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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New big boy tricks

Will is getting so good at feeding himself. Gerber Puffs aka baby crack, now allow us to finish a meal or sit for longer periods of time, great invention!

Why am I so sad about this? I know ALL kids and babies grow up too fast but I am really sad that Will is pulling up already, he JUST started crawling for crying out loud! He is pretty good standing too and knows when he is done to just plop back down on his cushioned booty... I really hope he holds out on walking for a bit longer I want to enjoy my baby snuggler for a bit longer please!



He loves it and rarely sits to play anymore!

Standing outside of the exersaucer

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  1. B is no where close to that..I think. We haven't tried the puffs but she sure does enjoy some apple & veggie straws...and so do we! Yup perfect for keeping her busy! Love all the pics!!


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