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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cousin love

Friday night big boy Bennett came to spend the night with us. Crystal got a night off and the boys played so well together it worked out great so were thinking of taking turns and making this a monthly event! They are both getting so big, its so fun to see them really interacting with each other! Bennett went right to sleep at our house in the pack and play, he really is such a good little boy.

Playing... and wondering how all of his toys ended up over at cousin Will's house. Thanks B!

Bath time!

Bennett: "What in the world! I never eat MY bath toys like that...weirdo"

Will: "you should, look it is so yummy and squishy!"
B: "No I have some serious drain research to do here"

Will: "But look, you put him in your mouth, crunch down, and then go splish splash like this!"
B: "Oooo that DOES look like fun, I need a duckie!" "Repeat I need a duckie"

Will: "Here you go Bennett, you try it too, and look at mom and dad they think were so funny doing this... my parents are easily entertained!"
B: "Ahhh Ok, is that why they're sitting there staring at us? I was starting to wonder..."

Will: "Yeah you did it!!! However now I need two duckies, give it back"

Reading to my boys...

This was the first time I experienced them playing like ...well BOYS! I had them on the couch to try and get a picture of their matching cowboy shirts and all the sudden they both started rolling, jumping and yippeekyoooing! Ha!

My two little cowboys!

Our marvelous Memorial Day!

Friday was Will's first time on the swings at the park, Jackie took the kiddos and texted me some pictures. I was a little jealous I didn't get to be there for this, but I am so grateful that he gets out to do these fun things with her and it is so fun to see what they do through picture texts... what did we do before smart phones? Will's first time on the swings, 7.5 months
TLT Two Little Troublemakers! Everything about this picture cracks my UP!

Buds hanging....literally...

We had a great weekend, it was a whirlwind for sure, that may or may not be taking up a few separate posts here on the ol' blog! But we had so much fun! Monday was my favorite day in a long time, we relaxed as a family of three. We did so much between cleaning and laundry, to groceries and painting to swinging and swimming and even got in a little visit and play time with uncle Ben. We made a wonderful dinner and it was a perfect day! Jackie got me thinking....We got this swing for our shower, I knew we'd love it! This is the same thing he does in his highchair, stares down at Boomer...

He loves it, now were always ready for some swinging action!

Faking out DIY what talent!

My friend Lauren from high school has some major creative talent and just started a blog. I asked her if she wanted to make me a wreath for our front door, I haven't had anything I like there since we've moved in, just cant find the right thing. I LOVE the wreath she ended up making it so very pretty! And I can swap out the hanging ribbon for different seasons!

Check out her stuff, I promise you wont be disappointed!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Love songs of my life.

I am a big music person, and sometimes I just here "that" song. You know, that one that pulls at your heart strings... pulls so hard that the tears just start streaming. It's usually on the ride to or from work in the car by myself.
I've had some songs that I wanted to remember and take note of... the first one is "I wont let go" right now this is the song I would like to dance to with William at his wedding.

When I was pregnant there were two others that got to me... "Glitter" and "The Story" I love both of these too and have spent nights rocking with baby Will while looking at my sweet sweet miracle and listening to the beautiful lyrics.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I admit it, I talk baby..., it started with some words here and there but now I've noticed some just come automatic to me, thought it'd be fun to keep track of some of the Wilanguage going on at the Wilson's!

Tubby: Bath

Jams/ Jammajams: Pajamas

Baba: Bottle

Numm Numm: Yummy

Pookster, Buggaboo, Sugar bear, snuggle bunny: William

NighNigh: Good night

Dadadadada: Daddy

Mamamamamam: Mommy

One doctors view of babytalk:

"Beweave" it or not, baby talk helps babies learn language. Research shows that babies prefer to listen to our silly baby talk from birth. Why is that you ask? Well, consider what baby talk sounds like. It tends to be high pitched and very sing-song, and we drag out vowels such as, "HIIIIII baby" So baby talk stands out in their environment compared to the boring way we talk to other adults.

Babies can pick things out of language quicker when they hear it in baby talk, so theirs no reason to try to suppress the kind of baby talk you do naturally. You share a lot of happy positive feelings to your baby when you do it, and your baby enjoys it!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Plan...

Between.... Chasing a bobbing, cruising, crawling, Boomer chasing naked bootie boy,

to giving baba's and sweet lovins at every chance we get,

to wrestling around for diaper changes with a constantly rolling/Boomer chasing baby... It was time for a change: The Plan!

I do like to believe I have "it all" whatever "it" may be, now keeping it all in check, that is the real dilemma!
For those of you that don't know, when a baby enters your life, no matter how prepared or how long you've wanted this little addition, your world gets turned upside down! From the house always being dirty to lack of sleep to piles of endless paperwork sometimes it seems there is no end in sight. Luke like many other males has no hesitation when planning weekend golf outings, weeknight softball games, and weekend hunting trips. When the momma wants to go get a pedicure, or just even get to the store by herself it requires a mere miracle, on top of all of this there is no time left for the two of us, you know the two people who liked to go to dinner and to a movie together once upon a time. So were trying to change things up a bit!

I think after many discussions Mr.Wilson is starting to see that things need to change a bit for his lovely wife to stay sane... The other night he defrosted pork chops for dinner and decided that is what we would have all on his own. This has never happened as it is usually up to me or were both left scrambling around when we get home from work, so this was a proud mommy moment. Sorry....onto the plan:

Monday: Normal night with William as a happy family of three
Tuesday: Date night, either make a yummy dinner or get take out and eat after Will goes to bed and then talk and hang out or do something together. It is finally nice enough we can have a drink and sit on the deck and talk! OR go out to eat together, we might take Will to Luke's dads and go early before bed some nights or get a sitter. We don't have the extra money right now but if it is going to help things out then we'll make it work.
Wednesday: Luke's softball/guys night, sometimes games are canceled and he still has the chance to go play golf or meet the guys for a beer. Sometimes Will and I will go to his games or we will just hang out at home together. Wednesday is also mommy and William night.
Thursday: Mommy's night! Thursdays I am not allowed to go home after work, every other night one of us picks up Will and I go home and do not stop running around ie: a mommys job is never done. So Thursdays Luke gets Will and I will either work out, meet a friend for happy hour, go to the mall, or even just go to Target or the grocery store, as long as it is a little mommy sanity time away. This is also daddy and Will night.
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: all vary with different social events and things going on this summer but we are really trying to start going to church as a family, it is hard because Will usually takes a nice morning nap right around that time. But it is a habit I would like to get in!

Luke has been working longer hours at work and I am still learning how to balance it all. I am hoping the new plan gives all of us a nice schedule to fall in, things have been a little rough but after all were all still learning! I realize that it is a bit personal to post about this however I love to look back at the changes that have taken place in our lives over the months and years. Just the other day I was reading about when we moved into our house and this Texas trip, ohh how times have changed! I also know that a lot of new mommies that I reach out to for support that I have learned from so its always good to share struggles and successes. I'll keep you updated on "the plan!"

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The great diaper debate

So I've been meaning to do a post like this for a while, when you spend roughly 60.00 a month on diapers you really want to get the best bang for your buck, also with all the new babies and preggers I thought some might find it helpful while in those big, confusing diaper aisles!

Here is just MY opinion on the diaper thang!

You start out with Pampers Swaddlers from the hospital, they are soft as cotton, and ohh so tiny and cute! Pampers and Huggies both have "swaddler like" products as you move up in size, cruisers, movers etc... both still the softy kinds. These are the ones I like. The "dry/baby dry" products are more of a plastic feel to me, kinda like a grocery bag. We used these once and Luke hated them, the fact that I have a guy that will change diapers is great so I will spend more to get the kinds he likes! The "dry" diapers do not mean they are good for overnight, Pampers and Huggies both have their special overnight products! Luv's are good and a lot better priced but they are comparable to the "dry" diapers.

Walgreens and Parents Choice (walmart) are both comparable to Huggies movers, I like both of these! Price really does depend on what sales are going on and what coupons you have. At Target and Walgreens you can use one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per product so if you have one of each and combine you can save a lot. Babies r us sometimes has in store promos and you can also use coupons with them!

All based on Will's current diaper size: 3 and most based on Walmarts online price

Parents Choice - Walmart store brand: 96 count 14.00 .15 each

Pampers -Cruisers: 140 count 35.00 .25 each

-Dry: 174 count 33.00 .19 each

Huggies -Lil Movers: 124 count 35.00 .28 each

-Dry: 156 count 32.00 .21 each

Luv's (comparable to Pampers Dry): 204 count 35.00 .17 each

Walgreens Store Brand: 36 count 10.00 .27 each
however last week on sale for 5.99 and I had a 2.00 coupon so for the pack I bought I got them for .11 each Here is the cutie bootie I get to kiss diaper, wipe, lotion I a lucky girl or what!
While I have my favorites I am not partial to any one brand, if I find a really good deal I get it, but dividing it out to get the prices/each definitely helped me to know what actually IS a good deal, crazy that there is that much of a price difference between all of these!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The list could go on...and on....

I could go through and tell you all the amazing baby products that were my "must haves" and that really helped us through those first few months and still help us, but instead I thought I'd tell you about my one favorite one! Also one that I get A LOT of questions, comments, and emails on so now I have a place to direct people!

I cannot say enough great things about the Summer Video Monitor! My sister had a video monitor and loved it, I didn't know if this expensive techy gadget was a necessity but I now don't know how we would get by without it! I'm sure everyone has their own story of their first night home from the hospital, you really just don't know what to do. You go from nurses and doctors taking care of their every need to... all looking at each other not quite sure what to do.

Luke and I are pretty relaxed parents but that first night we couldn't kick the fear that Will was swaddled, on his back and would spit up and choke on it. So we did what any parents would do and stayed awake and watched him... at one point Luke was laying on the floor next to the crib.
Quickly things got easier and we all became in sync with each other but at every cough, sneeze, twitch, and even cry. It was so nice not to jump up out of bed or run up the stairs to see if everything was ok, at the click up a button we could see Will sleeping soundly and you just cant imagine that reassurance.

Flash forward, he moves and boy does he love to move. With a traditional monitor what I would of thought was a 2 hour nap... well is not. Will loves to play with his blankie, and his ocean fish on his crib, and sing and talk to himself. It is fun to watch, also helps me know when he's woken up because he rarely cries when he wakes up.

I snapped a picture last night, but this was his little play before sleep time, Usually when I look in at bedtime all I see is a peaceful sleeping baba.

I couldn't recommend this product anymore!

People ask me if it was worth it (priced at 200 at babies r us) and YES Yes it was! I waited till I had a 20% off coupon (40 bucks off!) and used gift cards from my showers to buy it.

Another thing I often tell my new mommy friends (who want to breastfeed yay!) Is to check out the breast pumps at the hospital store or Cotton babies The breast pump I got below was priced at 280 from babies r us, but I got it in the hospital for 200 bucks!

Last tip: take as many nasal aspirators from the hospital as you can get your hands on, they are the ONLY ones that work well, and if you end up with a kid that gets snotty sometimes like mine they are good to have multiples!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mommy Guilt day

I've been beating myself up about a mommy FAIL moment recently... please understand that as a type A perfectionist even typing the word fail when talking about being a mommy is causing my eyes to well up with tears.

Why is it so hard to keep it all together, and why does EVERYTHING fall on the momma's shoulders? I mean literally from who's watching Will for what occasion to vacuuming to paying bills to setting up television service to grocery shopping to keeping track of an ever filling calender to making sure your child's learning is on track... I've felt like I've been drowning a bit lately.

Jackie texted me the other day to ask if there was a size up nipple she should be using for Will's bottles. I asked her to look at the number on hers to see what she was using because I didn't remember what I had originally given her. She said they were size 2. Insert gulp.
We moved Will up to size 3 dr. browns nipples UMMM 2 months ago? Or more? I don't even remember at this point. Will gets 2-3 bottles a day with Jackie 3-4 days a week and he has been struggling to suck them down. Why didn't I remember this?

I couple hours later I was at her house picking the sweet lil mr. up and I saw our blankie that Luke had had on him because it was chilly that morning and it dawned on me..... We've been letting Will sleep with a blankie in his crib for about two months now. Now I know that some people may not agree with this. BUT I swaddled, we have breathable bumpers, and fitted sheets I use most precautions with this issue but the boy loves to snuggle his blankie! We now lay him on top of it and he cant get out of our arms fast enough to snuggle and rub his face on it. I think it is a comfort thing for him now. Get where this is going?
I cant begin to explain the feeling that Will may not have as comfortable as he could of been because this tiny tid bit this mommy forgot. When remembering the 900 million other things a day that run through my mind at the speed of

As I sit and beat myself up I I a good mom? I could think of a million awesome things I do for him but it all comes back to not spending enough time with him, and sometimes when I do I feel like I am so exhausted I am not giving him 100% of me. Dang mommy guilt gets me every time.... Do you suffer from this horrible condition?
I think the best treatment for it is extra snuggles!
Luke reassures me that I am THE BEST mommy a boy could ask for and he thinks I am crazy for ever doubting myself, so at least I got that going for me...ha!

Stay tuned for tomorrows post: The Plan

Fairy Princesses!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Productive weekend and fun first birthday!

Doesn't it just seem like Friday ends, tired from the week but ambitious to make the most of Friday night and the weekend, then before the blink of an eye dishes are being done, desperate housewives is starting and we are gearing up for another week?
How do we stop this vicious cycle and make the weekends more a time for relaxing and reconnecting?
I think it is Springs fault, at least that's what I will blame it on... we have had lots of yard work plus (yes still trying) to finish the last few projects on the basement, and clean our house/keep up with laundry it seems that is what we do most weekends. But it is fine, I still enjoy doing those things and spending lots of time with lil Will.
Will's best friend Evan, (babysitter Jackie's son) turned ONE last Wednesday! I cant believe Will's little friends are getting so old. This weekend was his super fun party at The Little Gym. Will loves it there, he gets to crawl, climb, and explore and a great time was had by all!

Being there made me start to think what we will do for Will's first birthday! I am confused on what to do about friends, some of our friends invite us to their kids first birthdays and some don't, so it is a sticky situation I feel like. Also if we do families and friends I feel like the group is pretty large and makes me worry if we would do something at our house. Then I started thinking of doing an "open house" type party because I think it would be more relaxed and maybe less overwhelming for Will, if you have an opinion on this or advice on what you tried please feel free to share!

Any who, 4 more months to think about that (:O ) Onto the pics.... BEST friends!
Jackie and I and our boys <3
Our boys thought the sticks were teething toys. Faith and friends jumping
Faith is such a sweet little girl and loves to play with and entertain Will.

Getting blown up with the jump jump


The best friends crawling and having a ball

Cake time!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

7 months old

My big big boy is 7 months old...already! I went through as I uploaded these and started at the beginning and it made me tear up, how did it go so fast? It seems like yesterday he was that little newborn!
Okay we all know I could go on in sappy land forever, onto the stats!
6, 9, or 12 month clothing depending on the brand
Just started size 3 diapers
3 meals a day 4-5 bottles
2 teeth with more on the way
Bed 7:30 Wake 6 am 2-3 naps a day

He was obsessed with touching the stickers on his onesie, I hope he doesn't do this every month!

excited boy!


My smiley boy

Trying on our new tennies for the first time

LOVE this age, everything is the most interesting thing they've ever seen before!