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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some more issues.....

I feel like I am turning this into a Mommy that keeps complaining blog, I am sorry if it sounds like that at all, I don't mean to complain this is just my easiest way to keep people up to date and for right now to keep these details up to date as well.
Will had Croup, he got steroids and was sounding better, but his croupy cough (as I call it) still did not 100% go away. This is rare. I called the doctor Monday and of course they were closed Tuesday due to the weather but they did want to see him again because he should not still have a croupy cough, that usually goes away within 2 days of steroids.
We went in yesterday and the doctor spent an hour and 15 minutes discussing things with me. Here is the plan:
Another round of steroids, which isn't ideal for a young baby but could maybe clear up any recent virus that is making this cough happen again (or still!)
Went for chest xrays at the urgent care yesterday, that was fun let me tell you, since most dr's offices were still closed due to the snow and part of the urgent care was closed we were all shoved in a tiny waiting room, so I did what any mommy would do, used my nursing cover as a shield and hid Will from hopefully getting any other germs in this gross place....
His doctor has been great and I have talked to her one on one on the phone 4 times within the past 48 hours. She called last night with the results and his chest xrays looked good.

Todays plan:
She is thinking the steroids are not the trick because he should not have this cough for this prolonged amount of time (about a month now)
She talked on the phone with the specialist we will see (who was also closed yesterday) and he would like us to go to the hospital to get a test done before seeing him. Will will be given a formula mixture of something then get more xrays done to look for some sort of ring that could be on his trachia
If this comes back normal (no ring) which is a small chance this is what it is we will then go see the specialist.
He will confirm if it is Will's tissue and air flaps that are causing this, if it IS they usually say they will grow into it (at about a year old)

SO.... These are the three things it could be.
This morning Will spit out all of his steroids so we are going to get more tonight and if the cough is still around we can rule that one out.

Will also got his four month shots while we were there yesterday, and I'm not sure if it is related to any of this but had just an AWFUL time sleeping last night!

To top off ALL of the Mommy nerves I am feeling, Will's babysitter quit last Friday (yes the same night I got the news of my grandma) Luckily with this week being rather snowy I was able to stay home a couple days but today he is with someone new, She seems very nice and I know he took a two hour nap for her this morning, baby had to be exhausted! But I will update more on that later...

Deep breaths, and silver linings:
Whatever it is IS fixable, his doctor couldn't be MORE on top of things for me, we are already starting to rule things out.

Babysitter quitting was a big blessing in disguise, just testing how much mommy can deal with at one time.

Sleep.... its overrated anyway right?
He will sleep eventually. Just have to keep telling myself this, and hoping the exhausted mistakes we are making at work don't get us fired.


  1. Holy moly - you're a busy momma! I can't believe your babysitter quit on you like that. I guess its better to get someone out early on instead of Will getting attached to someone just for them to leave. Best of luck! And thanks for your kind words about Gracie :)

  2. If you want you could bring Will here to have my sister watch both bebes. I know it's totally out of your way but if you're in a pinch let us know.


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