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Monday, June 29, 2009

Are we back in college???

Luke and I had a very fun weekend and partied like rock stars but Sunday evening when we could not keep our eye open, it was apparent to us that we are NOT in college anymore! ha!

We got to hang out with our great friends Jamie and Eric Friday night, they came over and we fried okra and made some dogs and hung out... Then Saturday Luke went to the baseball game, all you can eat and drink tickets, while I went to Michelle's bridal shower, then we met back up and met Lauren and Brian up at Helen's, the guys stayed there while we went and tried on bridesmaid dresses for Laurens wedding coming up in October and we found one! I love it too, it is very elegant and chic! After that it was off to Jimbos birthday party to see an Elvis impersonator, it was one of the best times I have had in a long time, Jim had a great group of friends from Illinois and they all took an old school RV to the concert, SO funny! Then we danced the night away at a bar... a bar we didn't fit in at very well. ;) It has been a long time since Luke and I have been out that Jack in the Box is closed on our way home!!!

Yesterday we layed on our bums and relaxed at the pool all day, a great end to a perfect weekend!

Now I will be playing catch up all week from "playing" all weekend, Ohh well that's what summer is for!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Luke and his baseball...

Luke is coaching a Legion team that keeps him very busy, they have games every night of the week and multiple games and tournaments every weekend. Last night the game got canceled due to a big tournament out of town this weekend so he actually got to go play softball...

So fun!


Fish in the sink, Luke caught
Eating time



My dad usually only raises Charlois, the white cows, but he recently got some Longhorns, I have to say they are pretty cool!

The DOG days of Summer!

Two Buddies just hanging by the lake at the ranch...
Playing together and Boomer teaching baby girl a thing or two!

Come on baby girl, jump in the lake, its not too scary!

Then he had to go in and save her once she finally went in!
They had so much fun, arn't they cute!

Tractor Pull

Some pics from the tractor pull and the tornado ride! ha! I would of gotten sick if I went, but the boys sure had a blast! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers day

I just wanted to say "Happy Fathers Day" to all the dads and grandpas!
Luke and I had a great Fathers day weekend, We went to St Peters Picnic Friday night which included an ultra exciting Tractor Pull (I hope you can hear the exaggeration there!) Then off to the farm, it was a great relaxing weekend, with no cell phones ringing, and no schedule we had a good time relaxing and enjoying each others company. And we ended the weekend at a fish fry with Luke's family!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Race for the Cure Success!

Showing off our team name on the back of our shirts, I dont know why I have my head down like I am praying :)
Bunny Ears!

66000 People raced in St Louis on Saturday
Jim and Leslie came in from Arkansas

Luke and I's first race for the cure

Some girls from our group

Well we drug ourselves out of bed and make it to the race for the cure bright and early, it was a huge success! Our team, Buddies Saving Boobies raised 1400 dollars, and our shirts were a hit! Everyone kept asking us if they could buy one, and taking our picture in them!

I did good at running the majority of the first mile then walked/ ran the rest with Michelle. It was a really fun morning for a great cause, and we are definitly going to make it an annual thing!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....

Congrats to a fellow Blogger!

One of Luke's great friends from High School just gave birth to her son Jackson!

Kristen now lives with her husband in Louisiana but we keep up with each other so well thanks to our blogs! We still talk to Kristen and her parents and they were "second" parents to Luke all throughout High School... such a great family!
Congratulations Kristen and Jackson! He must not of been able to wait to meet you any longer! (Jackson came into the world a month early! and is already 7 pounds)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What a nightmare!!!

Luke and I had a wonderful weekend, full of friends, pools, Cards games, and a little relaxing with the family.
Sunday Luke coached a game at 2, I went to my friends daughters birthday party at 2 and then we were going to meet at my moms to barbecue. I went to the store before the party to get a gift and pick up food for our house and for my moms, so you can imagine my frustration when I pulled in our driveway with a car full of food with it raining cats and dogs and my garage door opener not working, well it probably was working but since our power was out from the gigantic storm... I had to carry everything in the rain thru the front door. After contemplating putting it all away, in the dark, warm fridge, I finally got ready and left for the party.

After a fun evening Luke and I got home about 9 pm to find the power was back on, BUT our TV and computer were not working... Hummm... after Luke did a little investigating he found that the outlets worked, (we tested them with a lamp) So either our house was really close to lightening, or the power "popped" when it went out so hard that it blew everything. My computer and modem was fried, our DVD player/burner was fried, our NEW DVR was fried!!!!! We were very upset that all of these items were broken and would most likely need to be replaced, but we went to bed and thought we would deal with it in the morning.

The next morning I learn that some of our outlets are not working with a wet head trying to blow dry my hair :) We tried a bunch of them and they were shot! Luke stayed home from work yesterday morning to get things straightened out around our house. He fixed all the outlets, got us a new DVR and modem at the charter place (not fun), And the rest we are going to have to wait for repair men on. I am really hoping they can fix my computer, I have EVERYTHING saved on there, from wedding pictures to college papers...

Ohh and both everything at the computer desk and the entertainment center were both all plugged into surge protectors... weird!

THat was the end to our weekend!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Another one bites the dust...

Luke and the bride breaking it down on the dance floor

Some of our great friends!

Luke and I
Luke's great friend Kris got married this past weekend, it was a beautiful wedding outside at the Lemp mansion, a very fun night and a great way to celebrate a very fun couple!