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Monday, May 9, 2011

ABC's of me

In an effort to procrastinate working on a dreary Monday.... here'a goes

A: Age~ 27
B: Bed Size~ King, and sometimes that's not big enough!
C: Chore you dislike~ All.... but especially mopping, I despise our house of wood floors
D: Dogs~ Boomer, 7 years old
E: Essential to start your day~ Will snuggles
F: Fave Color~ Pink and greens
G: Gold or Silver~ Mostly silver but I have been getting into david yurman pieces and begun trying to incorporate both into my "style"
H: Height~5'5
I: Instruments (s)~ None, I can play jingle bells on the piano but that's all I remember from when I was little
J:Job Title~ Account Manager
K: Kids~ William Lucas..... and Boomer Dog
L: Live~ In a suburb of St.Louis born and raised... wish I had the guts to relocate but not sure if we ever will
M: Mom's name~ Lora Leigh... yes like the song
N: Nicknames~ Ash, Splash, Ash Bash, Squeaker, Two, Goozer
O: Overnight hospital stays: Back in 06' for my shoulder surgery, and then in 10' when I gave birth to lil mr.
P: Pet peeves~ There are lots... forgetfulness and generic things are two that are high up on the list!
Q: Quote from a movie~ "Like a really thin pancake""
R: Righty of Lefty~ Right
S: Siblings~ One older sister
T: Time you wake up~ Between 5:45 and 6:15, weekdays AND weekends.
U: Underwear~ I love boyshorts!
V: Veggies you don't like~ Brussel sprouts
W: What makes you run late~ Not much, I am a punchual person, but unexpected diaper changes sometimes catch us off guard
X: Xrays~ Teeth, shoulder, arm, foot
Y: Yummy food you make~ I make some yummy meatballs, and a good hot corn dip, yum I'm getting hungry now!
Z: Zoo animal favorites~ Monkeys and gorillas!

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