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Friday, January 29, 2010

A job well done

Had to give a shout out to my great husband! Yesterday he won an award at work for being one of the TOP 3 sales people at his Saint Louis branch! Luke has been extremely busy at work and working very hard, long hours and even on the weekends... Great Job babe glad your hard work is paying off! Love you!

Monday, January 25, 2010

St. Louis... OR Seattle??

I am not sure of the official count but I believe it has been at least two weeks straight that we have went without seeing the sun. What is there instead you ask... GREY... RAIN... FOG, lots and lots of FOG, and FLURRIES!

It is so depressing and tiring... Come on' Saint Louis, we need some precious sunshine to brighten out spirits!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Beautiful Backsplash

Ugh, it just loaded these in the opposite order I wanted so if you want them to go in order start at the bottom up!~

Finished kitchen, painted and brand new back splash, and all new outlet, switch plates up SO pretty!
FINISHED, up close picture!
First part being grouted, took a while to get the hang of this.

Grouting, this was super hard, annoying, and got expensive!
Placing a couple more little tiles on...

Luke with the tiles up all cut and on the wall, who would of thought this would have been the easy part! This is the first big project Luke has done, well besides the fence, His brother is super handy so he always answers our calls with many questions!

Paint, Paint, Paint!

These pictures are from last weekend, when the painting began, it ended up being a pretty big project since our kitchen and family room all run together!
Our TV hung above the fireplace, YES! And you can see the difference in the paint colors from what we used to have on the right hand wall here. Don't mind the messy house, painting weekend got messy!

My happy little painter, Luke is so good he doesn't tape he just takes his time and uses his patience (both things I am NOT good at) and is very careful. We started painting last Saturday and finished up this Sunday, over a week later!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Back What?

Back SPLASH!!!!!

Luke is home from work today and is installing our back splash in our kitchen. He had four days left over from last year if he doesn't use, he will lose at the end of the first quarter.

We choose a light tile and they are small squares like 2 x 2" I am excited to see the progress when I get home and this weekend. We are looking for some bronze outlet and receptacle covers if anyone knows a good spot to look for these, some can get a little pricey!

We also are in the process of painting the family room and kitchen, I will have to take some pictures this weekend to post!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

VENT: Ashley and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

This was one of my favorite books growing up, actually it is "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" It is a cute book, but today I felt like I was living this day:

It started as a little scratch on the back of my ankle that got irritated while I was out shopping Saturday, got home to find it was pretty aggravated, cleaned it up. As the day went on it hurt to walk or put too much weight on that foot. Today is Tuesday and not only has it not gotten any better, I clean it all the time and it has gotten much worse also now my whole ankle is completely swollen, including the part around the sore which is a huge bump and very red and hurts very badly. I have also been wearing only my crocs since Saturday because of the swelling and where the irritation is at.
I usually do not leave things to the doctor unless I have to but, after my dad saying it looked like a spider bite (that can rot your skin) I decided I needed to get some treatment.
A friend suggested the Walgreen's take care clinics, I have to say these might be convenient if you have a cold, but after going to 3 different take care locations (these are not at every Walgreen's so the three I went to were NOT close together at all) I don't know if I will be back.
The last location sent me straight to the hospital because she suspected it was infected with some kind of a strain of staph, which she cannot diagnose or give prescriptions for?!?! I am cheap...and a baby... and decided the urgent care would suffice, otherwise I was going to have to call Luke out of work to go with me.
Called both Urgent Care locations close by to see which had less of a wait, sorry but this being my 4th stop and no answers I was getting restless. The one lady said they could get me right in, it was now 5:00 and she said they have not gotten their "after work rush" (confused me since they close at 6)
An HOUR later: Conclusion: it is either a staph infection, a Mersa infection (type of staph) or a very very infected wound if I wanted to know which of these it was he would have to "dig around in there to find some to test" Ummm no thanks! BACK to Walgreen's for antibiotic, and wouldn't you believe it, they cant find me in the computer, or my prescription, after another HOUR at Walgreen's I am finally at home and hopefully starting to heal.

Side Note: a nurse at the urgent care, (after I told this long story to yet another nurse) told me I was wrong to be cleaning it out with hydrogen peroxide because it kills good bacteria along with bad. Since this is what I have done since I was little I asked the doctor about it and he said he had no idea what she was talking about... This was how all of the advice I got today went... a different nurse asked me if I have been working out too much to hurt an ankle... ummm nope not enough to gash it open, I WISH I worked out that much lady!

My Conclusion: our health care professionals really need some help! Also made me wonder how long our wait is going to be for all of us who pay so much for heath care when everyone gets it for free.

This has been a very long day, Luke is picking up take out, I have a glass of wine and Idol starts tonight!

Sorry for the long, gross, boring post.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Luke's got "whatever it is!"

She's got eyes that cut you like a Knife and Lips that taste like sweet red wine And pretty legs go to heaven every time She got a gentle way that puts me at ease When she walks in the room i can hardly breathe Got a devastating smile knock a grown man to his knees
She's got whatever it is It blows me away She's everything i wanted to say to a woman But couldn't find the words to say She's got whatever it is I don't know what to do Because every time i try and tell her how i feel It comes out "i love you"You got whatever it is
You know I've never been the type that would ever want to Stay Bring 'em home at night and they're gone the next day But that all changed when she walked into my life People ask me what it is I tell them i don't know Just something about the woman makes my heart go haywire She's gonna be my wife
She's got whatever it is It blows me away She's everything i wanted to say to a woman But couldn't find the words to say She's got whatever it is I don't know what to do Because every time i try and tell her how i feel It comes out "i love you"You got whatever it is
This is one of Luke and I's favorite songs, for so many reasons. So for Christmas Luke really needed a new wallet, so I got him one and inside he found tickets for us to the Zac Brown Band concert, it was last Wednesday the night before New years eve, and it was amazing, it was an all night jam session with Zac and the two opening bands he was on tour with, all of them were amazing artists! It was also the last night of their tour and they said they had a blast in MO and wanted to leave with a big blow out here, it was the most down to earth concert I have ever been to, and we left feeling like we were friends with the band, if you ever get the opportunity to go see them do it, I know we will again!