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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

True Story

I had a meltdown this morning....I got my hair cut last night and this morning it was not doing what I wanted it to at all. ie: meltdown beginning.

I feel very overwhelmed by things I want to get done that just don't seem to happen. Things as simple as meeting my mom for lunch seem to keep taking a back burner! We have a lovely life and the most wonderful son, but sometimes it just doesn't seem like we will ever fit it all in... whatever "it all" may be.

I know some of this is my fault I put a lot on our plate, too much in fact. But I like my life like that, I like having "too much" to do. I don't like to be bored, and I don't like to leave projects lingering.

My car starting leaking oil so just add that to the list, which is hard because I really don't want to (CANT) be out of a car at all right now.

I know it will all get done, I know nothing is life or death. I just wish the list would stop being neverending already!

And someday, I want to have NOTHING to do, and have a lovely family day the three of us... someday soon.

I keep reminding myself I need to slow down and take everything in, I hate that the first six months went by in a blink of an eye.... I need to post the quote above on our bathroom mirror, just add it to the list of things to do ;)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Baseball, picture out takes!

Luke is back from Florida, he had a great time with his friends and even got to hang out with some of the players! They also got to do batting practice at the stadium, I'm sure he was in heaven, and I'm sure I will have NO more stories, information, or photos to share with you....dumb boys! ;)
I was lucky enough to find us some opening day tickets, switch some things around with the babysitter and my work schedule and score Luke a pretty sweet surprise of us going to the game this Thursday! We've never been to opening day and we really do it up with the festivities here in STL. So Monday night while he was out with the boys in Florida Will and I texted him this picture.

Luke was excited, and this was just about the best picture I could get, but I wanted to share my outtakes with ya!

The sign and paper were Ohhhh SOOOO interesting!

Made me thankful for my monthly onsies, my sister tried using signs and I remember that being difficult! :)

Got it! And I need to EAT it!

UGH, WILL LOOK THIS WAY!!!!!!! No no no, stop looking at Boomer, Whom is trying to get in the picture and eat all the balls, look at me!

After we got something usable (is that a word?) on my phone, we got out the regular camera and had some fun....
These two were being pretty darn cute. Boomer would take the ball away and go play with it then come back and lick Will, Will would squeal in excitement...!
Watching Boomer

Baby Brunch!!!

Meghan and Michelle both welcomed their beautiful baby girls into the world recently...
Meghan: Annabelle Jean and Michelle: Eliza Ann They are both gorgeous healthy baby girls and I have had the pleasure of meeting them both twice now. Jim and Leslie were in town this weekend and some other people needed to "meet" the babies so we all met for breakfast over at Michelle's house. It is always so fun to have us all together! Will loves water and wine glasses, it is so cute because if I am holding him and a cup he always has his hand on it, like he is helping me hold it. I always tell him thank you for helping me hold everything! So of course Will wanted to try out Uncle Jim's mimosa! Mmmmmm!!!
Showing of his superior "scooting" skills!
Josie, Sophie, Grace, William, and Dominick! 5 out of the 7 kids that were there, gosh are we growing up or WHAT!!?! Cuties!
Uncle Jimbo being silly with Will...... Cant wait to have him living back in STL SOON! :)
Best girlfriends!

Nick sleeping with his baby girl.... precious!
Jim and Leslie (in coordinating shirts! ha!) meeting the two new babes!

Mommy and Will's weekend of fun!

My title of the post reminds me "Joey and Janice's day of fun!" Ha... good ol' Friends!

With daddy out of town from Friday to Tuesday it was just the little man and I. It was great to get lots on one on one time in with Will and lots of snuggles!

Our weekend rundown:

Friday night we stayed in and played and relaxed.

Saturday morning we got up got ready and headed over to Michelle's for "baby brunch!" (separate post because of too many cute pictures!)

After that we were going to go see the grandmas or do some shopping but it started to snow and kept coming to we went home and hunkered down and watched the snow fall...

Sunday we went to get Will's 6 month pictures taken, there are SOME cute ones but overall I was not too impressed so were going for round 2 this weekend.

Then Will hung out with a new babysitter I wanted to try out while I went and ran a couple errands. Later Colleen, Baby Jack, and Jessie came over... some wine and girl talk kept me up too late but it was a great end to the weekend! Hats off to single moms I had my first taste of it this weekend, and boy is it tiring!

Will is SO close to crawling, he now just scoots backwards and around in circles, I have been trying to get this on video! Will got really mad at Eeyore for some reason! Ha!
Ahhh all clean!
Last bath in my baby tubby!
5 months old and obsessed with the iphone....

I loved my Will weekend but I am super excited to see Luke tonight and hear all about his trip!

Just a few...

My love bug, my muffin man, my sungglebunny, my pumpkin, will-i-am, Luke's pookster, Crystals Boo..... Our Will.

This was Will's first time not "laying" in the bath, he thought it was pretty cool he could put his hands in the water and explore with all the fun toys!

Here are a couple pics I stole from Crystal's blog, I had to share! Are they not the cutest two boys ever?!!?

Will and Bennett

Thursday I had my sister watch William, she was on Spring Break so she didnt mind and I acutally think she likes having some one on one Will and Bennett time. Though she did say it was very tiring as I can imagine, chasing after a toddler and a 6 month old! He was very good for her though, slept really late and took 2 really good naps!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Checking in....

Well its been a week since I posted last, so I just thought I would check in quick! This picture just completely sums up my life right now... Every minute I have or can I am loving on this little man because no matter what I do he is growing up and I am trying to soak in every last baby minute I can! It is inevitable his 6 month mark is around the corner and I am having hard times coping with this...
Luke is leaving today for his Florida trip to watch the Cardinals in Spring training and I have done a day and night here and there by myself but not 4 days so it will be fun and interesting I'm sure!
We got the lights hung above the bar and the vanity and toilet all installed this past weekend and started cleaning out and organizing the basement, its almost all done! I'm going to try to get out and shop for barstools this weekend... If our lovely St. Louis spring time snow doesn't keep me indoors!
Luke's mom had her back surgery this past Monday, I took her home from the hospital yesterday and she is doing okay... please pray for a speedy recovery for our sweet Gigi!
Will got to sit in the bath last night with his big boy cousin Bennett, I'll have to post about that soon with some pictures! :)
Hope all is well on your end fellow bloggers!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Our chomper and chewer

No teeth yet, but I don't think were too far off! The second Mr. Will gets anything in his hands it is straight to his already drooling mouth and if nothing is in the hands no problem they work just fine too! I try to have our house as picked up as I can most the time so there is not anything dangerous lying around but one of the favorites to grab and gnaw is mommy's beloved iphone.... he's already hooked!

My Little Gym Star

Okay I snapped a few pictures from our trip to the little gym last Wednesday...
Also, any of you stl mommies (achhemmm: MOLLY) ever want to join us, you can do your first trial class for free or it is 12.00 per class and OHH so fun! Its at 12:30 and we could do lunch after!
Mr. Will was the demonstrator for the balance beam walking exercise, he did very well, even showing it off one handed.... actually this is how we do most of his exercises, ha!

Playing with a stick and tapping it to music

And hanging with a buddy!
"Excuse me I would like to taste your bells please, my mouth is watering in excitement!"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A post of updates!!!

I feel like so much has been happening lately it is almost hard to keep up with it all!

Will has been doing pretty good with food, so far he has had: Rice cereal, applesauce, avocado, and pears. I'd like to try and make my own baby food when I can. I like the fact that I know what goes into it and it is a big money saver! I got 6-7 portions of avocado from one piece! Luke hates feeding Will, he wipes his mouth after every bite and just generally dislikes it, not sure what to do about this. Since Will has reflux (silent) getting him started on foods will help him.

He had a follow up with the specialist Wednesday, everything seemed to be looking good! Minus the fact that we cant get rid of this nasty runny nose, he is doing great! We will keep him on his two reflux medications for now and he will eventually out grow them. We go back in two months.

He is about to crawl!!!! The boy loves his tummy, then mommy started putting him up on his hands and knees, now he knows how to get up on his own, and recently he has started rocking a bit when he is up there! Sometimes he will pick up a hand to reach out and get something, so it wont be long!.... Whoa, not sure I am ready for this!

Tuesday our sitters daughter came down with strep again, she gets it a lot so it turns out she is going to need her tonsils out. I decided to bring Will to work with me so he didn't have to go to the pediatrician with them again, and I'm still hoping to kick this runny nose so I have been a freak about germs lately! He was a good boy and got to hang with grandpa for a bit, but it sure is hard to get things done with him here! Or should I say hard to be at my desk and not on the floor kissing that sweet face! We also went through three outfits in about 5 hours, that was fun ;)

After spending Tuesday and Wednesday just me and the lil man, today was hard, so the video Jackie posted on my facebook sure did help me have a little "mommy fix" today! Especially since I wont see Will till bedtime at 8 tonight, Thursdays are going to be a little rough!

Playing on the floor of mommy's office


Luke is going to Spring Training in Florida next weekend, I am so happy he is able to go and I know he will have a fantastic time! Good weather, good friends, baseball, and staying with one of the players... doesn't get much better than that!

But this momma needed a trip of her own to look forward to! I love having things to look forward to and lately with the gloomy weather and day in and day out responsibilities of a working mommy and wife I was ready to book a trip!

End of April we are going to go visit Luke's brother and his fiance who live in North Carolina, Luke's mom is also going to be able to go with us so it will be a super fun trip! We are looking at places in either Baldhead Island or Emerald Isle both look fantastic to me! No cars and taking golf carts everywhere, yay! And it will be Will's first time to the beach, I cant wait to experience it with him, watch out for too many pictures :)
So looking forward to a fun and relaxing little vacation... and sounds like a perfect way to spend my birthday!
Till then... the workout begins, starting tonight with a bootcamp class I will take on Thursdays. And some diet changes, you know me, nothing crazy... maybe just stopping the obsession with giant sized bags of m&m's... hey its a start!

Happy St Pats!

Happy St. Patricks day everyone!
Us three Wilson's all put on our green attire, and headed out the door this morning! It is supposed to be a gorgeous day here in Stl, hope everyone enjoys it... I guess I'll open the office window since I'll be enjoying it from the indoors ;)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Busy Bees!

Well we Wilson's have been busy little worker bees and I am happy to say the basement is finally coming together! Carpet came today so when I get home from work I will have a carpeted finished basement!!!!!!!

There are still some little things to do and a couple more projects, but no more drywall dust tracking through my house, hallelujah! :)

I'll work on some new pictures this week or next! Now that we are so close I kinda want to wait to show you the FINAL product!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vote for my dress!!!

For my friends Jim and Leslie's wedding she is letting us pick our dress out of three choices, something looking back I wish I would of done with our wedding.

It will be a two piece number in the "Marine" (navy blue) color with this skirt
And we get to choose out of three tops:




Here is a picture of the beautiful matron of honor trying out the Halter option.

So which do you think I should go with!?!? Leave me a comment or I've added a poll as well :)