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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TA DA! Our finished basement

Well friends our completely finished basement is d.o.n.e... ok ok it was a BIG project so it is 97% done! After much basement clean out, plans, construction and dust dust everywhere and what I thought was promised was a 4-5 month project turned into a 9 month project it is finally done!
Luke and I saved up and moved in our house the summer we got married, this is where we conceived our first child and we brought him home from the hospital to this house. I look forward to many more great years in our wonderful house we have made our home. We knew we would love it and it could grow with us, and while it is nice there were still little projects we had in mind when we bought it. The basement gives us so much extra living space (while taking away so much storage space!) it is a great playroom for Will, good place for extra toys and being carpeted is nice since our whole main floor is hardwood. But we also finished the basement for re-sell purposes, no we are not thinking of moving anytime soon, though we do like to look at our dream homes/locations with the market we will not sell for a while, and this will hopefully be the home we bring both of our children home to!

If I could do it over I am not sure we would start construction on the basement when Will was only weeks old. And tip for anyone doing work with a dog, doggie day camp at kennelwood is awesome, Boomer could not handle some of the noises the tools made of course when they were almost done with this is when I learned of doggie day camp, money well spent! There were definite mommy tears shed over this, noise, men in and out while bfeeding, dust with baby etc... but it is done and we love it! Enjoy the pics and if you live here you better come over for a drink soon! :-) Before
Before: Beginning of framing in

before: poles, furnace, water heater


Stairs, room to the left is current work out room, to the right is the bathroom

Coming down the stairs looking into bathroom

bathroom - still need to do baseboards in this room, had to wait for toilet and vanity to get installed and now need a special saw.

the only room that is completely done being decorated!

Bar area!

Still deciding what to do with these three little shelves and the shelving behind the bar, prewired for a small tv but were not there yet ;)

view from the bar to the tv area/play area/siting room

view of the bar, and my cork "W" that I made from an idea on pintrest

Under the shelf is a built in area that goes into the storage area for our mini fridge and wine fridge and under the bar there are cabinets for storage.

tv/toy area

And that's it!!! :)

SO what do you think?

Would love to get one of these for toy and book storage down there, and maybe one of these but for now were happy!!!

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  1. Ashley, that looks amazing! Even though it took longer than you thought, I think it was worth it b/c it is really nice. LOVE that bathroom vanity and the bar area! I would so be over for a drink in a heart beat if I was a tad closer ;)


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