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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I just want an answer...

Will's cough should of shown some improvement by now but instead it is the same if not worse, last night he was coughing in bed so bad that he threw up all over, TONS. I wont go into detail but it was disgusting. After talking with the specialists nurse and his pediatrician whom I have spoken to every day for the past week and a half they want to see him again.

As the nurse told me this and I asked more questions....after questions, I began to sit at my desk at work and break down. The next step will be for him to go under and then to do a Bronchoscopy and the nurse informed me they can get him in for this tomorrow.

He has a cough, why cant they figure out what it is and get him meds and get this taken care of?
Does he still have reflux?
Does he have allergies? dogs? cats? Asthma?
Should I stop breastfeeding?
Why is my perfect baby sick??????????????????
I had a (more than) full term, healthy pregnancy.
He was a perfect weight perfect health baby
He is not around smoke, germs from a daycare, and we even limit the times we take him out in the cold.

What if they go in for this text and they find nothing, they find that everything is completely normal, the same thing they have been finding at all the other tests! Then what?

I understand that sometimes medicine is trial and error but when they do it to your own child, your own four month perfect baby it is torture.
I don't want to see him go under tomorrow, it is my worst nightmare but if it is what is best for us and what possibly might get us some answers I guess it is the only choice for right now.


  1. Aw I'm so sorry Ashley! We battled reflux with Ella and it was pretty rough sometimes...I totally feel ya on the throw up. It is hard to remember that even Dr.'s don't have all the answers sometimes when they are such a source of help and support, especially to new Mommies. It is scary that all of this is happening, but it just means that you guys are getting closer and closer to figuring out what is up with that cough. I will keep little Will in my prayers tomorrow, hugs to you!!!

  2. That is so stressful and I feel so bad for you! I'm thinking of you!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear you are going through of this Momma Wilson. Thinking of you guys! And hoping and praying for answers for William right away!!


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