsome birthday suit or maybe just a themed tee
I would love to be able to create a banner like this but not sure how it will turn out. Going to try and make some things myself to save money on the decorations. And I would love to incorporate this poem I found:
Covered in cake and icing, your smile stretched ear to ear. A single candle celebrates the joy of your first year. We sing Happy Birthday You play midst wrap and bows. We marvel at how you touched our lives, just one year ago. I remember the first time I held you, Kissed your head, whispered your name. You've changed our lives forever, our hearts will never be the same. As a child you'll love this day, for all the sweets and presents too. As parents well love your day, for the gift we got was you. Each year well add another candle, so proud to see you grow. But always with the memory, of your first day long ago.

Okay now I'm crying, Pull it together sister!
I cant believe my baby will be one year old in three months, so so bittersweet.
Here is one creation I have in mind, maybe for the favor bags or a sign for the door. Anyone have any easy crafts I can recreate, or good fun ideas for this little celebration, feel free to send em my way!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Brothers

The Wilson brothers are becoming more and more alike these days. Will giggles and squeals in delight when Boomer passes him by and his favorite thing to grab is his fluffy tail. I'm sure in no time they are going to be quite the "team trouble" for now they are still learning.
Boomer is teaching Will how to sit patiently beg for food, they both love to help fill and empty the dishwasher, and the trash can is becoming a frequent interest as well. Both Boomer and Will love to lay on the guest bed, it is their favorite spot to play and be silly, and of course they both enjoy the occasional walk, or what we call at our house "W" Boomer gets so excited at the word we had to change it.
Sometimes it is hard being the only girl in a house full of men but I love my boys more than words can say, and were having so much fun watching the lil brothers together.

Friday, June 24, 2011


.... or HOOKED! To the new WEBSITE PINTREST I often search online for inspiration and find things I want so save, remember, or come back to look at another time. This site allows you to save all your favorite things together on a personal pin page. You can also find your facebook (and other) friends on here and see their pins leave comments etc!

This is just one of mine that I added because I think it would be a good picture if I can ever get all of our hands to stay open! Will tends to clench his fists.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Will beats me up

This kid can really hurt, punch, kick, or bite you if he wants to/you let him... sometimes it is fun to let him. And he thinks it is the funniest thing in the world. Were having so much fun together at this age, I just love him so much!

Wednesday night

Just a typical Wednesday night at the Wilsons

Will spins

Lukes dad thinks it is the funniest thing in the world to spin the kids on his lazy susan... my poor lil will got all dizied! hee hee!

Fathers Day weekend

Big boy William in his new car seat!
Will's FAVORITE FOOD to date: Mac & Cheese, insert: meltdown once it was all gone!

Spinning with papa Jim

Hanging with Daddy on Fathers Day

Showing Grandma Betty how we get mad

I figured I better post about Fathers Day and weekend before another weekend passes! I haven't had time to upload pics from our camera yet so any of these are from my phone. Luke only has one set of grandparents left and they haven't met Will yet, They live in Hutchinson KS where Luke lived when he was young and it is about 8 hours away. They were in town and we got to spend a lot of time with them which was great. I still am not accepting of what happened to my grandma ad this year, I mean I know it happened but I guess since I didn't make it to the services my heart is having a very hard time letting go. I think she is still there at her house cooking and thinking of us, which I guess is not so bad... I am just going to have a hard time going there and realizing I'm wrong.

Anywho... It just melted my heart to see Luke's grandparents interact and get to know lil William. Grandma Betty had ten children. Yes ten! Luke's dad is the oldest = LOTS of grandchildren and great grandchildren. You'd never know it by the way they were excited and fascinated with their sweet lil William. Thursday night they came over to our house to meet him and have pizza, Friday night we went to Luke's brothers Tim's for dinner. We left there about 9 so Will was in bed at 9:30, normal bed time is 7:30 or 8. This was the test to see if this would help him sleep later... if you call later 6:30 am. Not ready for that yet I guess. And then Sunday we went to Luke's dad's house for Fathers day. I am so glad we got to spend so much time with them, it was a great visit!

Monday we went to my mom and dads with my sister, Greg, Bennett, and my grandparents. We had homemade lasagna from Nana (YUM!) and the boys are getting SO cute and playing and interacting together more and more everyday!

I hope Luke had a good first Fathers Day, we made him a card complete with some pictures of William of course and a got him a new travel golf bag to use for when we go our of town. He is so excited and thinks this means he needs to plan some golf trips... ut ohh!

Saturday we took babysitter Jackie's two children Faith and Evan and went to the pool then back to our house to play, it is exhausting having three children, and two so close in age! But we were glad to be able to help them out! Will being silly with his great grandparents.

Peyton counting her "tip" grandpa gave her for being our waitress

and reading a book with grandma.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New bath toy

Ok, this is the coolest bath toy! After reading about it on Mommy Blakelys blog I knew I had to get one for William. He loves bath time and this makes it even more fun... And hopefully will help with SITTING in the bath! :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Roads to recovery!

Video of my busy little 8 month old playing hard...

So Saturday Will starting showing signs of a cold by Monday is nose was running like a river and cough was even worse so daddy took off work and took him to the doc. She said to wait and it should get better soon. By Wednesday not only was Will worse worse worse, momma was not feeling so hot either. Gigi came over to help us get better and after contemplating all day that afternoon I took Will back to the doc. His one ear was getting worse than it was Monday and since he was not getting ANY better on his own she got us some antibiotics and advised us to begin the breathing treatments to help him get over this awful cough. He takes the meds twice a day like normal and has only had 3 rounds and I can already see a HUGE improvement. Thank goodness. It was literally breaking my heart watching this little boy cough so hard. I am trying to keep a log of when Will has gotten sick and his medicines, when I have time I am going to go through the blog and document all of this. I think this is his third time on antibiotics.

While Gigi was helping Wednesday I whipped up a double batch of homemade lasagna and took that, bread, and brownies over to Jackie and her family. I love helping people out and even more so when they are so appreciative. I cant tell you how many "thank yous" I have gotten from them. I cant imagine what she is going through with two kiddos around so anything we can do I know is a huge help to them!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Torn with decisions

Mr. Will has begun the fun task of feeding himself! So far, bananas, strawberry's, raspberry's, avocado, peas, corn, wheat noodles, and pork and beans, he loves it all!
sorry for the lousy phone pics

Last weekend we went to the park and walked and swang.

And we visited with some friends at the pool....

Will LOVES the pool!

Times like these I just hate being a grown up! So many choices and decisions to make that can affect your life, and not only yours but every decision you make seems to have affect on your spouse and children as well. I am facing myself with some decisions lately that have us at a crossroads. I know God will show me the path to take through the next several weeks. I miss my little boobear so much all day and I have been pretty upset leaving him lately. It doesn't help matters at all that he is not with his usual sitter right now, we have some great girls helping us out, but you know, no one is as good as dear ol mom.

William also came down with a snotty cold, and now momma's got it too. Luke took off yesterday and took him to the doctor but we were advised to wait it out. My pedi has been irritating me lately with her "by the BOOK" procedure of medicine, debating on if it is worth it to switch. Today I am running on about four hours of sleep, tomorrow I will work from home but volunteered to take Jackie's two sweet kids for the day, I am kinda looking forward to a house full of kids. Sorry for the random sporadic post, that is the way my brain has been lately!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Our dear sweet Jackie

From my posts I'm sure you can all tell I adore and love our babysitter. We have became friends over the past months and I think I speak for both of us when I say we consider each other and our children family. Jackie makes a little extra money watching William and another little girl and has been saving to throw her husband an awesome surprise for his 30th birthday, she rented them a fun party bus and got all of his friends together for a night of fun. Last weekend she left her wallet on the top of her car with all the cash she had saved in it and it went flying all over highway K. After many tears her hubby made a secret trip to the atm came home and handed her the money, he said not to worry about a thing and all would be alright. They are such a great couple.
Luke and I did not make it to the party Friday, but Saturday morning I got one of the worst phone calls. Chris Jackie's husband called to tell me they were in the hospital and Jackie had fell on the bus and broken her arm... compound fracture and it was really bad. Since then it seems things have went from bad to worse, she was soon transferred to Barnes hospital downtown and as the risk for infection in her body grew so did her fear and anxiety. Who would take care of her own two children, what do you do when the momma who runs it all is out of commission, and Jackie calls and tells me she was worried about Will. God bless her heart. I told her Will would be just fine and to take care of herself and get better. She had her first surgery Saturday afternoon and will be going into her second one this morning where they will make the repair.
She broke the same bone I did (humerus, upper bone in your arm) and same as my mom did. She is young, it will heal and she will get better.
Please help me pray for a speedy and full recovery for our dear sweet miss Jackie. We love her so much and don't know what we would do without her in our family, we are going to do everything we can to help her family get through this.
If you are in the area and would like to help, I've set up a care calendar please email me if you are interested in helping so I can get you the proper information.
Thanks and God bless.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

8 month man

My little booger turned 8 months old last Friday! So to be technical William has been in my life for about the same amount of time I knew he was in my tummy! Kinda crazy huh!
Speaking of crazy, Will  is active as ever and trying so many new things daily... today it was eating dog food, wonder what tomorrow will bring! He is my life, he is the best parts of my day, and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I love him too much for words to express and his smile can melt away any bad day in an instant.
William is growing like a weed and when he got weighted to be fitted for his car seat he was almost 22 pounds! He is loving swimming and summer and so are we! Arnt some things just so much more fun now that you share them with a little one?!
Sometimes it seems like a new milestone happens everyday, I am still so thankful I keep up with the blog to be able to look back on these times. Like everyone says they go by in a blink of an eye... take TOO many pictures, give TOO many kisses, and of course Wills favorite: dance like no one is watching. When Luke and I dance around and act silly he thinks it is the funniest thing in the world and it is one of those special family moments I hold dear to my heart.
Happy eight months Mr. William... your the coolest kid I know.

We now have four teeth but still teething!
mama and pookbear
8 months old

Crazy kid!
more teething....
tee hee hee

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What I've been up to....

I have not posted about this but also did not want to forget everything I have been going through. Also when this is all no longer an issue (reflux and trachea) and I am finally breathing a sigh of relief it will feel amazing to look back and what all I am finally done dealing with... If supermom was an occupation or hobby I think I'd fit that title lately.
I am NOT one of those people that writes letters to companies when I am mad, I wish I had that much time on my hands because I feel that the consumers opinion should be the companies #1 priority. But this letter had to be written, I cried too long and hard about this to let it get swept under the rug... which I'm sure it will anyway.
If you read this, well...Good for you! I'm proud! But if you don't, I understand, its lengthy, boring, and well all around bitchy true!

GHP Member Appeals                                         6-07-11

Dear Sir or Mame,

A Medco/GPP employee advised me to write to member appeals in regards to the current situation I have been dealing with regarding my son.

My son is only 8 months old and on 2 prescriptions he takes multiple times daily. We cannot go without either of them.

I get them both filled together about every 30 days, at the end of April I filled both like normal then we were off to North Carolina to visit family. When we left I forgot to grab both medicines (they are both compounded/refrigerated so I over looked them) I had a doctor appointment with my son the next day so after discussion with a nurse she contacted Medco/GHP, and Walgreen’s (our pharmacy) I told them all that if this was a issue I could have our out of state family overnight me the refrigerated prescriptions. I was informed that this time they would overwrite and refill for me ahead of time due to my circumstances and all would be okay.
I went up and picked them up that day, May 3rd I believe.
Like clockwork a month later I called in to get both filled again and I was told my insurance would not be paying for them because it was too soon. After I told my story they said they would call and call me back. When I heard back from them they said they called twice but did not know what was going on and it was now my responsibility to call. In the meantime I had been in conversation with the nurse in our office and she had no idea why you all would be saying this.

So in I called…. After a 2 hour plus phone call taking up my time at work and many tears shed by myself, my son, and I’m sure your customer service rep I talked to, and also being transferred to multiple different departments and supervisors. The conclusion was came to that when the original overwrite went in the (careless) person at medo/ghp put this in for my son as a “vacation overwrite” Which allows you to get them closer together but acts as a circumstance where you would be using both, like if you were going on a long trip. NOT if the meds are lost/spilled/etc… So you would cover my prescriptions again but not for 60 days.

This is completely incorrect and not what your employee was asked to do. At the same time I called Walgreen’s because at this point I was going to try to have family overnight the original ones if they still had them. Walgreen’s informed me that the medicines are BAD after 30 days and I cannot distribute them to my son.

So I am furious that in the beginning I could have gotten them and all would have been okay. But I was told not to and told that GHP was taking care of this for me. Now come to find out you did not take care of this or handle it properly, I cannot get the scripts because they are old. SO if in the beginning I was told this was not covered I could have had them sent and everything would have been fine, but since your employee said they can overwrite this and take care of it NOW those prescriptions are expired and trash.
I am now expected to pay out of pocket, I was told now that this is the only way to get things back on track for my son’s prescriptions and them you would cover them after the 60 days has passed.
I was APPAULED there is nothing you could do, as this being a big mistake on your company’s part and compromising the health and well being of my baby boy.
I called my doctor (who was also in disbelief over this circumstance) immediately put us on a different brand of reflux meds to help me out with these OOP costs, and I have attached copies of both of my receipts for this and the Bethanocol. My husband and I are paying each and every bill as it comes in; we are already at my son’s 2500 deductible for the year.
Not only would I like to be reimbursed for the meds, my time, pain and agony. I would also like you to look at the phone/member records so this employee can be made aware of everything they have put not only my family through but also all the employees that actually tried for hours to help me through this…. With the only final answer being they could not help.
I look forward to hearing from you soon,

1, 2, SIX carseats!

Ha! Holy moly if you took a look in mine or Luke's cars right now you would think we were pregnant with sextuplets!! That's right friends between the hubs car and mine we are holding hostage six car seats.
Here is the rundown/my dilemma! I cannot lift the infant (Chico) seat with boobaby in it anymore so I made an appointment at safety stop because I have heard about them from friends. They help you install your seats and also sell some seats AT COST! I knew I needed to get a car seat for Jackies car so the kiddos can go on "field trips" over the summer. We had one car seat my cousin Chad and his wife gave us, an Evenflo Triumph or Momentom I believe. It is kinda big so we figured that would go in Luke's explorer and we would buy a new one for my car (camry) I bought one at walmart but was not pleased with the reviews so on the way to safety stop went and bought an Evenflo Titan Elite from babies r us. I like the look of it and the fact that it is not HUGE.
Got to safety stop and went over some things with the lady, I decided to buy Jackies car seat from there, it is 30.00 and nice and new, just not TOP of the line.
She went to install the Titan in my car and after standing, holding Will, in the sweltering heat and numerous attempts I had to of gotten the one faulty one. I didn't even know they could make such a thing! But this thing did NOT work! Will and I were drenched so in the infant seat he went (poor boy got pulled in and out of that damn Titan so much!) and we went home! Luke's turn. They got his in, but he said HE had to do it, the girl was not strong enough. Mind you this is her job... But once he got home and he went to show me how to use it, I cannot do it nor should we have to jerk with this think for the next 2 + years. In short: to tighten the straps there is not a pully strap there is a bar, you have to twist the bar to get it tight and pull a lever and twist at the same time to get it loose. My thumb was beat red from trying and trying!
We also have Bennett's car seat in Luke's car from him picking him up last weekend.... SIX!

After deciding we needed to take my two back and probably just go get two new ones for both of us, Luke's brother just called and said they have two Britax's we can have. In consumer reports it says that they are very high end and one of the best. This is great, although Peyton will be six in September, so these seats are probably near 5 years old. Should we use them or go buy two new?

If we take them before we make any returns we will have eight... can we say holy car seats batman!?! :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

My crusing bambino!

"A babe in the house is a well spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men." ~Martin Fraquhar Tupper

Well my little baby boy is now a cruiser, from the time he was born he has always loved to stand so it was no surprise when he started crawling that it wouldn't last long! He stands any chance he gets and cruises around anything he can! He was an early crawler and it looks like we will have an early walker too! The votes are rolling in and most say it will be before he's 10 months! The noises in my home changed, we went from paws clicking on the hardwood to newborn coo's and whispers, to the scoot scooting of his crawl, and soon there will be the pitter patter of little feet.

Trying to talk, dadaadadadada

Will now says mama and dada! He said his first word mama while we were on vacation in NC, I know he said it and it wasn't just blubber because he said it right when I walked out of the room. Since then he says mamamama and dadadadada dada has been the favorite for a while but I think lately he is really associating each name when the person. It is so sweet! This video is from a while ago when I was trying to get his words recorded, I think if I try now it will be much easier, stay tuned! :)

Catching up!

Things have been pretty busy and it looks like I'm still catching up! But there are a couple things I wanted to blog about before moving on...

Last Saturday I helped host a couples shower for my dear friends Jim and Leslie, since I've last mentioned them they have moved home and put an offer on a house! Things are moving right along for them and their 9.10.11 wedding will be here before we know it! If you cant tell from this picture, THIS momma had a little too much fun with her friends!
My buddy is getting married!

Wedding party photo op

Jim and Leslie playing the newlywed version game I hosted

Blushing bride and I

note- new hair cut, and soon to be BLONDE!

A good time was had by all and I cant wait for their wedding festivities!

The next day it was off to the pool with our group of 12 for a fun swimming day, it was Williams first time in the pool and despite the chilly water he had a great time, cant wait to take him back soon. I SO wish we had a pool in our back yard!

He may have his daddys skin, but he is going to have his mommas love for the sun and water!


After all our fun Sunday we decided to try out the baby pool Monday! Crystal gave us Bennett's floatie (above) and Tara gave us Caleb's old baby pool and it works great! We are so lucky to have such generous family and friends!

Boomer got wet and excited!

Cute bootie!

My sweet sweet summer, this is one for the books! Best baby on the block and this is going to be an amazing summer I cant wait!