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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

7 months old

My big big boy is 7 months old...already! I went through as I uploaded these and started at the beginning and it made me tear up, how did it go so fast? It seems like yesterday he was that little newborn!
Okay we all know I could go on in sappy land forever, onto the stats!
6, 9, or 12 month clothing depending on the brand
Just started size 3 diapers
3 meals a day 4-5 bottles
2 teeth with more on the way
Bed 7:30 Wake 6 am 2-3 naps a day

He was obsessed with touching the stickers on his onesie, I hope he doesn't do this every month!

excited boy!


My smiley boy

Trying on our new tennies for the first time

LOVE this age, everything is the most interesting thing they've ever seen before!

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  1. LOVE the shoes! This time is going by way too fast, isn't it? So much fun, though.


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