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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Darn St Louis weather!

So yesterday day the forecast for Saturday (going to the winery's for Birthday) was sunny and high of 69, perfect weather, now it is cloudy and 40% chance of rain! Wonder what it will be tomorrow!
Any suggestions for a back up plan if it is crappy day out?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

#3 Birthday Lunch with Visitors!

Today my mom, Crystal, and baby Bennett came to my work to take me out to lunch. Since my mom and sister haven't seen our offices since the big move about a year and a half ago it was good to show them everything!
It was also nice to take a big long lunch with some new non work people and hang out for longer than usual!
Bennett boy has been being so great, every time I am around him he is very well behaved! This couldn't be because he is still sleeping 90% of the time could it?!?!
Thanks for taking me to a great birthday lunch guys!!! :)

Kind of Birthday event #2

Once a month 3 of my friends, their significant others and Luke and I try to get together for dinner at one of our houses, This past Monday we got together at my friend Abbie's house, It is always nice just to sit relax and catch up, without spending money at a restaurant or bar!
After dinner the lights went out, candles were lit, and they all sang happy birthday to me... as I blew out the candles we were all laughing because my cake doubled as some leftovers from Meghan's son Dominick's baptism (a cute blue cake with a cross on it) and some chocolate cupcakes (I LOVE cupcakes!)
It was a great dinner/ night... and Thanks for sharing your cake Dom!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fun "birthday" event #1!

So... the big 2-5 is this Thursday, and usually I don't do a whole lot for my birthday, but this year it seems like things keep popping up! Maybe it is because people know that it has kinda been a crappy year for me, maybe because it is 25.... whatever the reason I thought I would post about birthday events! Unfortunately I have no pictures from this one, I will do better, promise!

Saturday my mom took me out all day for a "day of fun" for my Birthday! The day began with getting manicures and pedicures, we both felt so pampered and got along with our nail ladies it was really fun! Then to a new liquor store Friar Tucks, I wanted to get one of those marble wine chiller things so we stopped in there and I got one. Hacienda was my lunch destination of choice, it was a gorgeous sunny day and they have a huge patio, Crystal, Greg, and Bennett joined us for lunch and a margarita outside! After that we hit up a couple stores and both ended up with some great deals and new items, with all the weddings coming up I was glad to find some new dresses! To end the evening we were invited over to one of my moms best friends houses for a barbecue, she has a great group of girl friends just like me so it was good to catch up with them!
And that rounds up Birthday event #1!

Ohh my mom also surprised me with one of the digital photo picture frames, I have not hooked it up or learned how to use it yet, but I cant wait to get it set up!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Apparently Dogs CAN inherit!

To make a long story short, Boomer has still been licking his behind more than Luke and I would like, which is what started the whole mess, so I took him back to the doctor last night... he got on the table and the doctor did his thing. He said his stitches are healed nicely and everything seems fine... So why the constant attention to this area, that he didn't even know existed before??

1. It could be allergies

2. It could be OCD... Yes that is right as I stood there (the crazy lady who has cried in his office for the past four weeks) He tells me Boomer might be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder! I started cracking up and told him I might know where he is getting this from! So did Boomer inherit my OCD of a number of things, and suddenly has a constant obsession with licking his behind? He went on to say that it is hard to diagnose since dogs cant talk! How funny!

Before you think that I am going to some quack... He told me we are going to see if it is allergies and even told me we can try over the counter first to save money! SO Boomer is going to be hopped up on Benydrl for a while to see if that cures any sudden allergies he may have acquired!
Sorry, funny story... HAD to share!

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's begun....

Well I think it is here... it happens every year, The crazy busy seasons of being a twenty something couple in the Spring/ Summer. This past weekend kicked it off for us with 2 great friends tying the knot, It was an amazing wedding and a fun filled weekend, however now that it is Monday looking at my calender the reality has set in that it is that season again.
Our calender is booked every weekend until June 13th... not complaining... by any means not complaining, because last year it was me getting married and ohh gosh I am glad it is not us again... stressing, planning, and waiting!

It is just funny how we go all winter relaxing and being lazy on cold snowy days... to having a 5 minute conversation last night about how we are going to get time to get that lawn mowed before our neighbors seriously start complaining!! ha!

Happy Spring!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

One year anniversary!

Our wedding night hotel exactly one year ago!
Lukes friend from high school David Freese hitting one of his first base hits in the major leagues!

Our one year anniversary... notice my strategically placed "1"
For our anniversary we celebrated one day early since our actual anniversary fell on Easter. It was an awesome day, we went downtown early and did lunch outside at a fun bar while music played and the dj talked to all the fans as they walked by, we won the game and got to see Luke's friend from high school play with the Cards, (he was even part of the Grand Slam Pujols hit that day) Then we ended the night outside at Broadway oyster bar listening to a fun band! I couldn't of asked for more!
Some people may be wondering why my pics of David are a little far (we have close seats) I wanted to sit in the sun and be warm so we have them to a dad and his son to get to go sit close... it was a great decision!
Paper Gifts: tickets obviously, I made Luke a big collage of all the things we did in our first year... ticket stubs, wedding program, pictures, things from vacations... He gave me a coupon book... (he made) I cant wait to use some of my coupons in there!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My all star Luke!

Luke is being inducted into the Hall of Fame for Fontbonne's athletes! They only choose 2 or 3 people a year (this year 2) and a lot of times they are older people who graduated a while ago, so what an honor for Luke to be a part of this, his official letter came in the mail yesterday, which was good because I couldn't keep my mouth shut much longer... I am horrible at keeping secrets!

Unfortunately we already have plane tickets to be out of town the weekend of the ceremony.... It will suck we have to miss it, but it is still a cool thing for him, and a great accomplishment!

Congrats Luker!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What hair style should I choose?

1. Bob... Cute, easy...
2. Bob.. I have had these and like them and I am sick of my blah hair shoulder length!

3. Long Bob, one of the "in" styles for spring/ summer 09, I would probably do mine a little shorter than Gwyneth here.

4. Cute piecy bob... would take a little more time in the am I have a feeling.

Help me pick... appt. is Friday!!!! Ahhh...!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Aunt and Nephew

Nope not Bennett and I... Boomer and my moms lil dog Baby Girl!

At first he was couldn't stop wondering how she was getting up there, and why he had never tried it before... Then he just gave up and decided he was still the man of the house and he would sit in his spot!

Monday, April 6, 2009

A day with Peyton

She ended up with 16 eggs!
Standing and watching the Easter Bunny Land!

Saturday Luke and I took his niece Peyton for a fun day! We went to an Easter egg hunt where she hunted for eggs, saw the Easter Bunny, (came in via helicopter) got in a fire truck, saw baby animals at the petting zoo, and of course McDonald's and ice cream for lunch!
It was so great to spend some time one on one with her...
Playing "parents" for the day made me want kids even more (if that is possible)! Luke and I will of been together for six years this May, but we are still strong believers in having some of our own time and accomplishing some things before we bring another person into this crazy world! In the mean time we are having a blast with the nieces and nephews!

Just a Nottke Dinner...

That ended with this!
Silly Boys!
Some other funny things that happened... Discussion of how big Greg will grow his zucchini this year, Luke wondering where the smell of potpourri was coming from, and of course... "That's what she said"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In need....

One my favorite songs of all time is "A good friend and a glass of wine" This week I am definitly in need of this, which is prefect timing since I have happy hour with the girls tonight. One a month we go to happy hour and take turns picking the place....

The past few weeks at work have been pretty crazy, and this one is no exception. So I am looking forward to my girls and a cocktail after work today, then it is Luke's first softball game of the season, he will play Spring Summer and Fall... I know he is looking forward to Wednesday nights!