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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sick Days...

This is my baby boy on his sick day last Tuesday relaxing at home with mommy...
and today my other boy, Luke is at home sick! Say a quick prayer for us he feels better by tomorrow for our trip!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Williams's first Easter! 2011

We didn't go too crazy with all the Easter hoopla's this year, I figured.... He is six months old weve got plently of time! I actually did want to try to get out and get his picture with an Easter bunny but it just didn't end up working out.
Luke's mom came out to watch Will Friday, Luke and I both had friends in town so we went out to see them and then the weather got bad... really bad. The worst tornado in 45 years hit Saint Louis (again!) I texted Luke's mom frantically, it makes you want to tear yourself apart when something like this is happening and you are not with the person you love most in the world. She assured me they were okay and all three of them (her, Will and Boomer) were hiding in the basement in the bathroom. She had to get Will out of bed three different times to go to the basement. There was significant damage but luckily we didn't know anyone that was hurt. Will was asleep when I got home but I snuggled his butt a little and whispered sweet nothings to him, it was so hard to be away from him during this!

ANYWAY! Luke's mom spent the night with us and we all hung out in the morning and I made some food, yummy new egg casserole, and cheese squares aka hillbilly cheesecake! His brother, sister in law, and niece came over and we had a yummy Easter brunch! They brought Will some clothes and some big boy food, puffs and yogurt bites. Sunday morning we got up, got ready and headed to church. Then we went straight to my moms she was doing a brunch as well! Over there Will got MORE big boy food, plus some baby food, and diapers, we got really stocked up! Mommy liked these kind of Easter presents!!!

It was a very low key but nice first Easter with my little buddy!

My mom and Will, both tuckered out after a long fun Easter holiday.
Gramma and her two boys, the only way we could get them together in a shot!

Nana trying to help get the boys together.

If it wasn't one it was the other... they wanted nothing to do with an Easter photo shoot.

Will is fascinated by himself once again

Showing off his crawling skills to the fam... Luke's mom and my dad both guess he will be walking by nine months. ohh lord help me!

Ahhh ha ha ha- my happy baby boy!

Big boy treats!

Baby Girl checking it out


"Look MA, no hands!"

Opening his Easter basket from Grammy

My sweet perfect family

Will wanted to eat mommy instead of pose!

Will with his basket, that used to be my basket, HEY... I just realized I got the shaft this year!
Will got a basket, Luke got blue moon, and I got diapers, ohh joy!

Will and his cousin Peyton

Ohh we also tried out Will's mesh feeder for the first time this weekend (thanks for the reminder ash!) and he really liked it. First we did frozen strawberries I thought the cold would be good but they were kinda bitter tasting, funny faces but then we went with some fresh cantaloupe and he loved it! Definitely good to do before a bath or with no clothes on!

Hope everyone had a great Easter celebrating and didn't get hurt or damaged in the storms!

Will crawls for the first time!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Its no secret WILL LOVES BOOMER! He lights up his life, he smiles ear to ear when he sees him and sometimes this is accompanied by his delightful scream... Ahhhh! You lucky readers get to hear me imitate his "scream" on this video. God I love my voice! Please sense my sarcasm here...
Anyway, Boomer does not really like Will, I think he still doesn't know why, how or what in the heck this little man is doing invading our house.

Here is just another example of Will LOVING Boomer and Boomer completely ignoring him!

Weve been busy!

Work, life, love, baby, home, and family have had me busy the past week or two! We had a wonderful Easter weekend full of family... and tornado's! And we are SO looking forward to our upcoming trip... We leave this Thursday for North Carolina! It has been raining in St Louis for like the past three months, at least that's what it feels like!

Here are some pics to update you with what we've been up to!

ALL pics are from my phone sorry for the quality (time for an iphone 4, maybe for my bday?) Luke if your reading this, I'm just kidding I can think of lots of other things.... ;)

We dug out some of our summer goodies and tried them on! This hat should do to block some of this fair skin daddy gave Will.

Dress on order! Thanks for your votes!

I went and tried them all on and decided on the halter!

Sent pictures of all to the lovely bride for approval :)

We learned how to open presents yay!!!! My mom got both the boys a new educational toy (score!) from the smart kids shop, though I think Will liked his wrapping better than his toy...

Yummy, a bow just for me to EAT!
Were acting the same as we did when the bottom two teeth poked through, so I think we might have some more coming in! LOTS of chewing going on, and we have a FULL time crawler!!!! I absolutely love watching my little crawler learn and experience everything, last night he did something new, crawled from the family room to the kitchen and crawled right up my legs :)

Our Parents As Teachers 6 month visit was Monday night. Will was perfect as usual and got A++ on his 6 month evaluation. He did his "attack" on me during her visit where he totally goobers me and tries to literally eat me so the teacher said she thinks we'll be seeing some new teeth soon too.

More Chewing!!! Double TIME! Isn't this picture the best!
Also time to mention, tending to Will's double ear infection has kept us busy as well!
I don't know if you remember in the last post I did I said I thought I noticed that he was getting sick again. Were on antibiotics and hoping to kick it and feel better by out trip!
(photo courtesy of Miss Jackie)

We eat PUFFS!!!!! My big big boy.... sniffle sniffle!
(photo courtesy of Miss Jackie)


I know your probably wondering, YES I am super jealous of Jackie that she gets to hang out with these two hilarious and adorable boys everyday, THANK YOU to Jackie's hubby for allowing her to do this and Jackie for take amazing care of our sweetheart!

(photo courtesy of Miss Jackie)

We got mommy a couple new tops (that fit!) for our spring/summer/and our trip!

Will LOVES mirrors so having him in the dressing room is usually do-able

And lastly I don't think it will be long before I am blogging about a completely finished (awesome!) BASEMENT! Yaaa Hooo! Started hanging some things on the wall now just need counter tops for the bar, baseboards up in the bathroom and need to reorganize the storage area and were DONE!

Monday, April 18, 2011

I get it...

I now understand, I thought I kinda knew... but I don't think I did. But now, now that I have him, I get it.

LOVE: It doesn't even do it justice to put into words how much I love my little William. Some mommies including my own have tried to explain it to me in the past, the unmistakable, indescribable amount of love you will fall in with your child/ren, I have to add the "ren" because I was #2 and Luke #4. When I was pregnant my sister Crystal was uber excited for me and once she told me it was because she would get to see me experience this type of love like she had just fell in with Bennett. For me, It didn't happen on day one... of course I loved him and was so excited to meet him and that he was finally here. But everyday as his little personality came out more and more and I found so many things we have in common I just keep falling more in love with him everyday.

More evidence of my snugglebug!

MINI ME: Ok here it is the only way to explain this. "He is ME only smaller." Everyone has always said he looks just like me. "He's got his momma's eyes" "cheeks!" I never saw it, to me he was William! I finally am starting to see the eye thing, in photos and up close he's got my "Chinese eyes" as Luke and I call em... but blue, like daddy! It is fun to see but the place I see me most in him is his little personality, the things he thinks are funny, his toys attacking him, his LOVE for dogs and animals, I could go on forever. He is cranky when he is tired and hungry just like his mommy. This morning I went to get him out of his crib (it was silent so I thought he was sleeping still) but he was sitting there up like a big boy smiling and laughing just hanging out. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen before in my entire life!

Our Crawler... 6.5 months

FAVORITE AGE: We've all heard it before "this age is my favorite!!!" But its another thing that is true! Every age and stage Will is at has been my favorite! I LOVED having a teeny tiny newborn around, so sweet and soft. Will really gave me a run for my money there for a while with his health issues and our bank account took (and will be taking for a long time) a BIG beating! He was the perfect "baby" size guy for a while and so fun to fall asleep on the couch with and snuggle. And now of course once again this 6 month mark has been my favorite, he is playing SO much sitting, eating fun foods, and now CRAWLING! Sorry for the bad iphone pics I have a video to upload soon. Saturday morning he crawled for the first time and has been going ever since! I know this will bring a whole new love to this stage!

Sorry moms.... but I have the sweetest boy around. period. end. He is sick again, started as a nasty cold him and his bud Evan were swapping snot all last week and now it sounds like another full blown infection in his lungs. His cough went from bad to worse over the weekend and were taking him to the doctor this afternoon. Even feeling like poop he never fusses or cries he never complains one bit, he still sits and plays and laughs like always. He just wants some extra snuggles (see above) God bless his little heart he is the sweetest boy ever.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A typical day revisited...

Well friends William is about 6 1/2 months and ohhh how times have changed! I just went back and looked at our typical day BW: before Will (ie click that to see link) and it really is funny how much has changed in such a short time! I think it will be fun to go back and look at this again when he is older, and remember these times. Since then Luke's work schedule has changed which has really worked out nicely so he can help a bit more.

95% of the time Will sleeps all the way through the night so we are either awoken by him around 6 or the alarm goes off at 5:45 and we hit snooze and then I get up drag my butt out of bed and take a shower, since it takes longer for me to get ready I get going first. We both get ready and if Will awakes during this time one of us gets his meds and bottle and feds him then he plays on the floor of our room or bathroom till we are done. After eating he is usually really content and happy during this time which works out well. He and Luke go downstairs while I finish getting ready and Will plays in his highchair while we pack lunch, make coffee, and get our things together for work and the babysitters house. Around 7 it is time to hit the road, Luke usually takes Will since it is on his way to work.

Some days I will run a quick errand during lunch or right after, some days I wont. I like to pick up Will from Jackie's so I can chat with her and see how their day went but it usually depends on how our days go and what we have going on that night on who picks up. Will is not quite crawling TO us yet, but he definitely knows when we get there and it is just the best feeling in the whole world to scoop him up in my arms after 9 long hours and all is right in the world yet again because he is with me.

Will typically stays up and plays for 2-3 hours at a time which leaves him usually taking three naps throughout the day. There are days there are two naps but usually it is three. He now eats solid food for breakfast (a fruit and rice cereal) a snack (a veggie) and dinner (a veggie and cereal, going to try meats soon!)

Once home I feel like we are at the Nascar race track and trying to get everything done! We try to decide our dinner, feed Will his dinner, give Boomer a little attention, chat about our days and make any phone calls or emails we need to, and some nights give Will a bath. Now we are doing about three baths a week depending on what we did that day or how messy dinner gets ;)

Usually (depending on naps from the day) around 6:45,7 Mr. Cranky Pants comes to visit our home. We hold off as long as we can before put on a bedtime diaper, give medicine, and have a bedtime bottle. Bedtime right now is around 7:30

Then the kitchen/house is cleaned up a bit and it is time to relax, now don't get me wrong I COULD go work out at this time, but after a full day of work and an infant who has the energy? Not.this.girl. I've contemplated getting up at 5 am to get a work out in but we've yet to see that happen as well... This week I've done great and resorted to eating healthier, fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast and awesome salads for lunch. I will be in a swimsuit (possible bikini) in two weeks from today....holy flipping hell.

No, no, its more like idol, modern family, emails, words with friends, a glass of wine, ice cream and some couch time before.... you guessed it lather.rinse.repeat. I love every second of it and I am blessed and love my life but man a day to sleep in would be nice, if we could only hit snooze on Will a few times!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mornings with Will

Will is always in such a good mood in the mornings! I love it. I had the camera near by and we were playing around but I finally got his cough recorded!!!! Here it is! We just do it a few times a day now, but can you imagine when he was doing this ALL the time! Also he wanted to show off his superior rolling over, going from crawling to sitting, and spitting skills for you! PS ignore my high pitched "will voice"

And that makes three years!

Today marks the hubs and my third wedding anniversary! It is a whole new love you fall in when you meet your children, this year has been full of pregnancy, the birth of our first born, and a first fun six months with him! Though not everyday has been all smiles and laughs, we've definitely had our fair share of ups and downs. I think we will lay low tonight and enjoy dinner and sometime with our little sweetheart. Friday Luke's stepsister babysat for us and we enjoyed a quiet nice night with dinner out at Chili's and caught some of the baseball game, then headed to the boat for some gambling and did our best for a full night and sleeping in in their awesome hotel. With basement and medical expenses it totally helped us out to have a free sitter, used gift cards to have a free dinner, and Luke's step mom hooked it up with the free room, score! Not sure if we will do presents or not, the traditional one is leather but I told Luke to go pick out himself some new sunglasses, he left his in Florida on "accident" He has been wanting new ones for a while so not sure how much I believe this. ;) They were the ones I got him for college graduation in 2005! So he did good with those and deserves some new ones! Me, I have been {hinting majorly} a very good girl and deserve a bottle of Cakebread Chardonnay well see!
April 12 2008 we wed as husband and wife and had the best time celebrating with all of our family and friends. I will never forget this day.

2009 We went to celebrate at the Cardinals game, it was a gorgeous day.

2010- We had just went to spring training in Florida and I was newly prego and we didn't do too much, but I got my iphone that I still LOVE!

Our beautiful room

2011 Dinner and night out at Ameristar
Elevator shot! We needed ONE picture! :) Sorry Luke I know you hate this one.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring!.... Finally!

I feel like SPRING finally SPRUNG this week in St.Louis! The weather has been incredible (except for the earth shattering storm last night) I am so excited it is nice out, I feel like just about ALL of Will's little life he has been couped up inside! We got out to the park and old town St Charles this weekend for some fresh air and a nice lunch just us three. And Saturday we went to have some fun with some great friends. Kris and Tara have sweet lil Calab, Kris and Luke have been friends (great friends) for over 20 years now! Its a hectic life being a baby and all, lemme get some of that dad, you look over there... (first beer) ;) And first cookie! These lil biter biscuits are great for teethers, Will LOVED it! Daddy of course was nervous from the mess it was creating, ohh lord.
So sweet watching the kids interact with each other! Thanks Kris and Tara!

Luke started softball this week too! Spring has definitely (finally!) sprung in Saint Louis!

Will's besties

Jackie (Will's babysitter) sent me a couple cute pictures of the little boogers! Her daughter is so sweet and so good with Will! teaching him how to play catch, look at his arms all out and ready, and their little feet touching! Fuzzy (7am!) pic but Ahhh.... I can hear it now, his happy squeal! LOVE it!
And with these two handsome devils a sturdy double stroller for Jackie was a must so after some research I scooped up this one and they all seem to love it!

Will has his "ohhh my where are we going and what am I going to see!" look on! Love it!

It helps us!

Just wanted to do a quick post on a product that really helps us out! Huggies Overnites Diapers!!! I noticed before that sometimes when Will would wake up in the middle of the night it was soley due to wet jammies... not.ok.
I remembered that my sister had this problem with Bennett and I went out the next day and stocked up! The smallest size they carry is 3 which Will is just now starting to wear but they work! They are SO full in the morning, literally about to burst! I am so glad they have these and they work for us and hope maybe this post helped someone else get a dry, quiet night too! On the same note, I just got and started using these:And I really like them! This dollop of cleaner just sticks to the toilet, the best part is it smells fresh and clean so your potty smells like you just cleaned it, even if it has been days. (or weeks.)

{I am in no way affiliated with either of these products just wanted to share 2 helpfuls!}

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big Boy Tubby!

We graduamated to the big boy tubby! No more baby tub for us! Can you believe this chunky monkey is in the 35% for weight?!? Ok maybe I am going a little crazy keeping up with the "1st's" but this was Will's first time getting all pruned up in the tub! Ha!
Playing in the big boy tubby! (ps thank you for letting me borrow it cousin Bennett!)
Just realizing his feet can splish splash! I way encouraged this, so probably created a monster!
These were last week when Luke was there to take pictures but yesterday Will and I dumped all his new bath toys in with him and he had a BALL! I think we have found out new way to {stretch} an hour! Kinda sad my new baby boy is already big enough for the big boy tubby, but ohh so much fun! :)