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Thursday, July 28, 2011

William's book of ABC's

I love making photo books, and I knew I wanted to make something to display at Will's birthday party with some shots from his first year. My sister makes a book for Bennett after every year and it is so cute! I still may do this but after his party so we can include those pictures too. I found out that has board books you can make, you know the hard kind so your kid doesn't destroy it! So I was on a mission....Will has a ton of toys, he gets a lot of great handmedowns from his generous cousins and with more getting presents Luke and I really don't need to get him a big toy this year so I created a very special board book of ABC's with some shots from things we've done in this first year. I started messing around with it for a minute then made it a really neat little book. The site wouldn't let me copy or save my actual pages images so when it comes in the mail I'll take some pictures and post, but here is the cover and a couple of the images I used. It was a lot of work but I think it will turn out really cool and something he will treasure for a long time. I love that there are people he knows in the book and things he likes, I cant wait for it to get here!

K is for Kisses

L is for Laughter

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My new venture: Stella & Dot

Well friends, I did it! I signed up, my starter package {plus some great pieces I couldn't resist} is on its way, and I am your newest independent Stella & Dot rep! My friend Lauren sells and loves it, and since I sell plain ol' brown boxes all day long I figured I'd try my luck out with this. It is so much fun when we get together with my friends everyone laughs, chats, and trys on jewelry...and of course there are usually a few sparkly cocktails to sip on. I have been wearing my "w" charm necklace all the time, I love it! Now I need to add with Will's birthstone and a few other fun pieces. This is one I'll have in my collection for shows that I think I may wear to a wedding coming up. A lot of the pieces are worn by celebs and now that I sell Ive noticed on the shows Weeds and Batchlorette recently! Featured in Instyle, O, Lucky, the list goes on and on... Such a fun way to keep up to date with a huge style trend and catch up with girlfriends at the same time! Let me know if anyone would ever like to place any orders, have any questions, or local girls are ever interested in hosting a party!

I am having two launch parties coming up to help me get things going, so if your local let me know if you would like more info on these too!

Here are some of my favorites:

Tidbit Tuesday

Hi Friends, I think I have a little catching up to do! I feel like Mr. William does something new each and every day, when people tell you that it gets better each day you don't believe them but seeing light bulbs go off and new words spoken is pure bliss for me lately!
We are making the most of our summer and filling up our days and nights, I have been busy at work and Luke just got back from a week long business trip to DC! I hope I never have to experience being a single mommy again. Will and I got in some great quality time but being a one man show is a lot of work! We took out first trip to the library which he LOVED! There is a train set there that I think he would of played with all day if I let him and we found out about some kids programs unfortunately I have to work during all of them but maybe Gigi can take him. We have a relative from Luxembourg (where my grandmother is from) in town visiting she is here for just over two weeks and we are gearing up for a very busy August, September, and October.

Will waves at anything he can get attention from. Yesterday we all went on a walk early in the morning before it got TOO hot out and as Boomer and Will were "walking" next to each other Will just kept waving at him, too cute! Moments like these just make me melt.

Will has 7-8 teeth now and we only had a couple bad days, he is such a tough little guy!

We decided to start with a few of the sign language words to help him communicate and I am happy to report that Will now signs: hi/bye, all done, and more. The only one we do he doesn't is drink, guess its time for momma to learn some more!

I am almost done reading Sippy cups are not for Chardonnay and I LOVED it! I highly recommend it to any and every momma out there, it had me laughing out loud and reading blurbs to Luke, good read.

Those that have read my blog for a while know about the trachealmalesia that we have dealt with and I am happy to report that the cough, cough, cough that ruled my life for months has shown MUCH improvement, praise the Lord! It is not completely gone and we are supposed to go back and meet with his specialist in August. But for now I (dr.mommy ha!) changed his reflux meds from twice a day to once. Once in the morning, then we are still supposed to take the bethanochol four times a day which sometimes we only take twice. The paragraph I just typed makes me more happy that words can say after months of typing blog posts about how I hoped I would look back on that time. :-)

Ok onto some pics of my cutie patotie for you!

Last Friday I took a 1/2 day off work and me, Michelle, Meghan, Leslie and all the kids went up to the pool. Michelle belongs to a country club and their pool had all these water sprout things shooting, of course my kid loved to go stick his face/head in these, over.and.over again. He is SUCH a little fish and I love it!
Time to stop wearing my kate spade perscription sunglasses?
Notice the duck in my boys mouth... thinking about re'doing his bathroom "will style"

Things are still going GREAT with Michelle watching Will, I mean things really couldn't be any better! Here is his "thumbkin" picture he made. We now have a special spot in his room for all his beautiful artwork he makes with Aunt Michelle. She said he signed "more" last week and she taught him twinkle twinkle his favorite song.

My sweet boy {in his new adorable jammies Gigi got him} picking out some bedtime stories, loves to read and turn pages.

crazy hair, crazy kid

catching a snooze while he can during a busy weekend

new favorite: cars and trucks! He loves them so much and cousin Bennett gave him some great ones he was done playing with! Will scoots and rolls them all over the house. We definitely have a boy, boy on our hands!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cousin love.

After we went swimming with Bennett the cousins needed a bath so in they went, then it was naked time on mommies bed! They were "boys being boys" exactly that, Crazy, rambucous, lil monsters. Will had SO much fun and I don't know if I've heard him laugh that much or that hard before! Stole these pictures from Crystals blog. Does anyone else think baby Will looks like a gangster in this pic? just me?
my boy loves his pillows, if people ask me what to get him for his birthday I have one and one only idea, pillows.

Look at Bennett's little scared face! Baby Will holds his ground well playing with a big kid!

also loves books!

they only look innocent

Monday, July 18, 2011

3rd in four months

That's right friends, my buggaboo perfect baby has gotten his third ear infection in the past four months. Last week Will popped through 3 NEW TEETH! Two more on top and one on bottom total of 7 teeth, so of course when he was a bit fussy and then turned downright angry Wednesday when I was home with him, we tried everything frozen waffles, Einstein, puffs, frozen wash cloths, all the little tricks that usually work... Well they just plain did not.

When Luke got home and informed me after seeing how frazzled I was that he was leaving for softball soon I about lost it. Till I looked at my sweet miserable Will again and thought, "something just isn't right!" I'm sure my dear husband thought I had fallen off my rocker when the tears started to come, but it just wasn't adding up.We headed upstairs and I took his temperature. 103! 103 in the first ear and 99.9 in the second?!?! What! That is NOT a low grade teething fever. One reason I like the practice we go to is because they have one late night, Thank God this night is Wednesday. I called.we rushed.we made it.

Come to find out all the frozen things in the world were not going to help this boy because he had a full blown ear infection in his left ear, so much so that the doc looked at me and said right away, "he's in a lot of pain mom." The word "bulging" was also used. :(

I love Will to death, and he is the best baby in the WORLD, but dear lord this boy just does not show it when he is sick or in pain. I think that is why this got bad, if he would of been grumpy sooner or something.... anyway. That's neither here nor there.

If this almost once a month keeps up we will talk about tubes, I hate to talk about it when he is so young so I really hope they go away. But we are already looking closely at what antibiotics he has been on so we don't get him immune to any of them so if that is what we need to do to make these go away than we will. We will do whatever we have to for this little guy.

So of course I rushed to get his prescription and held him till bedtime, after that it was time for some mommy juice. I used to think there was nothing a good dinner and a glass of wine couldn't fix, boy are those days over! I sat and sank in my mommy guilt... I blamed, and thought, and cried. Luke felt like a piece of s*#% when he got home, and I'm sorry but I think he should of went to the doctor with me, where a bag was put on Will's private parts to collect urine and check it for an infection, then leaked all over lil man and the diaper bag Luke put in my car did not have an extra outfit in it and I looked like a horrible mommy. Why is it these things always happen with the mommy?

But Will is on meds and doing better, this ear infection took by far the longest to stop hurting I can tell. And the meds are once again strong and causing bad diarrhea. {insert, all over mommy crib, sheets, blankies this morning.} But, this too shall pass.... all in all we had a great weekend...

And HEY, at least I'm not THIS bad of a failure!:

Friday, July 15, 2011 {how to really love motherhood}

How to really love motherhood

remember to breathe. Breathe deeply and often. Name those feelings as they fly through your heart. When your children are beastly and scream I HATE YOU (& they will) think of the warm sweetness of their tiny bodies when they were just new. THIS TOO SHALL PASS & far too quickly. Let the dishes pile up and have a party instead. Laugh, A LOT. Go puddle jumping & cloud bursting. Build forts and climb trees. Spend rainy days in bed snuggling and sunny days outside adventuring. Sing loudly and off key. Dance like MANIACS! butterfly kisses and bear hugs cure broken hearts. Tell them they can be ANYTHING. Tell yourself too. Now believe it. And don't forget to breath......

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TA DA! Our finished basement

Well friends our completely finished basement is d.o.n.e... ok ok it was a BIG project so it is 97% done! After much basement clean out, plans, construction and dust dust everywhere and what I thought was promised was a 4-5 month project turned into a 9 month project it is finally done!
Luke and I saved up and moved in our house the summer we got married, this is where we conceived our first child and we brought him home from the hospital to this house. I look forward to many more great years in our wonderful house we have made our home. We knew we would love it and it could grow with us, and while it is nice there were still little projects we had in mind when we bought it. The basement gives us so much extra living space (while taking away so much storage space!) it is a great playroom for Will, good place for extra toys and being carpeted is nice since our whole main floor is hardwood. But we also finished the basement for re-sell purposes, no we are not thinking of moving anytime soon, though we do like to look at our dream homes/locations with the market we will not sell for a while, and this will hopefully be the home we bring both of our children home to!

If I could do it over I am not sure we would start construction on the basement when Will was only weeks old. And tip for anyone doing work with a dog, doggie day camp at kennelwood is awesome, Boomer could not handle some of the noises the tools made of course when they were almost done with this is when I learned of doggie day camp, money well spent! There were definite mommy tears shed over this, noise, men in and out while bfeeding, dust with baby etc... but it is done and we love it! Enjoy the pics and if you live here you better come over for a drink soon! :-) Before
Before: Beginning of framing in

before: poles, furnace, water heater


Stairs, room to the left is current work out room, to the right is the bathroom

Coming down the stairs looking into bathroom

bathroom - still need to do baseboards in this room, had to wait for toilet and vanity to get installed and now need a special saw.

the only room that is completely done being decorated!

Bar area!

Still deciding what to do with these three little shelves and the shelving behind the bar, prewired for a small tv but were not there yet ;)

view from the bar to the tv area/play area/siting room

view of the bar, and my cork "W" that I made from an idea on pintrest

Under the shelf is a built in area that goes into the storage area for our mini fridge and wine fridge and under the bar there are cabinets for storage.

tv/toy area

And that's it!!! :)

SO what do you think?

Would love to get one of these for toy and book storage down there, and maybe one of these but for now were happy!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"All Done"

Will says mama, Will says dada, and Will says "All Done!" AND, not to brag or anything, but he signs it too! Yup, my kid is a genius! Hee hee, just kiddin...
We thought we heard it last weekend but quickly figured we were mistaken but over the week with Michelle he started doing it and signing and since then it is done at about every meal! It is so fun to know that we are beginning to be able to communicate with him!

Mama and Dada on the other hand are "All Done!" with this weather! With a heat index of 115 the past two days were doing all we can to stay afloat... and not melt! And wouldn't you know it, good timing for our air to go out at work ugh! We had a great weekend and saw lots of friends and looking at the calendar for the next few months things are going to start getting pretty crazy again soon, cant wait! Lots of parties, weddings, babies, and fun coming up! Will with one of his many future girlfriends Audrey.

And playing with his cool big boy friend Dominick, I love it and hate it all at the same time that Will is now so big he just goes in the other room with the kids and plays. He is such a social butterfly and is never scared just goes along and!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

9 months and a note for William

William- I carried you for nine months and now you are nine months old, funny how the past 18 months of my life have went by in the blink of an eye! You are a little firecracker these days, you know what you like and what you don't and your little personality get stronger each day. Your favorite words and mama and dada, favoring dada. You love to eat and now that you feed yourself meal time has become so much fun. You love to splash in the bath and lately you think getting dried off is just about the most hilarious thing ever, its these moments after working all day that makes coming home to you the best thing ever.

Your friends are popping up all over, with new babies and baby news coming each week!
William with his new friend Mason, Jenny's son.

Your getting so much hair and its still very blonde, just like mommy and daddys were when they were younger. You did great at your 9 month check up (no shots!) and everything is right on track. We will continue to work with you on your fine motor skills and mommy has noticed some temper spurts we are trying to work through. You love people and are obsessed with kids, I know you are going to be quite the social butterfly just like mommy was/is. You still LOVE dogs and cats, they literally light up your day. Our life has always been full, busy, and fast paced and still is but since you have came into my life these past nine months there are now so many moments I don't care if our house is dirty, I don't care if we are late, and I take deep breaths and squeeze you tight. I try to soak it all in as much as I can, I never knew I could love someone this much, William my dear you are literally the sunshine of my life.

At his 9 month check up William weighed 21.5 pounds, 68% and was 28 1.2 inches long, 63%
So mr. nine months did NOT want to do a photo shoot this month... at.all.
This is him making his "noise" he makes it with his mouth and his hand going back and forth

lamb... ahhh we meet again

ribbon...looking everywhere BUT the camera

And TAGS!!!! {obsessed} I don't get it, what is this fascination?

Playing with Benny, my childhood bear.