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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I got a snow day!!!

So it is easy to get jealous when seeing school closings, hearing about all the teachers you know being off, and your stuck scraping your car at work, putting on boots and toughing it out! But today I got a snow day, yes it probably helps my boss is my dad, but YAY!!! I am still going to go out later and see a customer but for the most part I am going to stay bundled up inside!
Here are a couple pics I took at 5:30 last night, now the snow is about up to Boomers Belly!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pictures of Dominick

The beautiful Mother after a very LONG and HARD labor! I cant get over how great she looks!
My new "nephew" and I, Yes I was crying, if you know me you know this happens quite often!

Dominick Robert Westerheide!
Here he is.... I went to go visit them again today at lunch, both are doing great and hoping to get the good word to get to go home tomorrow. Which will mean I wont see them till Saturday! Meghan was doing great when we saw her on Saturday but she was doing one thousand times better today, when it is a best friend you can just tell, tell when they are tired, happy, sad, or in pain, and it was so great to see her be herself for a short hour with me today!
All the best to your new life at home with this precious bundle I am sure it will be amazing!

Pure Bliss meeting Dominick!

One of my best friends in the whole world delivered her little baby boy on Friday. Nick and Meghan had been trying very hard many different ways to have a baby, after many failed attempts they found out about 9 months ago that they were pregnant. She had a very long, painful, and hard delivery, but Dominick made it finally, at 8 pounds 9 oz.
My job was to call some of the close friends with the news, so there were less phone calls for Nick to make, it was the longest morning/ afternoon of my life waiting and praying for a safe delivery for Meghan and Dominick!
Saturday, Michelle, Winnie, Jim, Leslie and I went to go visit them, we wanted to go all at once she she didn't have visitors popping in and out and could finally get some much needed rest!
He is one of the most adorable and perfect babies I have ever met in my life and the second I got to hold him I knew I was obsessed instantly!
I will post some pics of his beautiful face tonight, and might get to go see Meghan again today on my lunch break!
Congratulations Meghan and Nick we are all so happy for you!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jivin & Wailin!

My good friend Lauren and I, we were freshman college roomates and have remained close since, her wedding is October 09Michelle, Lauren, & I, what does everyone think of the curly hair...?!?

Kisses for Luke... and a wink for me ;)
Saturday night was a lot of fun, we went out to Jive and Wail a new dueling piano bar, It was also my good friend Michelle's 25th birthday, We had a great time and our throats hurt from singing... okay screaming... along to all the great songs! Here are a couple pics from our fun night out... That definitly ended with Luke and I stoping at Jack in the Box on the way home... those are the best nights! :)
Happy Birthday Michelle!

Lap Doggie

So you hear people say when referring to their large dogs that the dog thinks it is a lap dog, well I have proof that this definitely holds true for our dear sweet Boomer.
Boomer loves to lay and snuggle with us on the couch and in bed which is great, but a lot of times (and mostly just to me) Boomer decides he wants to be SO close that he gets right on top of you....
This pictures is from Sunday, just laying on the couch minding my own business... then yes here comes Boomer he is laying right on top of my whole body!
Had to share that we truly honestly do have a 58 pound lap doggie!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boy how times have changed...

So at our little get together last night we were talking and reminiscing about the good ol' days in college, no worries besides what we were going to do that night and what we would wear! It got me thinking about how much I have changed since graduating in 2006:

- I am no longer afraid to sit and have a meal by myself at a restaurant, now I actually look forward to it!

- I never knew I could love someone so much it physically hurts, missing them and worrying about them.

- I am not ashamed to admit that some Saturday nights I would much rather stay in with some Chinese take out than be out at a bar.

- Wine actually DOES taste better out of the bottle than out of the box!

- It takes a long time to get to know someone, and sometimes it is the people you've known the longest and the best that you are just finding things out about...

- I am not anymore afraid to tell my friends exactly how I feel, about them, about decisions they've made, or about life in general, if they are real friends we should be able to talk about anything.

- How mentally satisfying a long hard day at work can be!

Dinner Party

So last night Luke and I hosted a little dinner party, we don't get to see our friends Johnny and Abbie very often so it was also a good excuse to get to see them! I was a little overwhelmed by the thought of cooking for EIGHT people, Hello I am used to cooking for two and that's even a challenge sometimes! So I decided to make one of my specialties, spaghetti and meat sauce, I thought it turned out great and it was also easy to make, I even made some parts ahead so I wasn't cooking everything when people were there.
So apparently I need to buy a BIG BIG pot, I noticed this when I made a big batch of cabbage and potatoes, but cooking the spaghetti noodles in my big pot caused some towards the bottom to not get stirred in well and were a little hard so when draining the noodles I took those out and threw them in the sink, no one wants 1/2 cooked noodles... there is a reason for this story....
Since Luke and I only have a four seater table in the kitchen right now, we set up the folding table in the dining room, we decided to do girls in there and boys in the kitchen, I was very glad everyone was okay with this because it was nice to just visit with the girls ;) We had plenty of wine, food, and conversation.
Boomer gets anxious when there are dirty dishes sitting out on the counter so I decided to throw them in the dishwasher quick... When I was on my last ones I noticed that when I was turning the garbage disposal on the water was not going down and it was coming up the other side too, and it was not clean water it was the food I was washing down mixed with dirty water = gross!
Come to find out, I completely clogged the drain when I threw the uncooked noodles in there, Our friend Adam had to unscrew our sink from the bottom and drain it all out from the bottom, This in turn smelled like vomit, so while Luke was gathering towels and buckets, adam was down draining, I was spraying Oust everywhere!

Ha ha, It definitely turned out to be a fun and memorable dinner party! Cant wait for the next one!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crazy Busy!

So I haven't posted in too long, but things have been pretty crazy at the Wilson house! This past weekend Luke started construction at the rental property, we still have not heard from insurance or seen anything from them, but the work has begun! He worked on it for about 10 hours Saturday, and most of the day Sunday too! I spent sometime with my friend Meghan since she could have her little boy any day now, we went to lunch, organized some of her baby stuff, and spent some much needed time together! I also went furniture shopping with my mom, since the new floors and painting in her house (months ago) she still has not gotten new furniture, I was so surprised we actually found stuff she liked and got it, I cant wait to see it in her beautiful home! So I got nothing done around our house this weekend but lots around other peoples!

On a whole nother note......Our trash service usually comes on Fridays, they didn't come and we have been calling and calling, since we were out of town last week, we have about 2 weeks of trash, so our trash was still sitting out and it was SO windy last night, at 2 am Luke finally got up and moved it in the garage, we both could not sleep because the wind was so loud. We are both so exhausted today and supposed to have 3 different couples over for dinner tonight, cooking for a total of 8 people... I am sure it will be fine, I am just so tired already and it is not even 9 am yet... so sometimes I wonder...why do I volunteer myself to do these things?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Baby Updates

My sister is off bed rest!!! YAY! She is still on the meds to stop her contractions, but she can go back to school, and walk and sit up :) So she is going to keep that baby in a little longer!

My friend Meghan could have her baby boy any day now... how exciting I cant wait!!!!!

Gotta love the family!

On New years day Luke, my mom and I headed out bright and early and set out to Clifton Illinois to visit my dads side of the family, about 4 1/2 hours away. My grandpa had surgery on his ankle on November and has not been able to walk since, he still has some time left to stay off of it, but seems like he is doing really well. So my Grandma had everyone in the family over at her house on the 1st to visit with us, it was so great to see everyone, meet two new babies I have not gotten to see yet (one is over a year old!) And see my cousin Leslie who I have not seen or got to spend time with in a while!
Even though we do not see them often it was great to spend time everyone, catch up, and learn some great tips from my Grandma, I swear my mom and I should of been taking notes she is the best ever!
I forgot my camera for the trip (I know I was sad) But it was very early in the morning so I am lucky I remembered everything else, But some of the cousins took pics for me so I will post some when they send them.

We have also had Luke's brother Ben staying with us for a little over a week now, it was fun having him here and spending time with him too, now he is back in sunny Vegas, lucky dog!

Good bye 2008, Hello to 09!

When Luke and I think about 08, we think of one good thing and only one thing. Our wedding, we got married in April and had been together for five years, it was the happiest day of both of our lives so far. Now I know if we really had to think of some more we could, but since the past couple months things have been so down hill, it is hard to think about 08 as a good year.

A few updates on some of the many problems going on:
Update: we have not yet heard from the insurance company, but Luke has met several people there to evaluate the situation and see what we can do to fix it. We are hoping to get a "lease to own" contract signed on Wednesday, this does not guarantee they will buy it, but they will sign a contract to take over the mortgage for a year. Garnishments for the horrible lady: no update.

Since all of our time and much of our money goes to this problem we have left some of ours on the back burner. Our basement door is leaking in water and is all rotted out, I am trying to find the best, cheapest way to fix this without buying a 500 dollar door, if anyone has any suggestions on this let me know, and keep in mind Luke is not the most handy :)

Luke and I have many things to be thankful for in life... we do we do, we need to keep reminding ourselves of this because sometimes it can be hard to see... However, we are definitely ready to kick 2008 out the door, and welcome 09 with open arms!

It can only go up hill from here!