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Monday, July 30, 2012

Catch up!

I feel like with some of the health issues and the heat of the summer June and July have been pretty much a whirlwind! I think this summer of 2012 will always be memorable to me; tubes, pregnancy, heat, and lots of other changes I cant wait to share some but too soon just yet.
Will has pretty much been sick since Memorial day beginning of summer, not bad but a constant runny nose then the whole ear thing. Were going back to the doctor tonight and I may let out protective momma bear, if I have to wipe his nose one more time I'm going to lose it. He wouldn't let me out of his sight yesterday and I've got that "somethings not right" mothers instinct feeling so we'll see.... 
We leave for a little family vacation to Florida Saturday and I don't think any of us could be more ready or excited. I told Will this morning while he ate his oatmeal we just had to make it through one more week...which included one day with Gigi and one day with Mommy. He seemed to understand.
Were going with some friends of ours that have a 5 year old son and were all staying in a condo together on the beach. I just cant tell you how much I cant wait to, relax, not look at clocks, read a book or magazine, have some great laughs, and get lost in the sunshine with my family.

Last weekend we managed to beat the heat (if that is even possible) and get out to the zoo at 8:30 am! I absolutely love our zoo, and Will hadn't been since he's been about 7 months old so it was fun showing him all of the animals and seeing how excited he was. We lasted till about 11:30 then home and we all took a 3-4 hour nap! Good day.

Tomorrow I am 15 weeks pregnant! The beginning went by so slow (sick) that now I feel like time is flying and may need to slow down a bit. I've decided we will find out if its a boy or girl, and now that the decision is made Sept 5th cant come soon enough! I'm thinking girl {and buying opps!}Luke thought boy now is torn, and Will says "girl" and "sister"

Michelle Eliza & Tucker met us and I managed to snap a couple cute pics
Will was protecting her, OMG I was a PROUD momma at this moment
It is such a treat for Will to take a bath in our tubby, I'm not sure why we don't do it more often, this face sums up pure happiness! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

14 weeks with my turtle!

Momma: "Good Morning William!"
Will: "Good Morning Baby!" Pointing at my belly
Momma: "Will do you think the baby will be a brother or sister?"
Will: "A TURTLE!"
13.5 weeks pregnant
Well, While I don't mind either way, I don't know if I'd be over the moon for a turtle! ;) But maybe a new pet is in store once baby makes its arrival. I don't know what to do.... we found out with Will so it'd be fun to do it differently, I really don't care either way. A girl would be great, I'd love to have a daughter. But another boy would be fun too and I know Will would love a brother. I digress... find out or not find out, what is your opinion?
14 weeks, I'm feeling good! I feel huge even though I'm down a few pounds, not quite in maternity clothes yet but dresses help with that. 100+ degree days record countless days in a row make for some boring days but were doing our best. I'm just glad I'm not sick, 7-9 months pregnant with Will in this heat I was sick sick!
My 12 week appointment went well and in my doctors words, "Looks like were on track for another perfect pregnancy!" {love to hear those words!} I got to hear the baby's heartbeat which was breathtaking, and a little hard to find thanks to my morning cup of coffee. I recorded it for Luke but still waiting for that moment that this becomes more real for him.
I'm really trying to limit the sodium in my diet for a few reasons which is super hard, and requires lots of trips for fresh produce! I think I can feel the baby move, call me crazy, I know its early. But there is no mistaking this magical feeling and the sweet small reminders of this amazing turtle growing inside of me!
Will and I doing what we do best...
Momma...I've got something to tell you.

yeah buddy.... your getting fat.

But its okay.... I still love you!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Will's health and tubes

So much has been going on recently with my sweet boy, I'd like to document it so I have it all handy down the road. At four months old Will was diagnosed with tracheamalsea and reflux, through the help of a great specialist and a bronchscopy. With a pretty severe case of each and the help of some medications at his year birthday we were taken off everything and have been in the clear. Thank the Lord. Will still sounds barky when he dry coughs a lot but that is his only symptom.
I should say... I know this is NO big deal.... and there are SO many kids out there that have horrible conditions, my heart goes out to them and their families.
Will has always had some allergies and get colds somewhat easily in my opinion, he sometimes has trouble fighting them, they usually turn into ear infections and were on antibiotics. However he's not a textbook case ear infection kid. Its not once a month and the antibiotics do help. His last one was in December, Then on memorial day weekend I just knew it, he had another... call it mothers instinct if you will but I was {and will always be} that mother fighting on the phone with the doc demanding some medication be called in. It was this day I decided we would be changing pediatricians. Amoxicillian was called in, 10 days later {new pedi which I LOVE} both ear still infected Cefdinir called in, 10 days later, right ear still infected, Augmention called in. We did not see the need to go to ent at this point since it seemed this was just a very aggressive infection he had to get over. 10 days later we were in the clear, this was a Friday. The following Friday, I was getting over being sick and Luke was out of town, he started pulling and I didn't even hesitate to call and take him in and what do you know The beginnings of another double ear infection, Augmention called in again along with a referral to an ent. No matter what if he needs tubes or not, he should not be on this much (strong) antibiotics this close together. Luckily his body is so used to it the side effects were not too bad this time.
he really liked this chair!

eating his sucker while I scheduled his surgery.

We were referred to an ent who does NOT put tubes in every kid they see, exactly what I wanted sine I was not sure he needed them. Will was so good sat in the exam chair like a big boy and shook the doctors hand and just like that I was told.... he would benefit from tubes more than not getting them. Most kids outgrow this ear infection stage by age 2, with that around the corner I asked what to do. With Will's track record and the Fall/Winter cold seasons it's the safest bet. I was totally okay with this, relieved almost that this might make him feel better all around. I was told the sooner the better, and just like that surgery was scheduled for that Monday!

 Sunday was spent as a fun Will day, but momma cant stand this heat for long. So we rode rides at the mall, got ice cream with sprinkles, played in the kid area, had a yummy dinner, and watched a favorite show before bed.

Monday morning we went in, Luke took off work which was great. Got to hospital at 8 and called right back. After taking stats talking with doctor, nurses, and anesthesiologists and a few short wagon rides it was time for Will to go back. He was such a trooper and rode away with Henley in the wagon. The doctor said everything went great and he had a lot of thick discharge in his ears, and he definitely needed the tubes. We were warned that when kids go under for a short period of time waking up and coming out of anesthesia can be hard on them. Luke and I brushed this warning off knowing our son and his ease at everything thrown his way. Boy were we wrong, poor boy was scared out of his mind and not momma, henley, sippy, mickey. Nothing made it better. It only lasted a short time and by the time we were walking and talking to the car he was ready to go home and eat!

pre surgery "sticker boy"
he stuck to me like glue as we watched our shows that night and I ate it up, my boy was finally feeling better!
The rest of the day he napped, played, and sang his little heart out! I think he could finally hear his voice well. He even felt good enough after nap to get a haircut!

Hoping this helps his ears and everything drain better and helps in to feel much better! It's simply amazing how much you can love one little person, but boy ohhh boy, do I love this sweet handsome, loving little boy. Thanks to all for your well wishes and concern, so happy to report he's doing GREAT!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A 4th to forget!

Sorry for the lame title, but our fourth was anything but one to remember! But I'll document it anyway.... 

Luke was leaving with his brothers Tim and Jake, and 13 of their closest friends for a golf trip in Michigan Thursday the 5th. So wouldn't you know it (lately I refer to it as Wilson luck) Tuesday we both come down with sore throats, acheys and all around just not feeling good. Luke loads himself with every remedy Walgreen's carried and was feeling better.... I on the other hand didn't want to take anything still being in my first trimester and woke up on the fourth of July, full blown sick! I could barley lift my head much less muster the courage to think about how I was going to do this alone, and work, and be a momma, for the next five days. Luke was great all day, and with the help of our parents for the next few days I made it through! Thursday I dropped Will off and went to work (exhausting in itself) and my dad sent me home for a nap around 2:30. Then Luke's dad and step mom came to take Will to dinner and to run around the mall till bedtime. Saturday my mom kept Will so I could sleep in and get some things done Sunday. 
Thank God for good family members! I wish sickness + toddler + pregnancy upon NO one! 
To top off my weekend I spent Friday afternoon not at my doctor but at Will's pediatrician but I think I'll leave that for a separate post. 
I think the thing that bummed me out the most was that I was so excited to have a fun family day for the fourth, see friends, go swim, and see fireworks (Will's never seen any) There's always next year I suppose. 

Luke had a great time and it was good for him to get away for a while, from work, from us ;) and from life...
Michelle had big baby boy Tucker 3 weeks ago (today) and he is doing great! I saw her in the hospital and we went over so Will and Eliza could play last week.

So because my ocd ways hate having posts without pictures.....
Will hugging Eliza goodbye, going to have to make these visits more frequent for sure!
my lil stinker.... built this "fort" around himself to poop.... major sign he's ready. Where do I begin???? help!

Wilson Family Love

A couple weekends ago we were blessed to have Luke's grandparents in town from Hutchinson, and his brother and sister in law in town from Raleigh! Love having them all around so much its bittersweet, wish we were all closer but glad we got some good time in together! Sunday I had everyone over, we grilled chicken and steak kabobs and had lots of other yummy foods, including two homemade pies by his grandma YUM
I thought I planned this well, 3'oclock when Will would be getting up from his nap, ohh was I mistaken! Waking up with a house full of 10 plus people, ol boy was on overload and wanted momma ONLY. It was fine but with Dada out grilling and momma taking things in and out of the oven, I may reconsider starting right after nap next time!

 I know we all have those items..... that we'd be lost without and are incredibly priceless, one of mine is some pictures I have of my grandma Ad holding William, newborn, and one from December taken at my sisters house about two months before she passed. I don't know if Will will ever think they are special but I sure do. Any who... I try and not be that crazy picture lady while I do love pictures, I never want to be that person always running around snapping, making people pose etc... But this day was different, I was determined to get some good a picture with his grandparents and Will and Peyton... Which turned into many more, so I wont complain! :)

Peyton, Grandpa Jim, Grandma Betty, and William (21 months)

If anyone is reading this and wants any copies, just let me know :)
4 generations

Monday, July 9, 2012

Telling Luke, and spreading cheer!

WWill tasting dippin dots, and blue raspberry snocone for the first time, he was a big fan of both!

 The way I see it when you have news, you have one of two choices, blurt it out or make it special. If it was ME receiving the news I'd want it to be done in some sort of memorable way, how often do you get this kind of news? That being said, I am the worst secret keeper in the history of secret keepers.... ask anyone. I took the test at about 4 pm on a Wednesday, Luke would be home around 5:30, after my initial excitement/freak out/bawl like a baby all the happy tears I called Luke and told him I thought it'd be fun if we fore go the normal dinner routine and go have snocones with Will. Of course he was on board! I hurried up to the window and insisted Luke get Will out and the stroller {so many things should of given this all away} When the lady called our order and Luke went up to get it there were three bowls instead of two, and in the third... a "pregnant" test! Luke was shocked at first and then I think a little embarrassed, he doesn't like any attention, and I'm sure the 16 year old girl will be telling her friends about the "crazy pregnant lady" but it was a fun memorable way we all got to share in telling Dada the fun, exciting news of baby #2!

 We told my parents together when we went to the farm for the day, it was great to tell them both together and see both of their reactions. My mom is very excited for us, and dad may be more worried about how much work I'll be taking off. I had Will give Luke's mom {gigi} a poem about a newborn, she got it right away and is bursting with excitement over a new grand baby! We told Luke's dad and some of his other family in person with the "big brother" shirt! My friends also found out when they were over for Michelle's sprinkle via big bro shirt, videos of both on youtube. And countless texts and pictures have been sent out. We've been so excited to share our blessed news with all we love, and I think finally, the secret is out... if we haven't told it, my protruding belly has!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Lovin

I've got so many sweet memories and photos from all the fun we've been having this summer that I need to do a quick post to be sure to remember....everything.

The precious time we get with Will is few and far between, between work, social functions, family events, chores, errands, and more work it can get you down. Some days by the time I pick Will up and get home I feel like a horrible mom because I am too tired to play; much less do what he wants to do, go outside in the 100 + weather ugh... but with some imagination we're having a blast this summer. Will is at such a fun age, he is so interested in learning about everything and he is just soaking it all in. And I've realized no matter what I'm doing with him, time is precious and just trying to enjoy every sweaty beautiful moment.

One of Will's favorite things to do is just act goofy and be silly, he IS my child... the other night every face I would make he would copy cat, it was hilarious!

We took Will to see Circus Flora downtown, it was a really fun time and he enjoyed seeing all the different acts and people preforming. You cant tell from the picture, not sure why he looks so miserable here. Will loves to read and look at books, always has. When he looks at pictures in books, or anything for that matter he says, "Daaaat?!?!"and wants you to tell him what the object in question is, once you tell him he'll repeat you and usually remember it for next time. It sometimes gets exhausting answering "Daaat?!?!" for the millionth time each day, and to be honest sometimes I don't know the answer! He's no fool, on his fish puzzle you cant just answer with fish, he needs to know what kind! On the way home from the circus, driving through good ol' St Louis ghetto, an ambulance races past us with its lights and sirens on, Will points at it and says, ROBOT, ROBOT! We all had a good laugh. Then the other day walking in the store he was staring at the handicapped parking spot, finally I asked him what he saw, and he said TURTLE! It really did look kinda like a robot and turtle, love that imagination.W


First fudgecicle all in all he did a great job!

wagon ride to the lake to see the ducks

Peyton was reading Will books before bed and he kept looking back at her, I think he was wondering how she knew how to read! In the morning when they both got up, he was so shocked and overjoyed to see her still there ready to play again!

Cousin Peyton spent the night so her parents could go on a date, we had so much fun playing with her!
Will's first mini power wheels, though he cant steer yet, he loves it and we cant walk through the garage without a quick ride!
washing his cars...

Yes,yes my perfect child does throw tantrums, and yes I do laugh and take pictures.

This is Will's new BFF they play together everyday and if they were any more alike it'd be scary!

Last Wednesday I took Will to a tot swim before the pool opened its from 9-10:30 and he had a ball!
all the way up to the slide like a big boy!
waiting his turn

My big boy! In the baby pool, but still, he's getting TOO big!

We had such a fun time at the pool together, so glad I can do these things every once in a while... wish dada could join more!
He didn't even make it to the end of swim time, wiped.him.out!
Kisses to thank momma for a fun morning, next stop wendys!
Swimming with dada at a friends welcome home party.
dada may be more fun to swim with than me...

But this lady takes the cake, what a lucky statue, got kisses and hugs all day from sweet William.