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Friday, August 31, 2012

It's a BOY!

 That's right its another sweet baby boy for us! 
After the plan for the day changed for the upteenth time in a row I really had no idea what this day had in store for us. Since I was so unsure on finding out the gender I wanted to do a gender reveal, after all the planning I found out my sister was probably going to get induced on that day, then after that not happening and Luke and I both being super busy with work I decided to scratch that and find out just us. Simple. Personal. Perfect. I know God had a plan because all worked out perfectly.
Everything with this pregnancy has been new and different from the last which kinda had me thinking girl, then when everyone {including big bro Will} kept saying girl I guess we just kind of figured that's what it was. We were just excited to know either way and of course to see our sweet little baby again (haven't seen since 8 weeks)
The ultrasound tech quickly started running through some of the anatomy scan, with some great shots of the spinal cord, and proceeded to make sure we wanted to know the sex, I remember Luke almost yelling yes, before jumping for joy as she announced the "male parts" After his explosion mini happy dance he looked at me with concerned eyes thinking I was disappointed; but with a tear rolling down my cheek I knew I was destined to be a wonderful mother to raise sweet boys, and boy or girl, pink or blue, the tears kept welling up as we went over and over your sweet tiny little perfectly growing body... God is so so good.
Everything looks great and measuring right on track, at 19 weeks my little boy is 9 ounces, the rest of the appointment went well I am up another 2 pounds and Luke got to hear the sweet heart beating away.
I went to pick up some balloons to tell Will he'd be getting a brother and Luke picked us up pf changs (one of my many cravings) We had a great night talking all about brothers and names, every once in a while I would catch myself with a tear in my eye thinking how excited I now was to meet and hold this new little baby, and for the first time in a long time I slept a sweet slumber dreaming of my new little prince.
We love you baby boy, you may not have a name for a while, but we are so head over heels excited to meet you!.

Long leg!
Boy parts!

Momma letting the news sink in of her life with all boys

a 19 week bump shot

he'll teach him all his tricks and they'll be the best of buds
A very excited big brother

Proud daddy
if brother means balloons for me he must be ok

ending the night with cake truffles in blue of course, if you havent tried these, your missing out!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meeting Elmo at Busch Gardens

We debated going to Busch Gardens, tickets were just as expensive as Disney, and I didn't know how much we would all be able to do. But after a little research on their website I saw that they has a whole Sesame Street area and knew we had to go. Will likes Sesame but his most favorite thing is Elmo, so of course I forked right over the money for a special one on one lunch with Elmo. We planned our day around this and I'm so glad we did, I was not disappointed and it was most definitely one of my top mommy moments to date. While Will didn't like getting too close to the characters for pictures and such he loved seeing them in person and watching them from a distance. Lunch was also more food than I would of thought, a private covered area to get out of the heat, and they gave us a souvenir photo of us with Elmo. Lunch came to a close with a dance party with all the characters that of course momma couldn't resist... such fun!
The rest of the day we had fun riding rides, playing in the water, and seeing the sights and just as we were getting ready to go we got stuck in a huge down pour. Will was in the stroller, prego momma fell on her a*#, lets just say it wasn't the most ideal way to end the day. But it was definitely one of the most fun days I've had with Will. A special day JUST for him, just what I wanted! :)

Watching the show with front row seats

train ride

Scared of BIG bird! He was BIG!

Riding his first ride!

My bubba and I at our special Elmo lunch

Loving his cupcake!

Giving Elmo 5's

Backing off

Waving and chatting.... from a distance

Family pic

Dancing with cookie monster

Water fuN!

Photo op with dada, love them.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Florida Vacation 2012

my super star flyer, his fourth flying trip and last one with just momma and dada
 Ahhh! Finally got my pictures uploaded from our fantastic vacation to clearwater beach Florida! We went with some friends of ours and all had an amazing time. I loved the area so much to do for everyone. Will loved the beach, he didn't last all day by any means but he loved playing and digging in the sand, chasing the birds around, and jumping in the pool. We spent a lot of time at the beach and pool, went out to some fun lunches and dinners, went to busch gardens for a day, the {awesome} tampa aquarium, the boardwalk, johns pass, and much more.... also I think just about everyday I took a nap at the same time as Will, when he got up we would snuggle together, these little moments might be my very favorite from the trip. It was so fun to have a whole week with Will and it made it super hard to go back to work. The last time I had that much time with him was my maternity leave.He's growing up so fast right before our eyes and sometimes life gets in the way, it was so great to have 7 days to really take him all in. I'll have a couple more vacation posts, for now I'll let the pictures explain the rest of this one, enjoy :)
Willwill's first time since he was 6 months old at the beach
taking it all in

we found this elmo on the beach the first day, I tried to find the rightful owner but was unsuccessful, it did not leave Wills hands the rest of the trip, good find :)
my two sweet boys, I am so blessed.

hanging with momma on the beach, unfortunately mommas huge milk makers makes some pics unpostable

Luke and Kris have been vacationing together since they were little boys, hopefully we can get the tradition up!

Will got to split many of mommys mocktails :)

my sweet boy's smile with his chocolate milk shake

loves to dip his head in the pool

we even got a date night, salt rock grill was across the street from our condo and was amazing

Bump pic! 18 weeks

petting stingrays at the tampa aquarium

Lots of fish

our two cute kids
the aquarium even had a water park and restaurant outside, I was impressed!
catching fish on the beach, this lasted hours

Will manned the bucket from the gawking birds while the older kids caught the fish

On our last night we went out all together to the famous Frenchys grill on the beach. The food was awesome, I wish we could go back and chill here for an afternoon sans kids... sans prego belly, perfect drinking spot!

my cool lil dude

Tara and I

Ahhh I wish I was back there, snuggles from Will on the beach and sweet laughs, it didn't get any better

And lastly... what beach trip is complete without some family photos :)