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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Roundup

My little Turkey's first Thanksgiving!
Hi Bennett! Isnt his sweater adorable!
Our Family, maybe next time we can have a picture without the pretty facial hair that has since departed the Wilson house, thank god.
We had a lovely first little Thanksgiving with William, I could not of asked for anything more! My heart bursts with all the things I am thankful for this year, our health, our amazing new baby boy, our jobs, my long maternity leave, our home, our families and friends.... well this list could go on forever. Really makes you realize you have a lot to be thankful for and try and just forget about the other things. There are two problems in my life that if they got fixed or went away my life would be perfect, well perfect to me. Just two that doesn't sound too bad when put like that!
We got to see SO many people over the holiday, it was a very humbling week spent with all {most} of my favorite people.
Luke's family doesn't do much for Turkey day so we got together with them last Sunday to catch up, his mom aka Gigi, loves Will so very much, he is so lucky to have a Gigi that loves to cuddle, and be with him all the time.
On thanksgiving we went to my grandma's she is getting older but still loves to make all the yummy food! I have to say this year all of the food was amazing for some reason it was like the best tasting Thanksgiving food EVER! Someday I will need to learn how to make these things so I can make a turkey dinner for my family.... not yet though.
After spending time over there we went over to see the other Wilson's, (Luke's good friend from high school married a Wilson), her family was in town from Louisiana and at her sisters house. Her sister is expecting in February and it was good to see and catch up with all of them, and Momma Wilson was excited to get new baby cuddles in with Will!

Friday I got up and tried to go get a tv on sale at Walmart, it was sold out, it was early, and I wish I would of stayed in bed, ohh well.
Then Will and I were off to Columbia for the day to visit with my friend Ashley, our friend Laura was also there and Ashley's sister. We all had a really fun lunch, Ashley's generous Mama also offered to watch Will so we had lunch just the girls. I haven't had that much fun in two hours in a long, long time. :)
Luke thinks I am a bad driver, I am not, just maybe not as cautious as him, but I think he was glad to see us Friday night.

Saturday I got 6 of my friends together to do lunch at a new brewery in Kirkwood. Jim and Leslie were in town from Arkansas so it was great for all of us to get to see and catch up with them! Then I hung out with my mom and Luke got to go out with his friends.

The BIG news!!!! Friday AND Saturday night Mr. Will decided he was a BIG boy and slept through the night!!!I don't know if it was the long days or what! But went down about 10:30-11 and woke up around 6:30 both days! Holy Moly, was I happy! Saturday morning I was in a fog (as usual) when I heard him in the monitor and couldn't remember if I had been up in the middle of the night or not, but then I felt and saw my massive mommy boobies and quickly realized what had happened!
I think he might be getting a bit of a cold so it hasn't happened again yet, but we are on the right track!
Sunday was spent as a lazy family of four lounging around the house, after I got in some more Christmas shopping of course!
I am almost done!!! I started early, online while I was still at work, and I am glad I did, I don't want to be hauling Will around in the cold and with the crowds. I have a few more people to go, and already have 3 returns to make but all in all I should be done in a week or two! Ya Hooo!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ohh you funny mommy....

All the cries, screams, and dirty diapers just don't matter anymore when you have this precious smiling coo'ing baby looking back at you. Apparently I am one pretty funny mommy!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fridays with Aunt Crystal...

Last Friday night Luke and I had our first night out, we had tickets to the Zac Brown Band concert. It is one of our favorite bands and we went to the concert last year and loved it!

We went with our friends Colleen and Ross who also love the songs, and are also expecting there first child February of this year, the are getting surprised with the sex and the anticipation of knowing if it will be a baby boy or baby girl friend for Will is killing us! Luke and Ross were great friends growing up and we would love if Will and "Max" can be as well, I forgot why but that is what they call the baby for now ;)

Back to my post.....

William got to go see one of his favorite people last Friday Aunt Crystal! Crystal has been going through a lot lately and was so excited to watch him, she loves her little nephew so much it is adorable. She took some very cute pictures of him, and got some love and cuddles in.
Also, Will had his second bottle (thus far) and did great, gobble gobbled down all four ounces! (which I think is what we are at right now, 6 weeks)
Luke and I also did good leaving him, we got one picture text of him eating his bottle which helped momma get through the night. Though by the end of the night momma's milk makers had a mind of their own! ;)
This past weekend, I of course am the best wife ever and sent Luke to my dads ranch to go deer hunting with the guys! He had a blast but no deer, fine by me!
My sister came over to spend the night Friday, we talk talk talked, till about 11:30, I was pooped! But it was so great to catch up with her and have the company! We might try to make it more of a regular occurrence.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bennett Love

I just love how incredibly strong the love is that Bennett shows to Will, it is as he just KNOWS they are great buddies!

This is a video from the frist day they met, Bennett says "baby" SO cute, I was trying to capture it but I think the chips and dip were much more interesting...

My sister just did the cutest post of them also!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Get your 50 FREE Holiday cards bloggers!

That's right its that time again to start thinking of cookies, presents, and of course Christmas cards! I love Christmas cards, making them, sending them and receiving them, especially all the fun photos that come along with it. It is so fun to see families and little ones growing throughout the years. I still cant come to throw them away at the end of the season so I have a box of old ones sitting the basement, not sure what I will ever do with them but maybe when I am old and retired I will have fun looking back on them.
A Thank you Card from shutterfly I used for our wedding: One of the top runners in our Christmas card choices.... Check out Shutterfly's 2010 holiday card collection, and these fun folded cards There are great ones to choose from, and at decent prices (believe me I've looked around) I also like the fact that you can choose the card THEN choose how many photos you would like to incorporate into it! Makes it so easy!

What a great deal, and something I would definitely like to take advantage of! With photos of the lil one and growing families and friends we are sending out a little over 100 cards this year! Now if we can get free stamps we'll be set ;)

Another thing I love that I have used Shutterfly for multiple times is their photobooks, they are wonderful keepsakes and gifts especially if you are not "into" printing and organizing all your photos all the time!
Hope you can take advantage of this great offer, tis the season to shop, and save a little money!!

Sleep well baby Will

Sunday night after we left my grandma's birthday dinner things started to go downhill fast, he was pretty fussy at my grandma's but we didn't think anything of it. But when we went to put him down it took like two hours, he was just wide awake and hanging out. I fell asleep and Luke finally got me and said he couldn't handle it anymore, I got him down about 45 minutes later, only to get up again a short time there after.
At one of the times while I was up I was reading an article on getting your baby to sleep, it had some good pointers, but I didn't think it would work till he was a little older, Like getting him in a routine, bath, book, bottle bed... something similar to that.
Well the next night I thought it was worth a shot to start trying, what did we have to lose?! So I told Luke about it.
We went upstairs (before I was just feeding him wherever, with whatever else going on around us) We wiped down his little {adorable!} face and neck with a warm wash cloth, just had one small lamp on in our room, and things calm for the most part, I fed him in bed quietly, and then we all went into his room. Swaddled we layed him down with his sound machine on and just like that it was magic he was OUT!
Now it might be a coincidence, but we have done this every night this week and so far it has worked great!
Wednesday and Thursday night BOTH, The routine started at about 9:30, putting him down around 10 and he woke up around 3, That is 5 hours my friends!!!!!!!!!
Hoping it keeps going and eventually when his baby tummy grows a bit we will be at a whole night!

But we'll see, I have high hopes because my nephew was 8 weeks when he did a full night, but I have talked to two people this week that their kids were 8 and 9 months (wholly moly!)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sugar and Spice.. Naughty and Nice.

I love Will more than words can express, I don't even want to try to count the number of kisses he gets on a daily basis, and I already cannot remember or imagine what our life would be like without this perfect little boy in our life.

The first month has been great, I really CANNOT complain about him one bit. He cries when he is hungry or uncomfortable or tired. And he has some fussy spells at night, that's it! I have nothing to compare him to, but all in all I think he is a very good baby.

With that said, I don't want to sugar coat anything and I have some friends going through pretty rough times with their babies lately. I think it should be said that this is not a piece of cake, it is hard, it is lonely, the days take a LONG time to pass, and there have been tears shed by all of us.

When it is hour two or three of your baby crying and you have tried everything it is hard, it defiantly helps that in the evenings Luke and I can switch off who tries to soothe. And why is it that the second our dinner is hot and ready (the dinner that was nearly impossible to make while holding a baby) is right when he decides to cry. Or the second my eyes close for a little shut eye during the day he decides it is time to wake up?!
The nights where instead of two times up a night it turns to 3 or 4 or it takes an hour or two to get him back down which means he will just be up again soon.

The reason I say these things is not to complain but to point out that in all the fun, lovely times I am having and posting about there are difficult times as well. I do not know how young mothers have the patience to do this, or single moms do it ALL by themselves.

Luke has been a big help and I am very thankful for him, I am trying to make his life as easy as possible by taking care of the household things while he is at work, and letting him have time to himself as well. Sunday before dinner with my family he went and played a long round of golf with his friends and this weekend, well I must be crazy because he is going deer hunting.
That's right, I'm at it all weekend alone. I have not even done a night alone much less a whole weekend....

I am trying to make some plans because I can barley handle just the days by myself with no one to talk to, and I might go crazy if I have to do the evenings and nights as well!

Good Luck new mommies, Well make it... one baby step at a time!


Mr. Will and I have really lucked out with the weather while on maternity/baby leave! The week or two following his birth it was gorgeous out, then cold for a while, now it is SO pretty again! So this morning after laying around in bed as usual....
We set out to enjoy the sweet sweet sunshine! I had a return and I have missed one of my favorite shopping spots lately, and of course Will has not gotten to go yet, so we headed to The Meadows
It is a new outdoor shopping area about 10 minutes from our house, it is similar to the plaza in KC (another one of my favorites) but much smaller.
Now that Will is a little bigger and the public scene is not as scary I am trying to make some plans, dates, and memories before the dreaded work life begins again...

One month pictures

One month pictures

Getting mad.....
Mom, pick me UP!
Waaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Happy One Month Will man!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Snuggle Bug

Will can be such a little snuggle bug and it is just the best time! He often has some fussy time in the evening (which is very common after all the activity of the day) one way to calm him down for a nap is to put him on your chest on his belly. He doesn't get a lot of time to sleep on his belly and I think he likes the heartbeat sound... However when trying this tactic on mommy we often get confused and think it is dinner time again ;)
So off to daddy we go, doesn't look like he minds too much does it!
We also have another favorite time that unfortunately we might have to break him of eventually. After he eats at about 5-6 am he does not want to go back to bed, in his bed... so we often spend some time looking around and hanging out in OUR bed then go back to sleep in there, either in mommy or daddy's arms or on his boppy.... just something about our bed.
I don't want him to revert to hating his bed so I am going to try to stop this everyday occurrence eventually but for now I think we are all enjoying it. Sometimes I am so tired that when I wake up with him in my arms or next to me it is a pleasant surprise because I forget that he came in :)

Happy Halloween!!!

We did not end up doing anything for Halloween this year, it was chilly outside and on a Sunday so we had a relaxing day at home the four of us.

One month updates

William is ONE MONTH old today!
We had our first parents as teachers visit last week. PAT is a programs where they come to your house to check certain milestones, answer questions, and give you some educational tools to help your little one thrive.
I love our teacher, she is very sweet and couldn't get enough of our little guy. She said he is right on track with head movement and muscles, eye movement and focusing and she answered all of my many questions. We are loving the black and white photos she made for us and use them during tummy time. She also suggested using the boppy for tummy time which has been extremely helpful!

Today we had the one month well visit and the pediatrician. William is doing great! She said I can use some hydrocortizone for his nasty recent outbreak of baby acne and some olive oil for a little cradle cap he has developed.

9 pounds 12 ounces 58%
22 1/2" tall 83% (whoa!)

I have started pumping and trying to establish somewhat of a supply but sometimes I am only pumping about an ounce at a time. His pedi is not worried about that since I am feeding him AND trying to pump it is probably the reason for the small amount. Saturday night Luke gave him his first bottle in the middle of the night and I got a full night of sleep! Have I mentioned how awesome Luke is being? I know things are going to be difficult when I go back to work and I don't even want to think about trying to take care of everything here after working all day but I am confidant we can do it, teamwork is key! :)

Bennett meets Will!

Bennett my nephew finally got to meet Mr. Will for the first time last weekend, here are some pictures from their meeting. Bennett couldn't wait to get a BIG hug!

These two are going to have so much fun together in the future, I cant wait to see them grow up together.