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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sick baby....

Well friends I hate to report that yet again we have been dealing with a pretty sick little William. He caught a cold we've been fighting but came home sick last Monday with some sort of stomach bug, lets just say it was not the kinda that makes you throw up.... the brat diet begun and he was home with his Gigi on Tuesday. On Wednesday with plans to go back to school and work he woke up with a 101/102 fever, He was very lethargic and had lost a lot of energy from this bug. I made the call stayed home and went to the doctor. Ear infection, again, bad. Right ear, again. After a failed trip to Walgreen's and a helpful hubby meds were started.
I got to work Thursday and things were looking up, I was worried because sometimes the antibiotics also give him the same effect the flu was but we were on brat diet day 4 and things were looking up, Poor baby's butt had never been so red. Friday night my grandpa came in town to wish us a merry Christmas, after we got home Will woke up around 9 pm (which he never does) and cried, screamed and suffered on and off all night. I finally called the doc again at 10 am {in an effort to minimize the crazy mommy} and she called him in numbing drops for his ears. His ear infection moved to both ears and I believe he was cutting a back tooth on the right side. Needless to say last week was very rough, even with everything I have been through with Will it was one of the hardest weeks. He was just in so much pain it and it was very hard to try and comfort and watch him go through that. He was able to enjoy Christmas and is feeling much better now!
Though... we may be talking about tubes sooner rather than later if this keeps up....

I don't know what it is about a sick baby, while I HATE it, I love that he snuggles me so sweet on the couch. Sorry for all the annoying pictures, I couldn't resist.... thank god for phones ;)
 Home from school Monday.
 Wednesday morning... fever
 Wednesday afternoon, poor kid was so sick of bananas, bread etc we resorted to yogurt with probiotic
 Michelle got some smiles from him Thursday
 And I got more sweet snuggles

All better for Christmas eve

Friday, December 16, 2011

Santa baby....

 Had to post some pictures of my little Santa baby, he wasnt quite sure what to think of santa and was mostly wondering why momma handed him off to an old hairy man, ;)
But man does he love the fishies!

I'm playing elf today at work and getting my presents out to customers, Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Give them what they really want!!!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Memories 2011

I love Thanksgiving, seems like it is always the time of the year I am starting to miss family and crave good home cooking! I cant believe this was my little turkey ONE year ago! Boy ohh boy does time fly!
We had a great thanksgiving with my family as usual, my sister even started some new fun family traditions, glad she is on top of things my brain may have been in Mexico. 
 Will wants to play like a big boy so bad, but lately I think all he is doing is getting on Bennetts nerves.
 So sweet.
 But Bennett did decide to give a big hug.... or he was moving him away from the toys, however you want to look at it ;)
 And of course thanksgiving is not complete without some whip cream squirted in the mouth!
 Lil will keep signing and saying... "more... Please!"
 My sweet boy in his monogrammed thanksgiving outfit, love.

 OK, momma you got two pictures and two pictures is ALL you get!
 We actually got a family photo this year, that is unheard of in our family!
 Will eating his Turkey dinner, after his awesome nap that allowed momma and dada to enjoy THEIR turkey dinner! What a generous little boy.

OK, it is December 12th and I finally updated from Thanksgiving, I should be all caught up now!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Mexican fiesta!

Mexico was great, up at 4 am made all the plans happen, and a 2.5 hour direct flight and we were outta dodge...footloose and fancy free, carefree parents for the next five days! It was great, we ate TOO much, laughed a lot, slept in and I even took a nap or two. Our friends from Texas met us down there which was great since we don't get to see them a lot. We missed Will, especially at the end, even though it was only a five day trip we were both ready to come home and get some sweet snuggles from our lil sweetheart.
I know I for one will not be going on a trip with our him for a long time, it was very nice but I definitely felt like a peice of me was missing the entire time. Now its home and back to reality, I hope Luke enjoyed his birthday trip, he got lots of cards and I got him a new cardinals pullover for something to open and tomorrow we are having all of our friends over.... Is his birthday over yet? ;)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Parents as Teachers visit 14 months old

I know I am a biased mom, my mom is a biased grandma... this I know. But Will is a bright kid, he is walking, talking, understanding, signing, and communicating very well for a 14 month old. I don't think too much about this just thank God everyday for my amazing son and of course give most the credit to our amazing sitter.
Tuesday night we had our parents as teachers visit, I am so grateful our community still does this and I've put off and rescheduled this visit 3 times now! It really made me sit and think of how much Will knows and has learned in just 14 months. I want to keep track of some of it and I know I will want to look back at this if we are ever lucky enough to have another child. 

Words Will says: mama, dada, all done, bye bye, more, dog, boomer, no, baby {animal sounds} 
Signs Will does: please, more, drink, all done
Animal noises Will does: dog, sheep, cow, owl, duck, lion/tiger, bird, monkey

She did his evaluation which he scored the best in each category and observed him playing for a while. He loved two of the containers she brought over and trying to figure out how to transfer items between the two. She got out a book to see his language {because they cant just go off what you say} and she was blown away. Every time she turned the page he would point to the animal and make the noise, she tried to stump him with the owl and in full showing off mode he hooted his best WHOOOO. 
Sometimes it gets difficult because I feel like he gets bored easily and gets bored with the same toys so she gave us some new activities to try with him which is great.
One of the things that he is loving is trying to get lids on and off of things, it gets frustrating but he loves doing it and how great for his fine motor skills. Will continues to love Einstein and we usually save it for right before bed, a lil show watching and a sippy of milk made the transition to no bottles super easy, seamless!

One of my favorite things to do is to watch Will think, if you show him something he usually sits there for a minute and looks at you and thinks before trying it on his own. It's so cool kinda like you can hear/feel him learning. I'm absolutely loving this stage everything about it. He's still a chunky monkey baby boy, but he can play, learn, and interact. He is mischievous and into everything, but not on purpose he is just a little explorer. If I ask Will if he is hungry or wants to eat he walks over to his highchair, and if I ask if he is tired or ready for a nap he walks to the stairs. Ohh the stairs.... we have mastered up and down now but still have a house full of gates: 4 gates and 3 doors that stay shut, I long for the day when Boomer, Luke and I are not living in an obstacle course. It's just amazing that in 14 short months Will went from a tiny little newborn completely dependent upon me for everything to this walking, talking little man.

Will got his second haircut last week, we went to the hairy elephant. He got to watch mickey mouse and sit in a lil golf cart while he got pampered :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's December!

We'll its December and that can only mean one thing, busy, busy, and.more.busy!!! We did thanksgiving, went on our trip, and now were home and back to reality. My friend Ashley was in town this weekend and now this week I have something going on every single night after work. The weekends are all fully booked until after the new year so whats a momma to do? Well online shop of course! Get groceries during lunch, multitask and do the best we can!

My parents had Will for a few days while we were gone and named him: The Genius! They were so impressed with how much he knows and how advanced he is... tooting our horn of course, but why not ;)

Started the week of wonderfully with a crib full of puke! Hoping it was a fluke I took him to the sitters and wouldn't you know it an hour later I got a call to come get him, he had the pukes all morning but then was fine. It was pretty weird, but I sure am glad my little snuggle bug is feeling better!

Michelle is doing a Christmas theme every week this month, last week gingerbread man, this week snowmen, I love all of the fun christmasy characters!

After much contemplation we've decided to forego the tree this year, reasons being: 1. Will, he WILL get into it and we will have like 10 ornaments up. 2. We are exhausted and putting up and pulling down when we could catch a cat nap or clean up the house seems silly 3. I don't remember being 13 months old and looking at a tree 4. for the rest of my life basically I will HAVE to put it up so this is the only year I can get away with it. and lastly 5. we are not hosting anything this year, I really hope one of the families will let me host something next year and you know the house will be decked out!

Lots of posts and pictures to come! Happy Holidays everyone!
 Will's St. Nick gift... I love this tradition kicks off the season!
 Will has been obsessed with his bunny "Henley" lately, even inststed he eat snack with him.
We went from wake up around 6:30-7 normal, to about 5:30 UGH it is so hard to get up and it still be dark for about an hour and a half, we are some TIRED Wilson's lately!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble, Gobble... Senoritas!

Well Senoritas (I doubt any senors' ready my blog) Its almost Thanksgiving and that can only mean one thing, We leave for Mexico Friday morning! To say were excited would be a HUGE understatement, this is just the vacation we need.
Will had a Turkey day celebration over at Michelle's and it will be fun to have Thanksgiving with him tomorrow, I was remembering last year eating my dinner as he was well, attached to me for a lack of better words. I loved that, but this year will be fun to have him interact and eat with us!
Since as long as I can remember my favorite thing to do in the morning is watch the parade, I just love it. Me and my dad used to watch it when I was little and now I drink some baileys and coffee {just like he used to} look through the black Friday ads, and watch the parade. Its just one of those little things that I look forward to all year. I am excited to this with Will as the years go on.

It is easy to be negative, so I wanted to take a minute and note my top 10 thankfuls {in 2011}
As I sit here and think my mind is flooded with thankfuls, I am blessed.
10. our getaway this week to Mexico, we are both stressed to the max and this is great timing
9. a warm and cozy house for a chilly winter
8. 2 jobs, while neither of us love them, they are jobs.
7. technology, having a smart phone makes my life so much easier in so many ways
6. butt warmers in my car
5. a nana that cooks a whole thanksgiving meal from scratch every year.
4. the best babysitter in the world and the very best for will {next to his momma} Michelle.
3. A husband who comes home crabby and complains about work, at least he is home and not at a bar, and talking to me, I love him so much.
2. Of course the best son in the entire world, I don't know what I did to deserve him but I will spend the rest of my life being thankful for him.
1. Our health, after so many scares we've seen and been through lately, this is really just the most important thing.

I love you all very much and hope you have a wonderful, warm, full, turkey day with your friends and family.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My walking talking... yikes TODDLER!

Dah Dah.... These are the little noises that I hear when my baby toddler wakes up in the morning, sometimes he is talking to his dada, but mostly he is looking for his dog. Little William is chatting up a storm these days, his favorite is "dah dah" this means dog. He loves when Boomer comes in his room when he gets up in the morning, or to see him when we get home in the evenings. He's said Boom a few times but mostly its dah/dog. When Will was watching the opening festivites of the world series with dada he kept looking at the clydsdales and saying dah. Also him and I were looking through pottery barns christmas catalog, ahh for the day when I can afford everything in here, on one page there was a dog sitting by the family and tree and he immedatly said dah, dah.
Will now knows how to sign and uses, "all done, please, and more." It definitly makes things easier when we know he wants something and he is getting pretty good at pointing to what it is. Its pretty darn hard to resist that little boy walking around signing please, he'll sign please and bring me his einstein dvd and stand at the pantry and sign please. The other day we were at walmart and I was picking up some of the gerber graduate meals for him, because lets face it sometimes we need something easy so since we were in the aisle with puffs and snacks all around him he sat in the cart and just started "pleasing" like crazy! Its polite and cute, but I'm going to have an obese, einstien watching toddler if this keeps up.
I feel like Will does and learns something new everyday. He loves to eat with a fork and he is actually pretty good at it, now the spoon is a different story but practice makes perfect right!

Another favorite thing to do right now is talk to dada on the phone, yes dada is who he talks to and ONLY dada. He probably has about 10-20 conversations with dada using anything for a phone from his hand, to a measuring cup, to a bath toy, or on rare occasions a real or toy phone. Now these little dada-william convo's are not short and sweet, hello/goodbye, sometimes I hear Will hashing out all of lifes problems, planning vacations, and all sorts of things with dada. Hopefully soon he will realize he can call other people, acchem momma... but for now just his one and only dada!

Will still LOVES bathtime, he now starts to climb in right when we go in his bathroom, which also means he knows how to try and climb out if he wants as well. As soon as he gets in and his tubby is filling up he likes to help with the assistance of his big QT cup he fills it up, takes a big gulp and dumps it out over.and.over again. The rest of the time in the bath is spend playing with toys, reading books, blowing bubbles, and swimming on his belly/splashing. I read about doing food colored ice cubes for a learning/bath activity, still need to get around to that.

Here are a few pictures and updates.....
 My poor lil nephew Bennett broke his leg last week, he will wear this big cast for two weeks and then get a smaller one. He is doing great and is in awesome spirits!
 Will has started to "ride" things, like skateboards and like a horse {pic above}
 Will and Jack had a bath/ slumber party Saturday, they are getting so big and so stinkin cute, love these boys!
 Dada had just gotten home from a bachelor party.... the next morning, my boys were happy to see each other!
And lastly.... last night was NIGHT 3 of no baba before bed, that was the last one we were trying to give up, the lil mr. has done very well with a warm sippy, some einstien, and some extra snuggles before bed!

We leave next week for our little getaway, while I am sad to leave my baby boy I am excited for a little time with my sweet husband!