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Thursday, September 29, 2011

and then there were 3: one year anniversary of becoming mama and dada continue his amazing story, he is just like his mom right on time, yet a tad fashionably late. Will didn't want to get evicted at 41 weeks so a day before, he made his grand appearance, just in time for grandpa and Gigi who were driving back in town to see him, he's thoughtful like that. From a middle of the night start of labor and admittance to the hospital, from getting a whole new closeness of this marriage thing as Luke had to help me go to the bathroom about ever 15 minutes during labor, holding iv's monitors and all. Then we went home and the reality set in, we were real live parents, William's every thought and well being from here on out depended on us and if we were "good" parents. From Luke sleeping on Will's floor the first night, to nursing trials and triumphs, and four plane rides with a newbie we have mastered one of the hardest titles out there: parents.
A first birthday not only celebrates our royal highness becoming one but it also marks a big milestone for Luke and I, we made it, one whole year, we didn't screw up too bad, and now I'd consider us pros. We've ate with one arm countless times, rocked and sang who knows what at 3 am, debated all the debateables, quit nursing or keep going, let him cry it out or pick him up, our trial and error in judgement of babysitters, and I don't think I could ever even begin to try and count for you the number of doctor visits we have been through in this first year.

A clean house, the new fashion styles, flat tummys, and just being caught up, things I used to loathe are just on the back burner of my mind these days because of my new title and one I carry proudly, mama.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27, 2010

One year ago today I looked like this:
And it was my due date with my first baby boy, after 9 months of a {mostly} wonderful pregnancy my due date finally came.... and went. It was a typical Monday and with no signs of baby Wilson other than lots of braxton hicks, I went to work like normal, went home, and put up my hugely swollen feet, after one of the hottest summers known in St. Louis I was ready to meet my baby boy. After a non stress test the end was in sight and I was scheduled to be induced the following Monday at 41 weeks pregnant.

Trying to ignore the signs of a cold that had begun, the next morning I woke up full on sick. I decided that Monday would be my last day of work for a while as I spent the next week relaxing, trying to get better, and tying up my loose ends from home. I just kept worrying what if I am sick and I have the baby, will they let me kiss all over his sweet little face, will I give him my cold, will I be able to puuuuush when I cant even breathe?

To be continued.

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's almost time....

...for Will's first birthday! Here is a little "memory picture" I made to display at his party. With crazy schedules I have been working on his party, buying things etc for the past two months {crazy I know} but I just have to do things when I have time, which is few and far between. I think the first birthday is a big milestone and I really wanted to make it a special occasion for our little man, I am excited to see it all come together this weekend!

I cant believe it has been a year since he was in my belly...but we'll get into that later.
This morning I went in like any other morning to get Will, I had to wake him up because he was still sleeping. He had pee'd out of his overnight diaper so we were changing clothes on the changing table, daddy was standing by Will giving his medicine and I sat him up to put on his new shirt... then it happened. He leaned over, put both his arms around my neck, and squeezed me really tight for a few seconds then let go. He looked up at me to see my reaction and of course tears were rolling down my cheeks. It was the most unspoken pure sign of love I had ever felt. With babies and kids you don't always know how they feel or what they are thinking, but at that moment I knew my baby loved me very much.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Current Obsessions: Trucks

I continue you keep my blog for many reasons, one of the main being that it is a great lil online scrapbook of many memories, milestones, photos etc for our family. I thought one thing that would be fun to try and update once in a while is Will's favorite toys he's into. I think it'd be fun to look back at.

Right now Will is obsessed with cars and trucks, maybe he'll be a race car driver, or a dump truck guy... what would you call that? Right now I am looking around for a dump truck that the contents do not spill out too easily. He likes to put things in them and push it around. {see video} it gets frustrating when they fall out easily.
The other day it was really nice out and Will and I spent some time hanging out in the backyard for a while.

Other love he has now and all the time is still books.

Momma gets kisses

Recently Will has started to hug and kiss, Just when you think it cant get any better....

A tip for "shoping at home!"

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

They're hitched!!!

                                                                 Our beautiful bride!
                                                        My handsome hubby and I
                                                            Us being silly as usual
                                          One of my all time favorite people Julia, CHEERS
                                            I got to be the proud jewelry stylist for the wedding!
                                                           Such a fun wedding party!
                            Even took pictures at Fontbonne and Luke got to be in this alumni pic!
                                                              Rehearsal dinner at Milos
Well ladies and gentleman, Mr. Jimbo T finally did it and him and his beautiful bride Leslie are husband and wife. Their day couldn't of been any better and I am head over heels in love with these two love birds. I am such great friends with the both of them and truly honored I got to be a big part of their special day. Guys, I wish you all the happiness in the world, you deserve the very best that life has to offer <3
Read more about our wonderful vacation with them and their fun St. Louis engagement.

Williams First Hair Cut!

Well friends it was time, my little boy was looking a little well... hoosier unkept. So in we went to get his first haircut, for this one we just went to my salon  my hairdresser is young and super nice, William sat on my lap, held some combs, looked at himself in the mirror, looked at all the other ladies who ohhhed and ahhhhed at him of course, and in less than 5 minutes he was done!
Having a snack BEFORE
                                                     Flirting and waiting for our turn, BEFORE
The next morning on the way to Miss Michelle's, he usually looks crazy in the morning from his hair going ever which way! :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Ranch visit and Dads 60th!

August 27th my dad turned 60 whopping years old! My dad means a lot to me, he is the hardest working person I know and has completely devoted his life to making sure my mom, sister, and I are very well taken care of. He would do anything for us girls, and now he has two little boys he can spoil, take to sporting events and rough house with at the ranch. I cant wait till Will is a little older and I can send him off for the weekend with Papa! My mom put together a little surprise get together for my dad at the ranch labor day weekend, he was surprised as he saw all of us, family and friends, from st Louis, Illinois, and Indianapolis.
This was also Will's first visit to the ranch (my dads haven) He loved it, the fresh air and excitement must of taken it out of him too (well he was also recovering from a nasty stomach bug) But he took at 3 hour nap while we were there! Which meant momma got to enjoy some cold brewskys and relax for a while!
The weather was gorgeous and it couldn't of been a better day... Boomer even got to join in the family fun at his all time favorite place!
 First four wheeler ride
 I'm gonna have TROUBLE on my hands with these two....
 Tire horsey... only at the ranch
 Two of my favorite ya mamas
 Obsessed with hats
 Got it!
 Bennet found a frog, this poor frog was put through the ringer!
 My uncle thinking it'd be funny to scare the kids with an old cow skull
Papa with the boys


Its no secret I enjoy a good glass of wine.... ok.ok, it doesn't have to be good, and it doesn't have to be wine, but there is just something about a cocktail after a long day that gets my mouth a waterin... SO when I was pregnant whats a momma to do? Why invent mocktails of course!
I just got the 3rd request for some of my infamous mocktail ideas so I thought I'd share... and save for my future needs.
Note: Non alcholic wine sucks! NA beer, ok in a pinch, I favored the O'douls amber

I hope some of this helps you out! I am a big vodka/soda water girl, but I think with variations you can find something you love!

I found flavored/sparkling water to be uber helpful! You know the cheap, 60 cent a bottle flavored water, you can get black berry and all sorts of yummy ones, if you are hot a lot (which a lot of preggos tend to be) Put in the freezer for like 30 min and you will have a good lil slush drink. So, you know when you go to a fancy restaurant (you know how we get to go like once a year!;) and they have like pellegrino and the fancy water, well I always thought it was stupid to pay for this water but picked some up at wal-mart once, and ohh my yummyness, This was my go to mocktail, chilled, drink in a wine glass with a wedge of lime and lemon, you could also do 1/2 this and 1/2 cranberry juice to sweeten it up. Since I was pregs during summer and everyone was out drinking their drinks I even bought the lil 6 pack of these and just stuck them in the cooler with Luke's beers, for me I liked to have SOMETHING it was better than feeling "left out"

I also really like crystal light, the raspberry ice flavor is my favorite... again, in a wine glass with a lime wedge just makes it feel so fancy! IF your liking the flavored water thing, there is also a brand, cant think of the name of it right now, but its sold in cans in a 12 back (cheaper) and it is pretty good too.
I am a dork and would literally put ice water in a wine glass and feel better at the end of the day... better than nothing at least!

Ohhh I also love bloody marys so I bought the spicy hot v8 in cans and would drink that sometimes. Also single serve Orange Juices... with extra calcium of course! I just got sick of water and I'm not a big soda drinker, so any way I could switch it up a little really helped! Its the one time you can literally eat and drink just about whatever you want, so go thru the drive thru at steak and shake and get that chocolate shake, Get a large slushy at 7-11, Whatever that little baby wants!!! :)

Don't forget, you can have a lil wine from time to time, I did.... and well... my kids a freggin genius. ;) Cheers!

 a good NA beer I had from Lywellns, nice day on the patio over looking river sometimes a beer is a must!
Pumpkin Spice Latte' from Starbucks..... my weakness

11 months old and clapping!

Better late than never, out little bug turned 11 months old on the 3rd!
I know he is but I feel more than ever that Will has taken on a rare sponge form! He is literally soaking up EVERYTHING he sees and doing something new!
Here are some 11 month updates....
- Will took his FIRST STEPS!!!!! His first steps were towards me when I picked him up from Michelle's house closer to 3-4 weeks ago, then not much for a while, but in the past week or two he takes 2,3,4 steps almost everywhere before plopping down and bee lining it with his one legged crawl. I almost have a walker and a one year old and I can hardly believe it. Tears....

 - Will got his first hair cut yesterday, didn't think he could get any cuter/more handsome, I was wrong...

- He is talking so much and his new favorite word is DOG. Awwwww!!!!! It is pretty much just a "DO" sound but it is DOG! He says it every time he sees Boomer or any dog, he even say a dog on TV and said it! SO he says, mama, dada, all done, and dog. I think that's it... well all we can understand at least

- He CLAPS!!! I thought he was close, but when I got home from work Tuesday right away Luke's mom said Will clap, patty cake for mommy... and he waved hi to me, but followed it with a big clap, now he claps at everything! Playing, putting his shapes in the shape sorter he claps for himself (or me) when we get one in, even clapped for the checker at the grocery store yesterday, she must of been doing a good job! :)

That's it for now, just working and gearing up for the big birthday soon! It's JUNGLE day at Michelle's house today and she decorated like a jungle everwhere, we have the best sitter/friend EVER!!!
 Kisses for lamb
 Just woke up, and pre haircut....

 Happy 11 months mr will, you are my sweet sweet sunshine
 Ohh yeah, Will is pretty much giving kisses and hugs on command,

Monday, September 12, 2011

On the go momma breakfast

     Had to do another post of another great idea I got off pintrest! I like to make smoothies in the morning, with the help of my magic bullet in under 5 minutes I have a pretty healthy breakfast of an on the go momma! The magic bullet uses the same cup to blend as you use to drink from, so only one dirty dish!
     You see in the mornings Will gets up with us so he is with us while we both get ready and under out feet in the kitchen while we get coffee and our lunches together. Then he gets in the car with me and we have a 20-30 minute commute to Miss Michelle's so if I have time and the ingredients I'll whip up a quick smoothie for the road. I usually do: 3-4 ice cubes  a few strawberries, 1/2 banana, raspberries or blueberries fresh or frozen, a couple leaves of spinach if we have it and about a cup of OJ, I've done other things as well, added yogurt etc but this is my basic one I usually have most the ingredients for. Wellllll getting to the point..... On Pintrest I saw this idea to freeze some of the ingredients you wouldn't normally have on hand so you don't have to buy them all the time so I wanted to try it out. I thought it was going to take a while, but really I was done in under 5-10 minutes! I used fresh baby spinach leaves, celery, honey, oj, and water... I think that's it, this was like 2-3 weeks ago ;) SO some of you may thing this is gross, but REALLY you cant taste the spinach at all, all I taste is the yummy berries and banana!
Photo of my experiment:
 First feed your baby lunch so he is not whining.... This is Will's first tastes of hamburger and he loved it, not going to mention where the burger came from, maybe in my coming posts you will figure it out.
 Then you send him off to play with his cars, Will has a new noise he does I've GOT to get it on camera
 My green smoothie cups all ready to go in the freezer, say it with me.... steeeeeeady!
 Then you go play with your baby and make the car noise with him, which he thinks is hilarious......

 And Ta Da, Green Smoothie cups! So now in the mornings I'll plop one of these in my cup and strawberry and banana, maybe a dollop of peanut butter for protein and I'm off to go!
Now that that's done time to fold some laundry...

Such a good lil helper!