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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My first Mothers Day

My first mothers day has came and went, I am not a big fan of making a big deal of these types of holidays. I feel that every time I get to do something special with Will or my mom it is a blessing not just on one day. But it was a gorgeous day in St Louis a perfect day just kinda happened!

Luke let me sleep in while he hung out with Will then when I was getting ready he gave me a card, he had told me that he was combining mothers day and my birthday so when I saw two scribbled "coupons" in my card I'm sure my face said it all...

I didn't say much but then he said Will had something for me, he was holding Will and he handed me a little pouch from my favorite jewelery company... a pair of earrings. Such a sweet gesture, but I right away wish instead of walking in a store and spending two minutes there I wish Luke would give things a little thought first.

I will not be keeping my mothers day gift, with the trip and Will's medical expenses not to mention the basement I do not need an extravagant gift. I wish I had something sentimental maybe a mug with Will's footprint on it or moms necklace and I've really had my eye on this handy little gem but cant bring myself to spend the money on it.

Any who, once again this mommy gets the shaft since she is being frugal and putting her family's needs before her own.... Did I mention to anyone that I got ONE birthday gift and it was from our babysitter?? ONE, from our babysitter that Ive known for less than 4 months... Thank you Jackie! :) I know I shouldn't complain... I know. But it is hard, I guess it is because we were out of town but even my family just forgot my birthday this year.
WHOA... OK enough venting about that... Onto mothers day!

We met my family for brunch, it was supposed to be a quick brunch but ended up taking forever. Will sat in a highchair for over two hours and was a perfect angel! I love that Will is such a good boy and even if we skip naps or just have him nap in the car all still works out! After brunch Luke, Will and I went to the zoo, it was packed but it was a good time! We were pooped so we went home, all caught a short cat nap and spent the evening together, I couldn't of asked for a more perfect first Mothers Day! Will and I looking at the elephants

Bennett feeding Will some puffs

My mom swooning over her adorable baby grandson William

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