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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Domestic Diva

So totally copying off Momma Wilson's blog post "Whats cookin"
When Meghan and I went to Time for Dinner one of the dishes I made was the breakfast burritos. Luke LOVED them, he just popped one out of the freezer and into the microwave and before I knew it they were gone!
Since I am at home I decided to try and make these, it was not very difficult and I think they are a great, easy, healthy breakfast!
I made them with:
Tortillas, I got an 8 pack (so 8 total bb made) of wheat, double the nutrition!
eggs, I scrambled 8 eggs and it seemed to be just enough
chopped up onion and green pepper
some shredded cheese, I used Mexican because that's all we had
and salsa, if these were for me I would probably double the cheese and omit the salsa but Luke likes it. I got all the ingredients ready then assembled four at a time to make distributing easy.
layer ingredients on tortilla on cling wrap, or wax paper
Check on baby boy sleeping upstairs... (really I had the video monitor downstairs so I know he was fine but I thought you'd like a pic)
All done 8 breakfast burritos, just freeze and they are prewrapped ready to microwave!

Brotherly LOVE!

The two loving brothers decided to take a long morning nap in mommy and daddy's bed Tuesday morning.... arnt they precious!

To answer a frequently asked question... Boomer is doing very well, he doesn't want much to do with his brother other than the occasional sniff sniff, but we are glad of this for now. If he wanted to hang with him too much it might make things a little more difficult, for now nap buddies is fine with me :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Photo Shoots!

The pictures are up from both of our photo shots! I am very happy with how they turned out, it worked good because some that I don't like from one are good from the other.

Here is the info to view the ones from Whitney, she also photographed our wedding. and click on "proofing", and the password is "william" in lower case letters.
These ones I will get all of on a cd, so no picking yay! :)

Here are the ones from Stephanie Cotta, if you have time please leave me a comment and let me know your TOP pics (top 5) preferably... click on "Proofing." Enter an email address and the password is "babywilliam".

Hope you enjoy as much as I did, what a fun Monday!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I just wanted to do a quick post about YOUR blogs!

I love reading all the blogs I follow, and while I used to be good at keeping up with them regularly and leaving comments, I have been slacking on this a little since I am not in front of a computer all day anymore. However thanks to the lovely world of technology I now get to keep up with blogs and LOTS of other things at other times, mostly in the middle of the night, in bed, on my phone.
While it works great to catch up on reading etc it can be a little tedious to leave comments all the time. So I just wanted to let you know that I am still keeping up and do enjoy reading them, though I might not always say so! :-)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Our busy Thursday -weewee update

Will and I in my office, 2 1/2 weeks old.

Mr. Will man and I had quite the busy Thursday!
After I posted about his little wee wee issue and thought I had it all getting taken care of I got a call from St. Louis Children's hospital that my insurance does not cover them because they are affiliated with Barnes, (BJC) the ONE hospital we cant go to on my insurance. I was immediately concerned because STL Children's is one of the TOP children's hospitals around, or in the nation I believe, and I wish that we could go there for this or anything else! After a couple hours of a very annoying phone call to our insurance company (GHP) the rep on the phone told me he has a list of 21 pages of urologists and I could just start calling to see which ones took infants, or he told me I could go to the doctor at children's and pay out of pocket... thanks dude. Dr. J, his pediatrician whom I adore called me from home or the hospital, I couldn't tell, but called me personally to discuss my other options. We came to the conclusion my only choice for another infant urologist (there are like 2 in the entire STL area!) was Cardinal Glennon. I called and made an appointment and was feeling much better.
Then next day I got a call from Saint Johns, after MORE research on our ped's part she found a urologist who could get me in next day and did not specialize in infants but saw them. GREAT! :)

ANYWAY! The Doctor we got into just happened to be right next to my work so I decided it was time to go in for a visit, and also face anything that needed attention. It was weird Thursday morning because to make it to all of this Will and I had to leave the house by 7:45 so it almost felt like a real work day, even though I usually leave much earlier still, I had to get up get me and a baby ready and get out the door.

Of course everyone at work loved him, and I'm sure my dad loved showing him off to everyone! Surprisingly everything there was calm and I didn't even end up taking any work home with me, yay!

I TRIED to feed him in the morning as late as possible but with being in and out of the car he was of course ready to eat every time he woke up. We did good in the waiting room but I was so scared for him and knew with a full belly it would be less traumatic. I tried to feed him for a second while we were waiting in the room, but of course this is right when the doctor walked in. This was just supposed to be an evaluation and we would come back another day for a procedure, but when the doctor saw him he decided he would just take care of this right then, (YAY!) I think he could tell I was nervous and he brought a nurse in to hold Will's legs. POOR baby, all I had to do was stand by his head... I had a binkie in his mouth (which we are only trying to use for desperate situations) and he was looking at me and sucking away and I stroked his head and talked to him. After a minute of this my poor baby looked at me and turned completely red and did not suck anymore because he was crying too hard. It did not take too long but long enough to produce some mommy tears to accompany lil Will tears. Good news is wee wee is fixed and while we have to keep an eye on it, and help it heal hopefully this is all over!

Will seemed to be happy in the car so we made a quick pit stop at babies r us. Some people tell you not to stock up on newborn diapers but for us I wish we would of started with lots more! It was his first trip to a store and he did great, I think he probably thought he was still in the car since he was just rolling around in the cart.

We got home and ate and then my mom and grandparents came over, my grandma brought homemade Greek stuffed chicken breasts, cabbage potatoes and bacon (my fav!) and peach cobbler. Not a bad lunch if you ask me! They stayed and visited for a while and even watched Will while I made a quick trip to Walgreen's. Needless to say before I knew it Thursday was over, and good thing daddy had leftovers to eat because I was pooped!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby Weight

So everyone says not to worry about the baby weight, and of course when your days are filled making sure you are doing everything you can for another person, it IS the last thing on your mind....

People also say that a lot of it will come off on its own within the first couple weeks and that breastfeeding will help.

I am not worried about the weight one bit yet, but since week two has come and gone it has me wondering how much more will "fall" off on its own and how much is going to be my job.

I live in yoga pants for now and they suck in, so that is a plus, and the only time I am really not happy with the weight, is when I am feeding him. Probably because sometimes my shirt is pulled up and I am sitting and sometimes hunched over, not a good combination.

I am hoping Fall sticks around for a while longer so we can get some more walks in before it gets too cold out, but also the Halloween candy is not helping matters ;)

I also have NO idea what to eat for lunch, I am so used to bringing my lunch to work or going to get something. I feel like everything I choose at home is very unhealthy since it is just for me, I am not going to make a huge great lunch, just something quick and easy... I have not tackled this problem yet and honestly I have NO clue what to eat while at home.... I realize how stupid this sounds as I type it, but I guess it is just a problem I have never had to deal with before; I have always been in school then work, never at home to fend for myself.

I am sure there will be more baby weight posts and time goes on, so till the next time I'll try to stay away from the candy bowl that calls my name....

Just Had a Baby? A Six-Week Survival Guide

Just Had a Baby? A Six-Week Survival Guide Pregnancy Information, Pregnancy Calendar Week by Week, Tools at Fit Pregnancy

A good article I thought, for my fellow new and soon to be mommies.

Love feeling like I am not the only crazy sleep deprived mommy out there.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My poor lil baby....

At the doctor last Thursday I told her it looked like his circumcision was healing good, she agreed and told me to pull back on the skin a little when changing his diaper, we noticed over the weekend that there just wasn't any skin to be "pulling" back on. I called Monday morning and went in today (Tuesday) for her to take a look. She agreed and looked (pulled at) his lil wee wee for a minute, my poor baby was laying there crying. Nothing makes your heart drop more than seeing someone you love in pain, Feelings rushed back from when we thought Boomer had cancer and had to have the doctor keep putting his hand up his butt, I hated this.

She pulled some skin back on the sides but on the top there is a bridge of skin that is not pull back able, for lack of better words. She is scared that when his wee wee goes to grow it will not be able to and referred me to a specialty urologist at Saint Louis Children's hospital. UGH!

Luckily (since I don't want to take my new baby to the children's hospital) they have some doctors that come out to a hospital by us a few times a month. We are going on Monday and they might have to clip this bridge, if they do I hope it heals correctly, and I hope we have some strong nurses there Monday to help me out, not sure I will be able to be in there and see him in pain.

I am so sad lil Will has to go through this, but I am glad we are getting it taken care of as quickly as possible and hopefully it will all heal correctly soon.

On another note, his belly button stump fell off! There was some blood underneath and I had the doc look at it today, all looks well, yay for regular baths for lil Mr.!

Friday, October 15, 2010

2nd doctor visit, and mommy drives!

Thursday we had William's second doctor visit, The day started off like any other, feeding and getting in things like brushing my teeth and hair in between! We had some food that needed to be eaten up so we managed to get a meal in the crock pot cooking for daddy, when I say "we" it is because William was hanging in the sling for the morning :)
It was my first time driving since baby and first time out of the house since Monday! Time flies when your taking care of something this cute! I did great driving, was not too nervous or anything. Will's doctor appointment also went great, of course he hates getting naked and getting weighed etc, all that will really take it out of ya when you are a measly 11 days old. But he is back up to his birth weight 8.8, which Dr. J was very pleased with, and since nursing is still going well we got the go ahead to let him be in control and do some more on demand feeding. Everything looks good and we will go back on November 3rd, he will be ONE month!

I also had a doctor appointment yesterday afternoon, so Will went to hang with Grandma (my mom) and I went to get the tetnis (whooping cough) vaccine, flu shot, and get some antibiotics for this awful cold I have (and still) am fighting. Also made it to Walgreen's to get my meds and some other things.

Some of my moms friends stopped by to see baby Will, and before we knew it, it was 7 pm, I hadn't napped and I had hit a BRICK wall. I was so exhausted from being out all day, not feeling the best, and no nap. We immediately headed home, I nursed right when we got there, handed off to daddy, and went straight to bed. Luke had me feed again 2 hours later because Will just wasn't happy and seemed hungry, so I feed him at 10 pm, then we got woken up at 2:20, yes my friends he slept from about 10:40 - 2:20 I was happily surprised. I have been setting my alarm for about ever 4-41/2 hours just in case but so far this little guy seems to know what and when he needs it!

I am not working (ok just a little) and still SO glad it is Friday, Luke hasn't complained once but I know he has to be ready for a break, I cant imagine working all day! We have his brother Jake coming in town to meet Will this weekend and a couple other friends but besides that we are super excited about relaxing as a family of 3... 4 :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Preview....

(we were so scared he was going to poop on us!)
Here is a lil preview from Mondays photo shot with Stephanie Cotta...We ended up doing two shoots, one with our photographer from our wedding at our house Saturday and one with Stephanie in her home studio. I think I might like the family ones from Whitney a little more but the alone ones of him from Stephanie, I cant wait to see the rest!

Monday, October 11, 2010

0 months old

I saw some people had started to do these onsies and knew I wanted to as well! What a great way to keep track of his growth and ALL of the changes that are going to happen in this first year. I have already cried a couple times about him growing up and changing. I am sure I am going to love each age as much as the next but for right now he can just stay a newborn forever!

Special Memories (1 week)

So much has happened in this first week, I wanted to take just a second to remember a few things....
- The first night home from the hospital was a learning experience for all of us, where should you sleep, should we really wake you to eat, changing diapers, the list goes on and on... Daddy had an especially hard time, he did not want you sleeping in your crib, he wanted to keep an eye on you at all times (we bought a nice video monitor but that still was not good enough for daddy) after many attempts to make you comfy, bassinet, swing, in our arms, in boppy, I told Luke to just try your bed, a few minutes later I went in and found that daddy had stripped all the sheets off the guest bed and curled himself up on the floor of your nursery next to your crib.... we are not overprotective at all ;)

- When daddy went to change you the first night before bringing you to me to feed, I kept hearing him say ohhh Come ON will, and REALLY!??! When I asked what was going on (5 min later) he brought you into me in just a diaper.... You had kept pooping again and again and again while getting changed and then daddy got peed on.

- Mommy has gotten peed on three times in the first week, not TOO bad! The first trip out of the house was to the pediatrician Thursday, I was stressed to say the least. I had never been anywhere with him, so I packed the diaper bag, extra outfits, diapers, and I am still "healing" so things for me as well. We had you in a cute little outfit and were all ready to go, went to change you one last time before we left and of course you peed ALL over us, your outfit the wall everything! So much for being on time ;)

- Your first doctor visit went well, we met grandma afterwards and she got so worried when we hadn't called because we were a 1/2 hour late and she thought something might have been wrong... Nope Just took the doctor close to an hour to answer ALL of Mommy's questions, the Doctor nicely said at the end of the appt that she loved my list and organization, this of course made me happy I had found such a great and understanding doc.
8.8 born

8.2 1/2 when we left the hospital

8.2 at the first doc appt Everything looked absolutely perfect! :)

- Luke went to get out of the house for a bit Friday and came back with a very special gift for me, he got me some nice earrings with Will's birthstone (pink turling) Photo above: Just more proof that the hormones are on overload!

- Mommy and Daddy have eaten pizza for 4 of their past 7 dinners home.... I don't want to look at a pizza for a long time! Not that we are lazy; just the easiest thing to say when people ask what they can pick up for dinner or when people are over and we need to order something for everyone.


Leslie and Jim, make it back from Germany and stopped by before heading back to Arkansas to meet the newest addition to "the core" what some of my friends and I started calling ourselves.
Uncle Tim's first niece or nephew!

With Uncle Jim sporting his "uncle jimbo rocks" onesie
Ashley came in from KC to meet the lil fella.

Ross... expecting his first in February.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Nottke... Came as soon as they could, LOVE their great grandkids!

Love this one!

Aunt Crystal couldn't be more thrilled, I love it.

One of my good friends Jessie, just got married... when she saw Will her exact words were. "Craig and I definitely need one!" ha!

Snuggling with Grandma... I took a nap during this, then she cleaned my whole house! Good day.

Lauren and Josie, Lauren is due with #2 in April!

And Michelle is due with #1 in March! Babies!!!!!!!!!!!!

William turned one week old last night and ohh what a week it has been! He's met so many special people and made us laugh and cry much more than I would of thought...
Luke goes back to work tomorrow and we are going to hopefully have a little calmer of a week, not much sleep and people over every day/night really takes it out of ya!
Here is a look at some of his visitors!

Friday, October 8, 2010

His Story...

My favorite nurse Holly.
My chunky monkey of a baby boy!

Proud proud daddy....

Happy, Proud estatic Mommy!

First we had each other, then we had you... now we have everything!

I was 40 weeks and 6 days and scheduled to be induced Monday morning, the weekend was spent tying up some last minute things and getting ready for baby. Saturday evening our subdivision had a chili cook off, we decided to go and entered our favorite recipe, we didn't win but got a greater prize later that night...
Everyone joked that the spicy chili would put me into labor, well it might just have! I woke up as usual to pee around 4 am, then went down to lay on the couch and watch a little dvr while I tried to go back to sleep, went to pee again and noticed that I was a little wet, not a lot but I went up to check the bed, thinking my water might had broken... bed was dry, pj pants were dry just undies. I layed down and started to notice some pretty consistent pains about 8 9 10 minutes apart, these went on for about an hour and I decided it was time to call Labor and Delivery. I called and talked to the doctor on call; Dr. Walsh. She advised that it may have broken and without knowing I should probably come in and get checked out. I woke Luke and we both got ready. It was crazy packing last minute things not knowing if next time I would be back it would be with a baby!

I grabbed a banana and choked it down knowing that it might be might last time to eat for hours and hours.

Turned out my water had not broken and I was STILL only one cm, however I was "soft" but blood pressure was high. This was cause for concern so blood work needed to be done, before this Dr. Walsh came in and talked to us weighing some options so I didn't have to get pricked twice. If the blood work came back bad I would need to get induced right away, if it was good I had the option of going home and coming back in the morning for my scheduled induction. We decided to stay, what would be the point of going home and waiting around all day, we had already been there about 2 hours at this point. My iv was started, blood work taken, and we were on our way.

It all came back normal and everything was fine, we were just going to keep an eye one it, a while later Pitocen was administered and the contractions began to get stronger. They were 5 minutes then 4 then 3 then 2 minutes apart and strong!!! I breathed through them and tried the best I could. I could of gotten the epidural a lot sooner but in fears it would slow things down I waited as long as I could. About 2:30 pm I got the epidural and it was fabulous, it went very smooth and everything was great!!... Until about an hour later that is, the "other Dr. Walsh" (her daughter is a resident OB!) she broke my water and Will headed down lower, they put me on my left side and not a minute later she was back in, an oxygen mask was on my face and it was explained to me that his heart rate had drooped, could of been because he dropped or I switched sides but either way we needed to get it back up. Around the same time my epidural was not working very well at all, I had the mask on, was trying to deep breath through contractions with a stuffy nose, and the pain was getting worse and worse, they told me to press the epidural button but it did not help, finally about a 1/2 hour later the anisteologist came back in and gave me an extra dose of meds and all started to feel better, about another 1/2 hour later I was told I could take the oxygen off and baby and I were both doing fine.

After this things moved fast I went to 4 cm, then to 6, My dad was driving back from Tulsa and Luke's mom driving back from Kansas... we tried to keep everyone informed and as Luke went to meet my mom and dad in the parking lot I got checked again.... I was at 10! 10!!!!! I thought my nurse was joking around, seriously, I was just at 4 not that long ago! She told me baby was still at a zero station and he had to be at +2 or +3 to push, so we would labor down for an hour to get him down, this basically meant I sit and do nothing for an hour, which worked well, I got to say hi to my parents, Luke's mom, and my sister before they were kicked out because it was time to push!

I loved my delivery nurse, Holly, she was so great, taught me how to push and exactly what to do, I listed very well and did exactly what she wanted, I wanted this to go as quick as possible! After about 4 trial pushes she wanted me to stop because his head was coming and we needed the doctor! Luke got to see his head and I was so excited at this point! We had two nice girl nurses, Dr. Walsh (same one I talked to on the phone at 4 am) and a boy resident, when he came in I told him he was not doing ANY thing to me, he asked Luke and I if he should leave.... we said no I just told him I didn't know him. ha!

After about 2-3 pushes my son was born and put in my arms... Life as I knew it was complete and I the reason I was put on this earth had just been born...........William was finally here. Luke cut the cord!


My dad, William, holding William.

My mom and dad got there, I was so excited to see my family!

In the morning, pre epidural, ready to have my baby boy.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Full day one

Our family ready to go home
My mom and her friend Michelle
My son, my cleavage and I. ;)

The sweetest thing I have ever done.

Hello there! I just got on here to upload some pictures and it seems Blogger is having an issue :( UGH! But since I had a minute I thought I would update and say that we had a good first day at home, last night was rough, William eats from me every 2 1/2 to 3 hours you time from the time you start feeding, feeding usually takes about 50 minutes and after that he was up and alert for a while not wanting to lay down, not crying or mad just not ready to go back to bed, so when he finally fell asleep we only had about an hour until we had to get up again... We are going to try taking turns after feedings with him tonight so we can get a little more sleep. Today went good though, we got up and got at it, feed, I ate, then I showered, might of been the best shower of my entire life, seriously!

Luke's mom came over and brought lunch, William was sleeping but I also got to take a nap, daddy went to the store, and then when he got back it was his turn for a nap!

Tonight two of my girlfriends are coming over, I am really excited to see them.
William had his first bath today, which he did not enjoy too much but makes us feel good knowing he is clean.
All is well. :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

a mommy for the next day!
He's here!!! All went well 8.8 pounds and we are all thrilled!!!!!! Pics to come of course, don't get much time here so going to rest and learn how to be
d pressure so decided to stay and start the induction, might be a long day but were here!!!
Well were in labor and delivery and admitted, came in early this morning with contractions and once we came in got news of low fluid levels and high bloo

Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm still here... got hit with a bad bad cold Tuesday and just now starting to feel better! Guess it came at just the right time, I cannot imagine of being in labor exhausted and pushing with the way I was feeling. I was due on Monday and today is officially our last Friday pre baby, and last weekend if he doesn't come. The calling starts Monday at 6 am to see if I can come in to start labor (going to have to get induced with pitocen) Hopefully not too many ladies go au natural and take all the bed spots! Hoping for an early call, but all we can do is wait and see.

I cant believe in three short days I will be holding my dear son, I have felt him move in me, and dreamt of him for so long I cannot wait to meet him face to face!

Of course I don't like to keep things boring so yesterday I decided to drench my iphone in water on the kitchen counter and not notice it for hours later... fun stuff. Since they do not insure them and my plan is through my work I could not just go buy another one... and so the search began, did find some on craigslist but opted for going through lovely ol facebook and found a couple from some people we know on there, Luke is out picking a phone up for me from a friend I had in high school, then he is going to pick up zias, ahhhhhh sweet zias, has been my favorite restaurant since I was itty bitty, Love their crispy tomato appetizer and baked spaghetti, boring but ohh so good. I am thinking of this as the "last meal"
If lil Will stays put Saturday evening we are going to our subdivisions chili cook off and I think Luke is going to partake in the competition, and Sunday evening we are probably going to stay close to the home base and prep and relax for the events of the next day!
In a way it is nice, I can pack my last minute things myself, coordinate sitters for Boomer, make sure house is perfect, and just mentally prepare. On the other hand it is a little difficult watching.... the.... clock.... ;)

Depending on how Monday (or before) goes we are going to try to update the blog/facebook a couple times with what is going on, and then when I am feeling up to it I will post a pic or two, or have my lovely sister do some posting for me.

Till then, take care friends and wish us luck on this next amazing journey and experience!