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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cousin love

Friday night big boy Bennett came to spend the night with us. Crystal got a night off and the boys played so well together it worked out great so were thinking of taking turns and making this a monthly event! They are both getting so big, its so fun to see them really interacting with each other! Bennett went right to sleep at our house in the pack and play, he really is such a good little boy.

Playing... and wondering how all of his toys ended up over at cousin Will's house. Thanks B!

Bath time!

Bennett: "What in the world! I never eat MY bath toys like that...weirdo"

Will: "you should, look it is so yummy and squishy!"
B: "No I have some serious drain research to do here"

Will: "But look, you put him in your mouth, crunch down, and then go splish splash like this!"
B: "Oooo that DOES look like fun, I need a duckie!" "Repeat I need a duckie"

Will: "Here you go Bennett, you try it too, and look at mom and dad they think were so funny doing this... my parents are easily entertained!"
B: "Ahhh Ok, is that why they're sitting there staring at us? I was starting to wonder..."

Will: "Yeah you did it!!! However now I need two duckies, give it back"

Reading to my boys...

This was the first time I experienced them playing like ...well BOYS! I had them on the couch to try and get a picture of their matching cowboy shirts and all the sudden they both started rolling, jumping and yippeekyoooing! Ha!

My two little cowboys!

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