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Friday, February 27, 2009

He is here!!!

Bennett Gregory was born at 8:36 pm last night, he is 8 pounds 7 ounces and he is amazing! 21 3/4 inches long.... Crystal only had to push for maybe a 1/2 hour, She had such a great labor! If mine are 1/2 as easy as hers we are home free!

I am sure she will post a very more detailed story about the lil guy so I will leave it at that for now.

Luke and I, my mom and dad, and Gregs mom and dad all got to be there, it was so great to hold him at just an hour old!

Here are a couple pictures, going up again today with the out of town grandparents so I am sure there will be more, sorry if this baby takes over my blog for the week!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Still Waiting...

It is 6 pm and we are still waiting the doctor thinks it will be around 8 or 9 tonight so Luke and I will head up there in a little while to join the parents. Crystal is doing good her water broke on its own and then the epidural was given, She is resting and waiting right now.
We are going to have some sushi to kill the time then head up there!


She was 4 cm when she got the the hospital this morning, a little late but that's okay... She will get the pitosen (sp?) soon and hopefully get this show on the road,

I am SO hoping I can meet my nephew after work, this is going to make for a long day!

Today is the day!

My sister gets induced today! She excited and a little nervous I think, She will keep me updated but hopefully next time I post it is about and possibly with pictures of my new baby nephew!

Good Luck Crystal I know soon you will be bored in the hospital and reading this....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boomer Baby

The vet called, she said she knew how upset I was so she got him right in first thing. There was an infection down there and he was really swollen, so they did some things to clear that up and will send him home with some antibiotics, While they were in there the dr. felt a "bump" This bump could be a tumor or it could be a cause from the infection, they do not know yet. After he is on antibiotics and the swelling goes down he will go back in a week to check again and see if this bump is gone, if it is we are home free, (I think) If not it is probably a tumor and I do not know what our road is then, They will not tell us what those steps are.
Please pray for Boomer this week that this all goes away for him.
They let Luke pick him up on his lunch break so that Boomer could go rest at home, Luke said he is very groggy and tired, But he seems to be okay... with probably a sore bum :)

I can take a lot, but this I can NOT handle...

I had to take Boomer to the vet this morning because for about the past month he has really been messing with his behind, to put it nicely.... Thinking at the worst it was an infection or possibly something that happened when they clean that area at the groomer, I was shocked when I was holding him down and they told me he would have to be put under! I had to leave him there all day and he will be put under, examined, and hopefully, possibly treated. If it is not this it could be either cancer or a tumor. When I heard this I completely lost it. He is my life. I love him with all of my heart, and he has been through and possibly helped me get through tons of things. I don't know what I will do if anything is wrong with him, the thought of it turns my stomach. I should know more later this afternoon, I feel so bad for the little guy just sitting in a cage all day. He did not do anything wrong, and he thought he was going for a walk this morning when he got in the car!
Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers today!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not yet....

I am not an Aunt yet.... it could be any day though, and if not her scheduled induction date is the 26th, what a trooper still at school teaching the lil' ones all day...
Hang in there Crystal any day now!

I will let everyone know as soon as he is here and post pictures soon after :)

One of my favorite things in the world is when I see Luke's niece Peyton, when she realizes I am there she runs full forced and leaps into my arms and greets me with the biggest hug she can... I have been thinking lately how excited I am to experience this with my nephew!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A fun Valentines Day!

Happy Couple's first V day married!
Great friends and fun times!

Crawfish ...for the boys!

We did Valentines day a little different this year and went to the taste of Soulard with some friends, it was almost like a pub crawl going from place to place, we all had a really good time, and speaking for myself, I did not miss the nice expensive dinner one bit :) We eat dinner together every night, so this was something fun!
Hope everyone had a great Valentines day!

Now thats dedication!

Luke did anything and everything he could to start the new job search, contacted places he was interested in, talked to friends and family, and sent out tons of resumes... We were prepared for it to take at least a couple weeks, and we were pleasantly surprised when he had an interview scheduled for Friday, his last day of work. It was at citi group, and a job that he was really hoping for, he got the job on the spot!!! He called me, I was in my car, and I just started sobbing! I could hear in his voice the excitement and relief, His first day is today and he will train for four weeks. I am so proud of him, he is such an amazing person who is completely selfless in everything that he does, he deserves the world and lately the world just hasn't been delivering!
Luke will also still be selling insurance on the side and will get commission on that and on all residuals.... Keep him in mind :)

Congratulations Luke on your new job and your first day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I thought God knew me...

He is not supposed to give me anything I cant handle right?!?!? Well lately he has been putting me right at that edge of things will be okay. somehow. the have to be. right?... and the other side... how the heck are we going to get thru this....
God, can you cut me a little slack.... umm for at least the rest of the week?


As if not enough things have been thrown at us.... Our garage door officially broke tonight... the repair would be about 150 or we can get a new motor part thingy for 139, the catch is Luke would have to figure out how to install it and the track thingy... dinner is in the oven and Luke is at home depot...
Just another day in paradise!

Some of you know this some of you dont...

But Friday is going to be Luke's last day at the current insurance company he works for. Financially this could not have come at a worse time for us, emotionally I think this is great, Luke was not in love with his job and I think there is definitely something better out there for him, The hard part is getting by while he finds it.
Please keep your hearts and ears open for us and pass along the info if you hear about a great job in an economy where about 1/2 the populations is looking for that job!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Special Picture

I wanted to post this picture because I think it is very special, it is from Christmas at the Wilson's, (Luke's dad and Marys) I think it is cool there are so many different generations and fun family members in this picture. We are missing one niece, Raegan, she must of been taking it!?! and one brother in law and family who live in CA. It is also special that Ben is in the photo who lives in Vegas and only makes it home once a year.

Ready to be an Aunt

Well I could be an Aunt for real, at any moment now! I am so excited because with only one sister this is something that will only happen once in my life, an Aunt for the first time... I cant wait! Both Crystal and Baby are doing as well as can be expected and hopefully will make and appearance any day now :)


Wanted to update everyone on my Nana. The surgery Tuesday went well, however she had a seizure in the hospital for about a minute and a 1/2 the next morning this was not good, and will lengthen her hospital stay and recovery. Another problem was my grandpa he has been so worried that he has been shaking and not eating, they are not apart very often like most older people so I think just being apart makes him worry. My grandma has started to say some pretty random things throughout the past few years, but on the medication she is on and with everything going on there have been some pretty crazy comments.
Luke and I have both been pretty sick, which was sad because we couldn't go visit her, they literally will NOT let you in. But Friday she told my uncle that I was there and I told her she was nothing but a mean old lady... something I would NEVER say. This made me pretty sad. So finally yesterday we were feeling well enough to go visit. I have to say it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Just seeing her in pain and not very mobile was difficult, I filed some of her nails, combed her hair, helped her eat, and... tried, to physically help her sit up. She seemed to be in good spirits, and kept complaining about the "fat" nurses who "stole" her magazines... and her "Hispanic" doctor (who is very American) So we know she is getting her good ol' personality back, slowly but surly, not sure when she will be able to go home yet, at first it was one week which would be today, but they are saying longer now.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Updates on a great hubby!

I wanted to update you all, but also say how extremely grateful I am to have such an amazing husband. He has been working non stop at the office, since he is on commission it can be hard, but then since all the mayhem at the rental property every weekend he leaves early on Saturday and works there too! He is doing everything, plumbing, floors, drywall etc... and if he doesn't know how, he learns! I admire his dedication, life had us down there for a while, but he is trying his best to get us back on our feet!
Things have been busy with him there all the time, but he still manages to keep it all together, there at anything we have going on, all the birthdays, friends in town, family functions. But I am looking forward to a fun relaxing day on Valentines day and spending the whole day together, that has not happened for a while!

We are still eagerly trying to sell it, so please keep your ears open and the word out there!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pray for Nana!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) My grandma, Nana, is getting heart surgery. She has had a valve that has been leaking and they tried some other options to fix it but tomorrow they are going in to replace it. Please pray for a safe surgery, a quick recovery, and a healthy Nana!