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Monday, July 27, 2009

One of our Stories...

In November Luke and I are taking a trip to Mexico with a couple of our friends, It will of been a little over a year and a half since our honeymoon and we are so excited! We are going to the same resort we went to with my family a couple years ago...

My grandparents on my moms side took all of us here to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary a couple years ago, It was a great time, it was fun to be on a trip with family, all inclusives are always fun, and the resort had some really great events we attended, but the highlight of my trip was our engagement!

Luke and I had been dating for about four years, and of course I was itching to get asked a certain question... But I had no clue it was going to happen here. One night before we all set out to go to dinner Luke acted like he was giving a toast to my grandparents for 50 years, but the toast ended up with Luke down on one knee asking me if I would spend my next 50 with him as well! I was so surprised and so happy, and it was very neat to have some of my family there to experience it all with me, my brother in law Greg videotaped and my sister took pictures!

I would not change one thing about our engagement, and it is a night I will never ever forget!

But one of the reasons for this post is also because... I LOVED my ring Luke got me, it was everything I wanted. It is an antiquy looking ring that is different yet very elegant, but it was expensive so when it came time for our wedding a year last we didn't go out and get me a wedding band, since my ring is different the band has to be custom made so it can be a little more pricey than regular also....

Since then, and the house and then rental property, etc etc.. it has just been something we have put off, I don't mind but I did eventually want one...

So Saturday morning while we were running some errands we went and put it on ORDER! They have to make a wax mold first that I will approve, and it will take about 3 weeks to get my ring back but I am so excited!!!!! I had to post about it!

***Funny side note: Out at Fast Eddies on Saturday for a friends birthday, a waitress came over to me and told me a guy wanted to buy some drinks for me... Guess sometimes it "pays" to not have a ring on, doesn't hurt your self-esteem much either ;)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's a good life!

A Captain!
Luke and I out on Beaver lake

A Fontbonne crew, funny pic!

The Girls all ready to go out... my best friends!
Fun times and Great friends for a great weekend in Arkansas! It was a long drive, and I have no idea how Jim and Leslie do it all the time but it was definitely worth it to see some great friends. Jim's house is amazing, so pretty, clean, and organized! And his dog Waylon seems to be very happy there! Thanks for the hospitality Jim and Leslie, lets do it again soon!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anticipated weekend has arrived

We have ALL been so excited about going to Arkansas for the weekend and tomorrow is finally the day, 10 of my best friends and I are headed to visit our great friend Jim and his girlfriend Leslie in Fayetteville Arkansas, or somewhere around there!

We cant wait the weekend is finally here, hope everyone has a great one also!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A drinkin town with a baseball problem!

The All Star game is in Saint Louis!!! Usually I don't think this game is that big of a deal but boy was I wrong, when it is in our town it is HUGE! St. Louie has been taken over by baseball fans from all over!
Luke and I were not lucky enough to get tickets to the game or the home run derby, but we did get tickets to fan fest from my dad! It is basically a baseball theme park... we went last night, the night of the home run derby, it was fun to be down town and feel all the excitement that our city has to offer! And it is cool seeing all the visitors in town and the money flowing thru from all of the events that have been going on since Friday! My friend Shannon is in town from Vegas for it so I will be out with her for the game tonight... but I think we are going to play it safe and stay away from down town tonight!

Luke and I with the cardinals team... we are pointing at David Freeze, one of Luke's buddies from high school!

1982 World Series Trophy

Luke and I in front of the worlds largest baseball

Friday, July 10, 2009

My little guy....

Is HEALTHY!!! He passed all of his tests and it looks like he is just going to be a small guy for a while! Glad the worry from these past two weeks is behind us! I know this is an old picture, but it is all I had on this computer right now :) 4 months ago Bennett!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....

This ones for you Meghan and Nick!

Happy 29th Nick... Here's to a great year, Cheers!

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Poor Lil Guy!

Picture from Saturday... Getting a little Bennett lovin time! Notice the foot all the way in the mouth!

My new little nephew Bennett just turned four months old and has recently been having to go through multiple different testings and getting poked and bothered to try and see what is going on with him. He is four months old and only 11 pounds which has the doctors a little worried. To read the whole story see my sisters blog here:

And in the mean time please keep baby Bennett in your thoughts, he sure is in mine!