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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our little good luck charm

Tuesday night we took Will to his first Cardinals baseball game! One of the reasons I love St Louis is because of Cardinals baseball, we are such a fun town when it comes to this and what most st louisians would call... "a drinking down with a baseball problem"

I grew up with my dad always having tickets and I cant wait till Will is running around the stadium like a madman! For now he decided to chill and take it all in, we weren't sure how the night was going to go... we went with Jim and Leslie and they were warned of possible meltdowns and leaving early. I am proud to say we did great and made it to the 7th inning! Our little teether is budding 3 maybe 4 NEW teeth so he was pretty squirmy, but loved watching everything, fireworks for home runs, ate yummy food, and his favorite thing was the beer men passing us by yelling. Who knew that would be a kiddie favorite!

Game stats: Tuesday July 5, 2011 6:09 PM St Louis Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Reds 3 home runs! Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman homered on consecutive at bats in the first inning. Holliday hit another home run later in the game. Got to see David Freese (Luke's buddy) play also. That's a winner: final score 8-1

Mommy and Will got home from work and dressed and ready in record time!

Will's first visit to a bar (had to be documented!) Paddy O's one of our favorite baseball bars.

In awe as everyone sprung to their feet at the first home run.


Enjoying a game day favorite, ballpark pretzels

Fireworks! He loved watching all the cheering and didn't even flinch!

Are puffs not the biggest lifesaver ever? Seriously what did people do before puffs??!

Our first stadium family photo

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