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Monday, January 19, 2009

Jivin & Wailin!

My good friend Lauren and I, we were freshman college roomates and have remained close since, her wedding is October 09Michelle, Lauren, & I, what does everyone think of the curly hair...?!?

Kisses for Luke... and a wink for me ;)
Saturday night was a lot of fun, we went out to Jive and Wail a new dueling piano bar, It was also my good friend Michelle's 25th birthday, We had a great time and our throats hurt from singing... okay screaming... along to all the great songs! Here are a couple pics from our fun night out... That definitly ended with Luke and I stoping at Jack in the Box on the way home... those are the best nights! :)
Happy Birthday Michelle!


  1. Those pics are great!! I wish I had felt up to going out!! We'll need to plan a girls night in a few months when I'm finally feeling up to it again!

  2. I've never been it in Maplewood? Looks like tons of fun!

  3. I agree with Meghan! I'm sad Jim & I missed it too. We love Jive & Wail, always a good time! Looks like Michelle had a great quarter-century birthday celebration.


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