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Monday, February 21, 2011

Things could always be worse!

My perfect as pie baby William still has this nasty cough, it is more and more frequent and sometimes makes his little eyes water. My heart breaks a little every time I hear him do it and the rougher it gets the more I am thinking it's got to be hurting him. After talking some more with both doctors Friday we scheduled the Bronchoscopy.
This Friday Will and I will go back up to St. Johns, Luke's mom is going to meet me there to help. I know I am going to be an emotional wreck! Just the mere fact that my four month old baby, that I would do and do-do anything and everything to make happy and healthy has to "go under"
I asked too many questions to the poor nurse, I did not need to hear the words: Gas, IV, or crash cart when speaking about my four month old baby. But I am a neurotic mommy and kept pushing for more information.

They will put Will under and go in to take a very in depth look at his airways, trachea, and get cultures from inside his lungs. We are hoping for at least some answers and results from this, and while of course I don't want anything to be wrong with him, I just want a solution so we can put this all behind us. I would hate to put him through all of this and them come back with the same answer, same as the chest xrays I held him down for and the upper gi I held him down and made him drink the gross chalky stuff, everything is normal and we have no idea what is going on with him. No this time I want an answer, a plan, and a solution.

The hardest part will be that since he is going under anesthesia he cant have ANYTHING to eat or drink after midnight.... On a normal night lately Will eats right before bed and goes down anywhere form 7:45- 8:30, wakes around 5 or 5:30 and I cant change his diaper, give meds, and walk from his room to ours fast enough for the little guy to latch on; all which takes a mere minute and a half to two minutes. I am going to feel so bad with him looking at me with hungry eyes and being in the hospital with a starving cranky baby. My plan is to wake him up around 11:30 to feed him so hopefully he will sleep till it is time to leave, and probably bring the stroller in with us so if we have to wait or anything I can walk with him.

Please pray for the outcome of this, nothing big, but something to stop this awful cough. Or just some answers so this pit in our stomachs can leave our house and life can get back to normal a little. I do know that things can always be worse, Will could be worse my moms arm injury could always of been worse (however not by much) But I need to be thankful for our health and stay positive.
And a picture of my happy boy for good measure ;)

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