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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Williams's first Easter! 2011

We didn't go too crazy with all the Easter hoopla's this year, I figured.... He is six months old weve got plently of time! I actually did want to try to get out and get his picture with an Easter bunny but it just didn't end up working out.
Luke's mom came out to watch Will Friday, Luke and I both had friends in town so we went out to see them and then the weather got bad... really bad. The worst tornado in 45 years hit Saint Louis (again!) I texted Luke's mom frantically, it makes you want to tear yourself apart when something like this is happening and you are not with the person you love most in the world. She assured me they were okay and all three of them (her, Will and Boomer) were hiding in the basement in the bathroom. She had to get Will out of bed three different times to go to the basement. There was significant damage but luckily we didn't know anyone that was hurt. Will was asleep when I got home but I snuggled his butt a little and whispered sweet nothings to him, it was so hard to be away from him during this!

ANYWAY! Luke's mom spent the night with us and we all hung out in the morning and I made some food, yummy new egg casserole, and cheese squares aka hillbilly cheesecake! His brother, sister in law, and niece came over and we had a yummy Easter brunch! They brought Will some clothes and some big boy food, puffs and yogurt bites. Sunday morning we got up, got ready and headed to church. Then we went straight to my moms she was doing a brunch as well! Over there Will got MORE big boy food, plus some baby food, and diapers, we got really stocked up! Mommy liked these kind of Easter presents!!!

It was a very low key but nice first Easter with my little buddy!

My mom and Will, both tuckered out after a long fun Easter holiday.
Gramma and her two boys, the only way we could get them together in a shot!

Nana trying to help get the boys together.

If it wasn't one it was the other... they wanted nothing to do with an Easter photo shoot.

Will is fascinated by himself once again

Showing off his crawling skills to the fam... Luke's mom and my dad both guess he will be walking by nine months. ohh lord help me!

Ahhh ha ha ha- my happy baby boy!

Big boy treats!

Baby Girl checking it out


"Look MA, no hands!"

Opening his Easter basket from Grammy

My sweet perfect family

Will wanted to eat mommy instead of pose!

Will with his basket, that used to be my basket, HEY... I just realized I got the shaft this year!
Will got a basket, Luke got blue moon, and I got diapers, ohh joy!

Will and his cousin Peyton

Ohh we also tried out Will's mesh feeder for the first time this weekend (thanks for the reminder ash!) and he really liked it. First we did frozen strawberries I thought the cold would be good but they were kinda bitter tasting, funny faces but then we went with some fresh cantaloupe and he loved it! Definitely good to do before a bath or with no clothes on!

Hope everyone had a great Easter celebrating and didn't get hurt or damaged in the storms!


  1. Looks like a great time! Love the pics especially of Will trying to eat you!!

  2. this weather is some kinda crazy, I'm so glad y'all were okay! Will is such a sweet boy, and is growing up way too fast! Jackson was walking at 10 months, so prepare yourself momma, 9 months can happen:) Miss and love my Wilson's!


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