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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun family times!

Sunday we had a family dinner at my Nana's celebrating the January and February birthdays. Nana out did herself with the best dinner thus far, creamy asparagus soup, turkey, broccoli casserole, bread, salad, and huge twice baked loaded potatoes! Nana is the best cook EVER!

Aunt Crystal and Willwill

Bennett attacking Blake

The biggest ice cream cake you've ever seen before!

My mom, she just had another mri yesterday to find out that now there are tendons (and such) ripped up in her shoulder. It is so upsetting that they did not find this the first time before they did the first surgery on her elbow now they will have to go BACK in! She still has NO movement in her fingers, wrist, elbow etc. Please pray for an easy next surgery and physical therapy to help her get better. It is really hurting her that she cant help me with, or even hold Will.

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