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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A North Carolina Birthday!

Were back! We had a great time, the weather was fabulous, 75 and sunny... much better than all the rain we left behind in St. Louis!
Before we left Will finished his antibiotic and I took him to the doctor again just to get checked, his ears were good and she said his cough could last longer and it would go away. Will was great on the flight there, we met up with Jake, his fiance Ann, and Luke's mom who had already flown in a few days before us to meet the new in laws and discuss rehearsal dinner ideas.
The next day we headed to the beach, it was about a two hour drive from where Jake lives in Raleigh to get to Emerald Isle. The house was cozy and cute, and the beach was quiet and secluded! We relaxed, played with Will, ate out, watched royal wedding coverage, the boys golfed, and we all had a really good time!
On the flight coming home Will did not want the party to end, he fought us with going to sleep and made himself very overtired, for about 30 minutes we were "those" people... Thank goodness he finally fell asleep on his sweet Gigi's shoulder :)
While we were there Will's nose was running non stop, I have never seen so much snot in my life, it was A LOT! He was also coughing and 2 of the nights a fever came and spiked up, never a dull moment with this kid I tell ya!
We gave Advil, but by Monday I was a pretty worried mommy, I called the specialist that diagnosed his bacterial infection a while ago because I was sure that this is what that was turning into. Since we were coming back soon they wanted to see him so when we got back I spent three hours at the specialist with Will, we are not on more stronger antibiotics (which I am kinda annoyed his pedi didn't give us strong ones to begin with) But the new meds are causing a horrible case of the poops... which caused a horrible diaper rash. This kid cant win. I am VERY open to suggestions for diaper rash as this is something we have never dealt with before.
Ohh I forgot to mention we are teething again, I think some top teeth are right around the corner!
So it has been a trying week, but hopefully we are on the road to recovery! All in all it was a great little getaway and Jake really appreciated us coming to visit, we are the first visitors he has had come to see him and where he lives in North Carolina.... and we will be back! :)

The view from our beach house, it was so pretty!
Snoozing on the car ride to the beach, dreaming of all the fun to be had.

I love that Lambert, St. Louis's airport has rocking chairs!

Will loved the beach, sand, water, but one of his favorite things was the SHADOWS!!!!!

So excited to be at the beach together!

I love the wonder in this boys face

The restaurant we went to for my birthday did smores' for dessert, Yumm!

My happy little family on a morning beach walk

We went adventure seeking with Jake and Ann....we found lots of sand.

The boys trying to entertain Will with the birds, Will just wanted to look at his beautiful shadow :)

Luke, Kris, and Jake

Kris HATES getting her picture taken (I don't know why, I think she is so pretty, and that is why she is Gigi: Gorgeous Grandma!) it makes me happy we got her to pose... for ONE! :)

Will got a treat of some yummy fresh strawberries on the beach!

My tubby wubby bumpkin boy

Will loved playing in the sand, he kept scooping it up in his hands and when it would fall away he was just amazed!

My little boy with his feet in the ocean for the very first time, first of very many times!

Trying to pose.... ha!
Like my "mommy suit?"

Our favorite game!

check out my red back... nice huh?

First lemon, despite the picture he kinda liked it!

Our family beach photo


  1. one word - probiotics at least once a day! they have powered versions that you can add to his milk. helps settle their tummies and the flamming poop. If his butt gets zit like rashes, its a yeast infection and you need prescription ointment in order to clear it up:( Our poor boys!

    We switched Jackson to Zyrtec over-the-counter and it's done wonders!

    Love you and your precious boys. I love every.single.picture!!!

  2. beautiful pictures!!!

    We just coat Dominick with desitin when he gets diaper rash and it's usually gone within a day. If it looks really bad, we soak him in the tub first, then coat him with desitin before bed.

    I hope it goes away soon! Poor kid!

  3. It looks like you guys had a wonderful vacation. I love all of the pics and I don't think your house could've been on a more perfect spot on the beach! I'm sorry poor Will is having such a rough time :( Landrie has gotten some really bad diaper rashes that bleed and are just so awful. I got a prescription ointment but actually found that A&D ointment mixed with Desitin creamy was perfect for her. The ointment healed the rash quickly and the Desitin kept a nice barrier from wetness. Hope he gets better soon!


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