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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

100 more hours... I think!

Until we find out if it is a mini me or a mini mimi.... ha ha I cant wait, the anticipation is killing me!!!!! For the record, I am still hoping for a boy, Crystal is still very much hoping for a girl :)

Another one bites the dust!!!

One of my bestest friends in the whole world, just got engaged to her sweetie! It will be so much fun helping with the wedding and the planning! She is going to make such an amazing bride! Sorry for the funny pic, I love it! Look how gorgous her ring is... Perfect!

Congratulations Michelle and Adam we all love you!

Game Nights...

Once a month my friends and I get together for "game night" we switch houses each month, last Friday it was at our new house, We play fun games, eat food, and have a great time, and a lot of times it ends up being a pretty cheap night for everyone. Some of the answers and things that are shouted out are pretty hilarious for instance this past game night I explained to everyone how Noah's Ark was built in 1850.... I don't really believe this of course! Boomer also loves game night however I think the only game he plays is begging for food! Cant wait till next month guys!

Two Rooms Down!

Well we have two rooms pretty much done, unpacked, and decorated. Of course the rooms we use most often, the kitchen and family room. I love these rooms, I love the dark browns and warm colors... Eventually we would like to get a new kitchen table that seats at least 6, And we are installing an above stove microwave that Luke just got from my mom for Christmas!

Update: Boomer is adjusting great to his new home, he is not a huge fan of the floors, but loves the bunnies all over, and loves going up and down the stairs!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boomers Halloween Shirt

Sorry I had to blog about this, it was the funniest thing ever, I got Boomer a Halloween shirt, and we really don't dress him up, I got him a large thinking it would fit, HA, it was super tight, But I had to put it on.... taking it off was the difficult part... Looks like Boomer will have to go to the Big and Tall store for his costume this year!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Girls + Jim weekend at Tablerock!

Girls weekend + Jimbo = SO much fun!!! It ended up being just me, Winnie, Meghan, and Jim, Jim lives in Arkansas now, and just about an hour from Tablerock, so we had to invite him, BUT he was just one of the girls! We shopped till we dropped, filled the whole trunk, then Jim carried all the bags inside for us, he even did a fashion show in his new pants. Then we all chipped in and made a huge array of Mexican food, and played Cranium, for the record the Ashley & Winnie team WON, this is going to go down in history!!! The hurricane did hit us Saturday night, but luckily it was by the time we were back to the condo! Cant wait till Girls weekend next year!
Unfortunatly Leslie had to miss Girls weekend due to her grandmothers passing, our thoughts and prayers were with her and her family all weekend, We love you Leslie!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall Ball is here!

This is one of my favorite times of the year, everything is so pretty and everyone just seems to be in great moods and excited for all the festivites of the next few months to start.
We even early decorated the other night for Fall and Halloween to get ourselves in the mood, I love getting out the holiday decorations!
For us, Summer softball has just ended and Fall Ball has begun, Boomer and I went to Luke's games last night, it was a gorgeous night out and it was fun to watch him play, they won both of their games! I know Luke scored a couple times but I was busy chatting with the girls and trying to keep my son under control, so I don't know what the final scores were.
Boomer enjoyed bothering another dog, driving me nuts, and having some chocolate ice cream, he was ready for bed by the end of the night, which was good since one of the guys on the team owns a bar, so we dropped him off and went up there for a little while to celebrate their victory!
I forgot to bring my camera but I will post pics of the boys in action soon!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Your favorite insurance agent!!!

Just wanted to remind everyone that Luke sells insurance if you need anything or if you would like to get a quote from him, he is a broker so he can look into several different companies to get you the best deal! He sells home owners, auto, heath, life, commercial, farm, just about everything and lets face it, who could ask for a friendlier agent... hee hee, please keep him in mind or pass the name along! Thanks!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The chunky monkey!

Here are some updated Belly Pics, so far momma is doing well, she is making a great home for her little one, and keeping it good and safe!

How cute is she!