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Thursday, August 5, 2010

They're dropping like flies!

The Bride and Groom finally getting their first drink! As I was posing with the beautiful bride found out that this was the last picture taken before my camera died :(

High school buddies!

This past Saturday I had a batchlorette party to attend for my good friend Jessie, and the wedding of another good friend Jenny! Jenny and I have been "best friends" since the fourth grade, so happy she has found her happliy ever after and cant wait to grow old with her.

They both are beautiful girls inside and out and I am glad I got to be at both events for them! They both had some wedding horror stories for me which makes me glad I am not planning a wedding, it is hard to know how much work and time goes into one day!
A BIG congrats to both of them!

Sunday Luke had a baseball game and he also went with a friend to a Rams training session, I got tons of errands done (got a bookshelf and lamp for William's room) and also fit in a much needed pedicure. It is hard to try and get everything done on the weekends, but I felt very accomplished before the week began, now only if we will ever get to that horrible dirty house of ours... sigh.

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