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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Food and routine updates

Will feeding himself his red white and blue fourth of July breakfast mommy made for him
Will at aunt Michelle's house eating with his new best friend Gusgus

exploring the stairs

At about the 8 month mark things really started changing so I think its time to take note. Will really started to get interested in feeding himself so with puffs, graduates, and fruit we started to make the transition. He still gets four 8 oz bottles and three meals with baby food a day but along with this he gets food he can feed himself. Fruit, strawberry's blueberries, raspberry's, banana's, Mandarin oranges. Veggies, peas, corn, green beans, carrots (all cooked) pasta, there are all kinds of things and as the weeks went on he got better and better at his new found skills. He loves to feed himself and when it is a food he really likes {mac and cheese, cheesy puffs} he will definitely let you know when it is all gone and he wants more. I am trying to ignore these new screams so that they don't become rewarded but sometimes it is hard.

Will has been taking three naps a day since I can remember, lately he has started to cut out his third nap and make it on two. This has also cut out one bottle on some days and with a bigger dinner he really doesn't seem to miss it too much. With Jackie still in the healing process Will started to head north with me to work and go to my friend Michelle's house during the day. She is a teacher and is thinking about staying home with her three month old daughter Eliza. So far it is going great, she does art projects with him, talks about numbers, sings songs and lots of other great things! Michelle is one of the nicest people I know and I am so honored she is taking such terrific care of my baby.

Will waved for the first time this weekend (on his nine month birthday) and it was just one of those moments where you think your heart might burst open from the sheer excitement. His first wave was to his mommy, and I will forever be in the stands waving and cheering back at him.

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