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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

20 months old

Ohh William... how can it be that you are going to be 20 months old when I just brought you home from the hospital yesterday? 20 months sounds so much older than 18-19 months, your going to be two before we know it...gasp! You lighten my life and show me what life is all about, you cure my blues, and give me the love of the world with your big squeezes. I probably ask you for too many kisses and too many hugs and I'm sorry. The best way to describe it is, I crave you, I think of you all day and look at photos of you to help me get through to the time I can squeeze you in my arms again. You have this biggest butterball belly I have ever seen and I cant stop from giving it sweet raspberries every chance I get. You've never met a stranger, or a place or person you didn't like. You talk all.the.time most the time we know what you are saying, I couldn't count the words you say there are a lot, some favorites being, dada, boomer, momma, gabbagabba, alright!, milk. actually I could keep going, you talk a lot. You love tv and have a slight obsession with yo gabba gabba. Hopefully that will pass soon. Your very picky with food and there are only a handful of things you will eat, its always a struggle because I want you to be healthy. Your still in size 5 diapers and we may try to start potty training in August. I'm also thinking a big boy bed may be in the works if we do well with the potty thing. Your smart as a whip and challenging yourself and us everyday.
 Some new favorite things to do are lick the spoon if I'm making or stirring something, any cup with a straw you call "momma's" and you want a drink, and you LOVE to play with water, fountains, pools, tub, sprinkler!

 Your getting a little better with me taking your picture and sometimes you will give me your best "CHEESE" this sweet sweet smile just simply melts my heart.
 Your favorite stuffed animal is still Henley, you love to suck on his tags, when your in bed you suck the tags and twirl your fat little finger around another stuffed animals tail/tag. It takes a little twirling time before you are really ready to get up.
 Chase and hiding together are two of our favorite games, the best part is when I catch/find you and we get to give big hugs and lots of laughs. These are the moments I cherish, my fun little butterball.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A day at the Ranch

Last Saturday we went to the farm, it was great to have a day with me, Luke, Will, and my mom and dad. My mom adores Will of course, but ohh man I've never ever seen a papa so in love with his grandson.

Some favorite moments:
We are about a half hour from my mom and she is a good hour from the ranch, so after about 45 min in the car I decided to turn on a mickey episode to let Will relax till we got there. Boy did I hear about it with my mom in the backseat with Will, "you know we never needed this when you were little" "don't you think he watches enough tv" "cant he look at the trucks out the window" After it was on and she saw lil Will kickin his feet, singing along, and watching his favorite show for the remainder of the ride... "WHY didn't I have this when you were little" "I love mickey mouse, so cute" "these ipads are just amazing" "were THERE already, that flew by!"

Will thinks his mini horse (romeo) is a dog.... he looks at it and says "woof woof dog"

When we arrived my dad was in the barn with a bunch of cows (doing... I don't want to know what) and Will patiently stood at the gate and yelled Papa, Papa, until he came out and said hi.... melt my heart.

Will got to pet his first fish, tried to stick his hand right in its mouth, this scared momma!

Luke took Will for some four wheeler rides, every time they were done and would get off will would walk right back over and say in his sweet little voice, "more, more, more"

waiting for papa

riding with papa, choclate covered face and all.... spoiled!

Monday, May 21, 2012

A day in the life....

of supermom.... Don't get me wrong, every mom is super mom, I dont know how we fit it ALL in but we do, and most the time with a big smile on our face. So sometimes you have to give yourself a pat on the back, because really if we dont, no one will... ok sorry I'm still a bit bitter, see previous post. 

I digress..... Wednesday I worked from home. I've been making it to a boot camp class that starts at 5 am (yes 5 am) telling you its hard for me would be the biggest understatement, I've been 5-6 times and I really like it. So I did that, then did the normal morning thing with Will, luckily I didn't have to shower since I wasn't coming into work. After breakfast we went to the park and walked then Will played for a while, he was climbing all over the place and I was so sad to stop him but we had to go home. Our new kitchen table was being delivered! The next two hours consisted of feeding Will lunch confining him to his highchair while delivery men came in and out of the house, and while our upstairs carpets were being cleaned. We debated renting a cleaner but I'm so glad we got them professionally done. And I LOVE our new kitchen table, its always hard to get used to something new but now I love love it! While Will was eating in prison I whipped up an oreo pie and got some cooking started because the next night we were having papa Jim and Mary over for dinner. I had the carpet cleaners do Wills room first so I could put him down, and I caught up on laundry, dishes, and the other household things that lack my attention the rest of the week. Got some items sold on craiglist, and some cute new shirts ordered for Will. Before I knew it he was up and ready to party, we whipped up some moon sand (thanks pintrst) he liked it and so did I, but it DID get messy! He decided to dump it all on himself, why not. ;) Will helped me put together out new solar lights and when dada got home we decided it was time to take Will out to get his first snocone, I'll have to do a separate post on that special trip later! ;)
Whew, are you as exhausted as I am from reading that? But it DOES feel so good to get so many things done and so many checks off the ol' list!

licking the spatula, yes, that may be a venti latte peaking in the background...when in doubt.

New park

Will loves all parks, he loves to be outside, and free to explore and play. Brenden's playground is a place I've heard great things about and been wanting to try for a while, it is named after a boy who couldn't play with regular playground equipment so everything is very friendly to kids of all ages and ability's. Will and I decided to meet Colleen and Jack there and we were both instantly in love! Will could literally spend hours at this place! Weve been back 3-4 times since and I feel like he has a new favorite part every time. The best part... it is literally less than 5 minutes from our house and right by dadas ball fields!


Our sweet buddy Jack 15 months old
He LOVES these swings, obsessed

My sweet gift from Will and his new sitter Nicole

Cardinals game/ freese bobble head day 


doing almost every activity at the park with Will on mothers day, he loved it :)

Mothers day doesn't deserve its own post.... Sorry but it just doesn't. Ive learned my expectations are too high, I literally have to SAY when I need something done for me, and of course... guys are clueless. At 6 pm on Sunday of mothers day I kinda lost it. No card, no sleeping in, no coffee in bed (I've realized years ago I will never get breakfast in bed so I'd settle for coffee) Yes I have an amazing husband and it was JUST my birthday and our anniversary, poor planning on my part to have these three events within three weeks of each other. But to wake up 365 days a year and take care of these three boys and work my little bootie off I just needed a little appreciation, a card, something dumb from Will, We did our normal routine, went to the park and spent time with Will (I may make this a tradition, loved this) then we went to the cardinals game and my mom babysat. I do feel very blessed to have the amazing family I do, but a little appreciation and acknowledgement is always nice.... always. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Longing to feel disconnected...?

It is hard for me to admit how much this article hit home to me... Though if you are reading this and living in this century and it doesn't hit home to you, you may be lying to yourself.
How to miss a childhood
I've know and I think we all know; we spend too much time on our phones and devices, we should be in the moment fully at all times, we should be talking, laughing, playing, bathing, cooking, cleaning. There is always something we should be doing. But come on right, its 2012 if we don't answer that email about the deadline our job could be in jeopardy, if you don't post some cute pictures you may disappoint family, the list goes on and on. I've been searching for that middle ground, that fine line between using my phone and being a momma, and there are a few sentences in this article that just hit home way too much for me.
"Carry your phone around so much that when you happen to leave it in one room your child will come running with it proudly in hand- treating it more like a much needed breathing apparatus than a communication device"  GUILTY! 

"My life changed the day I stopped justifying my highly distracted life and admitted I was missing precious moments that I would never retrieve. I imagined my daughter standing on the stage at her high school graduation and asked myself: when she is 18 years old will I wish I had spend more time on my phone/work/social life? Or will I wish I spent more time investing in her?" 

I have a reoccurring fear of regret, UGH I even hate the word... maybe it is because I have some regrets from my past, I don't know but I do know one thing I do not want to have any regrets in life most of all about my children and family. Out chatting with my friend Jim he asked me a question he's asked me before, why I pack our schedule, why I don't say no more often, and why I'm one of the friends who seems to make it to everything. The answer is simple, I don't want to have any regrets. I don't want it to be the end of the year and realize I've missed the chance to see my friends at functions, realize we've missed a nice day on the weekend to pack up the calendar yet again. And after reading this article its another huge regret I do not want to have.

I digress.... I'm going to try and make some changes to implement less time checking the phone, emails, sites and more time being hands on with William and in life.

If you like this article be sure to check out "how to stop..." as well 


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Twenty Eight

Well, my 28th birthday has come and went, as I get older I realize birthdays just are not as fun anymore... I worked all day then my friend Ashley came in town from KC to see me which made it a special night. We enjoyed catching up over pizza and a bottle of cakeberad; perfect night. Tuesday my friends met me for dinner at Mosaic, a local tapas restaurant, as always it was great to see everyone, have some yummy food, and even better sangria! Ash and I got pedicures too, I love having pretty feet and when they're gross I just feel gross, you know?! 
Wednesday I worked from home, hung out with Ashley and Will, and bought a new pair of tennies I've been eye'ing. Last night Luke came home around 8:00 holding a little bag, I knew what was in there, something I had been wanting for a while, but I was so excited to see the final product! A ring alternating my birthstone (diamond) and Will's (Tourmaline) it can be worn on my right hand or stacked with my wedding band and ring on my left. Simple yet meaningful, two of my favorite things,! 

27 was a good year, nothing big, not too exciting, a little boring.... I'm really excited about 28 though, lots of fun trips planned, I get a new nephew in Sept, and I still have two whole years till 30 :) 
3 weeks till girls weekend at the lake, what! what! 

My bff and I on my birthday

Hoping my wish comes true!!!

Mmmm sangria

the boys decided to show up for girls happy hour :)

The girls... Shannon had just left :(

Ashley surprised me from KC, what fun!
Wednesday was spent relaxing, doing laundry, and playing with bubs

Boomer even joined in for the fun girls night with Ash and I ;)

Monday, May 7, 2012

productive weekend and changes

 Ahhh finally lunch time on Monday and a chance for me to recap our amazingly productive weekend! I've wanted to document this somewhere because I still cannot believe how much we got done. We layed low Friday and I mentally prepared scared Luke, with all that I had on "the list"... you know the list, sometimes you make it, sometimes it in your head but its never ending and your always adding and it seems when you start to get one project done it creates five more, especially if you are a homeowner... and on pintrest. I have a love/hate relationship with our lists.

We got going Saturday morning, Dada was doing yard work and Will and I headed to the park to walk and play, he spent the rest of the day at my moms so I wanted him to get outside for a while. On the big slides I usually go up with him and plop him down then either go down myself or run down to meet him at the bottom {one word: exhausting} he can sit but there is a little step he usually gets confused to get on and scoot to the end... well after much persuasion he did it, and he was ohhh so proud :) My little man is growing up so fast, feels like yesterday I was pregnant watching Bennett go down the slides.

climbing up, pre persuasion
sliding down all by himself!

I dropped Will off at my moms and headed to a baby shower for some dear friends having twin boys! Lord help them, lol :) I made the drinks for the shower and since it was also Cinco I did the Corona Margs and the raspberry summer cocktail, both from pintrest, both fabulous!
With baby fever and a few drinks in me I was feelin good and off to meet my hubby for some shopping and dinner. I got some treasures from the Galleria; my favorite mall I never get to go to. In college I lived right behind this mall and it was way TOO convenient. We had drinks at the mall and watched the Kentucky derby, I had no idea it was like 1 minute long, crazy! Then we went to crate and barrel and ordered a new kitchen table, I had been in the market for some time but also beating myself up for buying ours just 4 years ago. Its a tall one and I don't like the fact of Will sitting at it, soon he will be able to sit with us and enjoy all his meals and I needed a nice family table for us. Cant wait for it to be delivered.
We had drinks and dinner at pf changs and it was delicious as always. Thought about meeting some friends out for cinco but we went home and put our stuffed selves to bed, ohh how times have changed.

We got up Sunday and went to look for the perfect parsons chairs to go with my new table, I still haven't found anything I love. Then I went to get Will and Luke ran 4 errands, I was SO pleased! He picked up a new patio set we had picked out, and did some other things. Will napped and I went and ran two more errands....the rest of Sunday was spent putting together furniture, yard work, and cleaning. It felt so so nice to get so many checks off the list!
helping dada put together patio chairs

it was like Will knew just what to do, he picked up a tool and got to work!

time for some fun in his new pool after a hard days work
isn't this pool so cute? I found it at target I hope it lasts!
And last but not least, me new laundry room! The before pictures are on the ipad so I don't have them but the floor was a white and blue linoleum, white scuffed up walls, old washer dryer, and one rod for coats and stuff the room was fine, served its purpose but this is so much prettier! We are still searching around for the pedestals because I refuse to spend what they're asking for at the store.
walking in to the left we have a bench and lots of storage
then while you are taking pics a crazy man runs in!

All our storage!
and my new pretty washer and dryer, and WASH letters

new set right outside out kitchen door

 two are strawberries, one is peppers, one is tomatoes I'm trying! nothing yet....

Our new rug, and new patio set. I love it!