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Friday, March 30, 2012

Swim lessons

We decided to do the infant swim classes at our local rec center with Will. He has cabin fever, and I wanted him to get used to the water for the summer. The session is six classes on Saturday mornings and our friends {who just moved by us!} decided to join with their son Jack who is four months younger than Will. I was scared Will would be the oldest in the class but there is another little boy his age, {he comes with who can only be known as super dad} the rest are younger.
I knew Will would love it! He loves the water, kids, and activities that make mommas sing and look like idiots Mary Poppins.... remember her? :) Will likes to float on his belly and do the lazy river but hates to float around on his back.  
I was in the water with Will for the first class, he did great. His favorite parts were jumping in to me, (he got dunked and did great!) and playing with the toys after.
Luke and Ross got in the second class because Colleen had burned her hand pretty bad and could not get in. They all did good but got a lucky pass and got out of class right before the group singing began. Kid puked in the pool.... Luke could not of been happier.
The third class was just Will and I, Jack was sick. Dada came for a while to watch but left to help his mom move. We did great, but man is it hard wrangling up a slippery toddler and getting him and yourself dressed in a little locker room stall, may or may not have flashed some people during this class.

I am not super impressed with what we are doing or learning during class, the girl who was supposed to be our teacher got in a bad car accident after the first class so we've had a different teacher every time. Not sure if this is why, but we have not learned anything. But all in all it is a fun activity to do with Will and he gets to run around at the end and enjoy himself, money well spent :) 
Me, Col, and our boys
floating with dada

singing hokey pokey....
Wills favorite part is running around after class like a mad man


Our weekend and Purina Farms

I don't know how but our weekends are always jam packed, even the ones that start off with nothing end in a whirlwind of two days. However, Fridays are different.... for the past few months Fridays have been pretty quiet, tired from long weeks but excited for fun weekends. We've been playing when we get home and just spending time together, ordering in dinner and after Will goes to bed we watch something fun and spend some time just relaxing and catching up. I've found myself looking forward to these lovely Fridays at the end of the busy week. In Wilson fashion we started our Saturday bright and early rushing around, packing up some clothes, and eating in the car to make it to our 8:45 swim lesson. Then Will and I went off to  Meemaws to do some laundry and dada when to help his mom move. We met up a few hours later for a fun family day.
Purina Farms is a sweet little place just 20 minutes from my moms, I hadn't been since I was little and they had been advertising their spring time festival so I knew it was time to take Will. I've always loved animals, farms, and of course sweet little baby animals, and Will is no different. It was so much fun watching him run up to the cow and MOOO and pet the little piggys. 
Before my dad moved the the big city he lived in a great little farm in Illinois when he was younger they had sheep and ever since then my grandma would get the kids little sheep stuffed animals I remember ours from when I was little and Will's sits proudly on his shelf in his room, for some reason after bath time he always likes to love on it.... and I love this. I digress, When we walked into the room that held all the new baby animals I was quietly hoping we would get to see a lamb. After making our way around we saw the sweetest little baby lamb and tears welled up in my eyes knowing grandma Ad was watching down on me and Will as we petted him. 
We walked around and saw all the animals, saw some fish, met with the Easter bunny, and caught the dog show at the end.  It was supposed to rain all day but ended up being just beautiful! It was one of the most perfect little family days ... then later ended with a 102 fever, never a dull moment thats for sure!
With some doses of ibuprofen the fever was down, I took Will to the doc this Wednesday and she gave him a zpak to help with the nose/cough issue he's been fighting for 2 weeks, which I think is due to these bad spring allergies so we got him a script for claritan too. 
Sunday was Bennett's birthday party at the park, it was another gorgeous day and a great little party! 
When we had time we've been working on our laundry room which I THINK will be completed this weekend (hallelujah!)
Will with all the kids singing happy birthday
cool dude

Will looking down on the baby ducklings

Petting the sweet lil lamb

Looking at a moomoo with dada
I love pigs! They are so stinkin cute!

hey horse

soaking in a hug from my sweet boy.

our family
Watching the piggy enjoy some lunch, and oink oink!

Will was not sure what to think of the Easter bunny!

Watching momma give the bunny some 5's

One tuckered out boy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Handtrum Tandtrums

Ohh my dear William, you think you rule the world, but really who am I kidding? You do rule our world!

Will has recently learned the beginnings of throwing a tantrum and on a lovely Monday he proceeded to do so three-four times. He is such an independent little boy at this age that he hates holding my hand, and unfortunately this is one of my few rules.
On our way into Mama Michelle's (he's been wanting to walk, not be carried) he refused to hold my hand and plopped down to the ground and pouted. When I tried to stand him up he's knees went weak and back down he went, not screaming crying, just a sitting duck, so sad. So in my arms he went.
We stopped at babies r us on our way home because they had a good deal on "squeeze em's"... same thing, only this time in the parking lot, in front of people trying to get by.
Then just like any other one of these gorgeous days we've been having we went out front to play and Will accidentally saw a colorful box leaned up against the wall, seems the Easter bunny had her hands full when unloading from a target trip. (Did I mention were re-doing our laundry room and I went to target 4 times Sunday? UGH!) I decided to bring it in and give it to him early but he was so mad he couldn't have it right then and there in the middle of the garage.... you guessed it, lather, rinse, repeat.....I guess this is our new thing for now when things don't go Will's way!
He is also totally in between needing one or two naps, one day he's fine with one, the next there is no way we'll make it to 2 pm before a 2nd nap is needed. I think we may stay in this transition phase for a while because there is no way I can push off his morning naps to 11 or 12 which is where they'll need to be at for a one nap a day life.When did your kids go to one nap and what time was the one nap?

Wills "Easter" present

playing peekaboo at dinner

I think we skipped 18mo clothing, this boy is in all 24 mo and this little budda belly still pokes right out

Friday, March 23, 2012

Magic House

Since dada was out of town all last week we decided to have a little family time and do our first visit to the magic house, one of St. Louis's great children's attractions.  It was a lot of fun and great to do something that was JUST for Will. He loved running around from exhibit to exhibit taking it all in. He's still young so he only lasted about 2 hours but I'm sure it will be a place he'll love to come all the time as he gets older.

Dada couldnt get in enough Will time after his week gone.

LOVE the tunnels

and the slides.

fixing cars with dada

and having crazy hair with mama, he wouldn't look at the camera because he was so intrigued with my crazy hair!

and his favorite thing of the whole house may have been this little tea set in the hidden room

looks like the easter bunny may have to bring someone a tea set ;)

such a fun family time! <3

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Will and his Mimi

For the past few weeks Will calls me Mimi, I'm not sure if he is trying to say mommy, (kinda doubt it since we call me mama/momma) another reason is he may hear me say it a lot. "Do you want ME?" "Let ME do it" "Hold on, wait for ME"  At first it was annoying, he was all... Mimi Mimi Mimi. Now that its grown on me a couple weeks I don't mind it too much.

Mrs Wilson just reminded me that sometimes we need a pat on the back... from ourselves! Last week Luke got called out of town on work at the last minute, so off he went after a busy weekend {more on our first swim lessons later} left our house at 4:30 am to catch a flight to Virgina. It was just Will and I for the next 5 days, getting ready in the morning, packing lunches, lonely dinners, and a one woman show at dinner/bed/bath times. Did I stress about this a few days prior Yes. Of course I did. But...  I made it, not late, not stressed, a little "unkept" we may have been on some days... but hey, who isn't! We even made it to a work out class, library story time, and dinner with the girls.
The lesson? You never know how much your spouse helps till they're gone and for me its a little reminder to be thankful for what they do...taking the baby downstairs so you can finish getting ready in peace without someone trying on your mascara, playing on the floor while you make dinner, and taking over the bath routine so you can have a glass of wine and finish up work from the day.... even though it feels like its not much its more helpful than the one woman show exhaustion escapade!
Thank you Luke, I love you and appreciate everything you do for us! 
of course I cant take all the credit for everything....

If Will wasnt a tad obsessed with Mimi before this week.... ohh boy was he ever come Friday.

After a long week we had a fun family day at the magic house! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Working momma

I have been wanting to do a post for a while now on being a working mother, With lots of friends expecting I have had some people asking my opinion and thoughts, and contemplating their own choices...
Let me start by saying I don't know anyone who wants to go back to work after they have a baby. I had a great maternity leave, 3 months long, during the winter so I could Christmas shop and be stuck inside napping, and the greatest thing... paid. I did work from home a little, and saw a customer or two, I remember I was finally feeling READY to go back to work about 1/2 way through but thank goodness I didn't.
Dropping Will off the first and second days back to work was by far the hardest thing I had ever done, {yes pregnancy and labor included!} And people are right when they say it does get easier... but in the beginning you want them to be held right, fed right, put to sleep right, swaddled right, I could go on forever. When they get a little older it is easier because they play and interact more.
I've been back to work now for a little over a year and I've had two "lord help me Jesus moments" wondering why I am doing this to myself and should I just stay home.... Both times I was in the changing sitters transition. I think I get this feeling when changing because I start to wonder why I have to search high and low to find someone great, and why I have to pay them to hang out with my son all day when I would love to do that and dread dropping him off.
But at the end of the day I think I am a better mom being a working mom, I love Will to death but there is only so much he can learn from me and so much I can teach him. I'm not a teacher by nature nor did I get any sort of education in that field. I love that he comes home and has learned so many new things, and I really haven't had the mommy moment of being sad I missed any firsts yet. I know he is with people he loves and who love him, and I know I will always still make time for our special days.
I understand why moms say stay at home moms have the hardest job, and I cant imagine not having the social interaction, but us working mommas put on our game face all day and our mommy, maid, wife, banker, social planner, face at night. It is exhausting, there is no time for breaks...some days I want to throw in the towel, some days Luke and I fight about who does more and why I don't get more help, but I do feel it is the best of both worlds for me.
And at the end of the day I wish we could both not work and have all the money in the world and play all day, but we cant and I'm finally after 14 months completely okay with that.

Being in the car everyday we read a lot of books and sing a lot of songs, a mix of everything from dave matthews to itsy bitsy spider

and at the end of the day we spend a lot of time snuggled close to each other.
I am glad I took a minute to write this, within the next couple months we will change sitters again. {5th sitter for Will since he was born, even if the first was only two days} As much as I don't like all of this change I am confidant I have always made sure that he was in the exact right spot for his age, development, and needs. I wish he could stay with Mama Michelle forever and she could be his teacher forever, but the good thing is that she will always be a huge influence in his life because not only is she his Mama Michelle, she is one of the bestest friends I have ever known.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rainy day activites

 I've been trying to organize some pictures so I thought I'd do a quick post.
 So simple yet kept him entertained forever! Dry pasta shells and Tupperware, he loved filling up, dumping out, transferring from container to container, even transferring from container to his mouth, he was surprised how hard these little pastas were, I guess he's used to the soft noodles!

dumping out

feeling it in his mouth

 BUBBLES! We love to do bubbles, I got the Gymborree bubble blower and refills, its easy to do and the bubbles stay tact for a long time!
This was good because it was daddys turn to do bath so this kept them busy and I got a nice dinner made!

 Tried this one I saw on pintrst the other night, I already had food coloring so all I had to buy was a cheap (1.00!) thing of shaving cream, I made three colors and he went to town. He liked this activity but I thought it wuodl last longer than it did. I'll do it again for sure but maybe make a little less next time!