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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

Hi Friends, I think I have a little catching up to do! I feel like Mr. William does something new each and every day, when people tell you that it gets better each day you don't believe them but seeing light bulbs go off and new words spoken is pure bliss for me lately!
We are making the most of our summer and filling up our days and nights, I have been busy at work and Luke just got back from a week long business trip to DC! I hope I never have to experience being a single mommy again. Will and I got in some great quality time but being a one man show is a lot of work! We took out first trip to the library which he LOVED! There is a train set there that I think he would of played with all day if I let him and we found out about some kids programs unfortunately I have to work during all of them but maybe Gigi can take him. We have a relative from Luxembourg (where my grandmother is from) in town visiting she is here for just over two weeks and we are gearing up for a very busy August, September, and October.

Will waves at anything he can get attention from. Yesterday we all went on a walk early in the morning before it got TOO hot out and as Boomer and Will were "walking" next to each other Will just kept waving at him, too cute! Moments like these just make me melt.

Will has 7-8 teeth now and we only had a couple bad days, he is such a tough little guy!

We decided to start with a few of the sign language words to help him communicate and I am happy to report that Will now signs: hi/bye, all done, and more. The only one we do he doesn't is drink, guess its time for momma to learn some more!

I am almost done reading Sippy cups are not for Chardonnay and I LOVED it! I highly recommend it to any and every momma out there, it had me laughing out loud and reading blurbs to Luke, good read.

Those that have read my blog for a while know about the trachealmalesia that we have dealt with and I am happy to report that the cough, cough, cough that ruled my life for months has shown MUCH improvement, praise the Lord! It is not completely gone and we are supposed to go back and meet with his specialist in August. But for now I (dr.mommy ha!) changed his reflux meds from twice a day to once. Once in the morning, then we are still supposed to take the bethanochol four times a day which sometimes we only take twice. The paragraph I just typed makes me more happy that words can say after months of typing blog posts about how I hoped I would look back on that time. :-)

Ok onto some pics of my cutie patotie for you!

Last Friday I took a 1/2 day off work and me, Michelle, Meghan, Leslie and all the kids went up to the pool. Michelle belongs to a country club and their pool had all these water sprout things shooting, of course my kid loved to go stick his face/head in these, over.and.over again. He is SUCH a little fish and I love it!
Time to stop wearing my kate spade perscription sunglasses?
Notice the duck in my boys mouth... thinking about re'doing his bathroom "will style"

Things are still going GREAT with Michelle watching Will, I mean things really couldn't be any better! Here is his "thumbkin" picture he made. We now have a special spot in his room for all his beautiful artwork he makes with Aunt Michelle. She said he signed "more" last week and she taught him twinkle twinkle his favorite song.

My sweet boy {in his new adorable jammies Gigi got him} picking out some bedtime stories, loves to read and turn pages.

crazy hair, crazy kid

catching a snooze while he can during a busy weekend

new favorite: cars and trucks! He loves them so much and cousin Bennett gave him some great ones he was done playing with! Will scoots and rolls them all over the house. We definitely have a boy, boy on our hands!

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